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Wrong Title v/s Wrong Observation

Dear mr.Ruxton,
I totally disagree with your title and partly agree with your subject matter. No body can challenge the conscience as well as fact that Indian Traditional Foods are the safest. Mereley taking a small sample size that too from urban population doesnt well go with the magic of arriving a result which is just showing a mere part of a single side of a coin. Dont relate with the emergence of so called Diabetes/heart attack etc with a mere consumption of ghee or affluence of western culture. Doctor- do you know that we had a population more than one billion and till today how many people can afford to have the luxury of eating ghee daily with their rotis or having so called junk foods daily? Life style diseases are every where and globally it is a problem- But remember to use it with caution- as it is more linked to Urban rather than Rural!!! Everything is good to an extent- whether it is saturated food or the other one. But it depends on the person how he sheds his excess nutrient intake. You are welcome to visit any village in india and theses so called life tyle diseases are still away from their door steps. And do you know how much percentage of the population of india it accounts for? You have PhD. But you and most of other so called eminent nutritionists and statititians in and around the world forgets one thing- the data collected is not appropriately representing the actual figure. You know why? Blame it on Globalisation and liberalisation and urbanisation and mechanisation of life. We dont have time at all!!!!! We are fast.Oops- My comment doesnt exactly depicts an overview of my population which i represent!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rahul Soman
20 February 2013 | 18h20

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