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Yes, Ghee and Butter are Good for Health. Supported by 5000 years history of usage.

Ghee and Butter is consumed in India from several thousands of years. Yes Ghee and Butter is high in saturated fatty acids and low in PUFA. But there are NO Scientific evidence to prove that Ghee and Butter is unhealthy and can cause cholesterol imbalance. In fact, Ghee is used as a best curing medication to rectify cholesterol imbalance in human body by 5000 year old zero side effect Ayurveda. It is animal fat from animal meat food causing all the bad cholesterol health issues. if you consume meat, you can see that bad cholesterol is increasing in body drastically. at the same time, take the same amount of ghee and test for bad cholesterol. You can verify in front of your eyes, your good cholesterol which support heart health will have improved significantly. So Indian Mums are 101% correct in their trust on Ghee and Butter. Try yourself instead of believing rumors

Food Scientist

Posted by Subheesh
06 February 2013 | 02h14

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