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USDA proposes to allow cooked chicken from China

A proposed rule to allow China to export cooked chicken from poultry slaughtered in the country to the US has been described as a ‘slap in the face to American...

Palm oil sector moves to save orangutans and put child rights into RSPO standards

Three major new initiatives have been launched to tackle human rights, wildlife conservation and concessions’ data across the palm oil supply chain.

China direct

Landmark deal returns China access to over 200 US dairy firms

An agreement between Beijing and Washington should soon allow imports from more than 200 American dairies into China, in what has been billed a “significant opportunity” for exporters.

Far East spotlight

Eight in 10 Korean food firms raise prices—as manufacturing costs drop

Eighty per cent of food and beverage companies have increased their consumer prices in the last six months, even though production costs for manufacturers have dropped over the same period.

UAE team moves to next stage of project to source gelatin from camels

Researchers in Al Ain are nearing their goal to identify a new halal source of gelatin for food and pharmaceuticals.

Saudi minister: Qatar action is a boycott, not a blockade

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has clarified that what was perceived as a multinational blockade of Qatar is actually a boycott, and stated that his country is willing to provide food...

Saudi: Energy drinks prices double overnight

Prices of energy drinks have doubled in Saudi Arabia this week after a sin tax was introduced last Sunday. Health warnings have also arrived in stores and on cans.

New satellite data used to give long-lead warning of locust swarms

Information from satellites is being used in a new way to predict favourable conditions for swarms of desert locusts, as part of an early warning collaboration by scientists. 

Sri Lanka mulls soda tax, raises duty on sugar imports

Sri Lanka has become the latest country to consider the introduction of a specific tax on sugar.

Dunedin city councilor: New investors mean Cadbury factory may be saved

Dunedin’s city council says that raising a NZ $20m ($14.44m) public equity float required by Mondelēz to save the local Cadbury factory is likely to be successful.

US and China agree on beef that can go east

US beef sales to China could soon be reinstated now the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has finalised trade rules covering traceability and types of meat eligible for export.

South Asia radius

Assocham: Bring cities to the countryside to boost rural growth

Though they account for almost three quarters of India’s population, farmers and rural dwellers account for just 17% of national income, according to Assocham as it urged key service sectors...

China takes big step toward improving pig welfare

Chinese agri-food producer Da Bei Nong will introduce group sow housing and lower stocking density in a scheme that could radically change animal welfare for half the world’s pig population....

New Zealand grape harvest smaller but ‘full of promise’

New Zealand’s 2017 grape harvest has been smaller than expected, down 9% on last year, according to New Zealand Winegrowers. However, wineries are positive about the vintage quality.

China direct

US union blasts ‘mistreatment’ of McDonald’s China franchisees

A powerful American union has launched a service to help McDonald’s franchisees in China protect themselves from the financial risks posed by the company’s proposed sale of its 20-year franchise...

NH Foods JV makes progress on Malaysia halal hub

Japan’s biggest food manufacturer has chosen Malaysia to be its hub for halal exports, in partnership with a Malaysian chicken major.

Australian power plant's waste puts bubbles in beer

An Australian state known for its recycling initiatives and clean energy production is now using waste carbon dioxide from a gas-fired power plant to grow tomatoes and put bubbles in...

New Zealand meat farmers hit by high oil prices

Beef and lamb farmers in New Zealand have seen fuel prices rise by nearly 20% in the last 12 months, following a recovery in the value of international oil.

South Asia radius

New mega food parks to come online despite sluggish progress

Up to four mega food parks will become operational over the course of next three months, according to India’s minister of state for food processing industries.

Coca-Cola and partners invest $1.7bn in Indian agri ecosystem

Coca-Cola has collaborated with its bottling partners, fruit suppliers, and processors in India to contribute $1.7bn to the country’s agribusiness over the next five years, with much of the investment...

Thailand expects cap on sugar content by 2018

Thailand is expected to introduce a sugar cap by next year, according to the national food regulator. 

This week Down Under

British MP warns exports to Australia will ‘go off’ in transit

Britain’s departure from the European Union will not result in more food trade with Australia and New Zealand because products will “go off” en route, according to a senior politician....

Dubai launches Ramadan Fridge programme to feed poor

Dubai residents will be able to donate food through 80 new Ramadan fridges at mosques across the emirate.

News in brief

Abu Dhabi redoubles safety inspections for Ramadan

Abu Dhabi food authorities have doubled down inspections over Ramadan, and at the time of writing have assessed almost 200 grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets in the emirate.

Saudi sets date for 50-100% beverage sin tax next month

Saudi Arabia will begin to tax energy drinks and carbonated sodas from June 10, making it the first country in the Gulf to fix an implementation date. 

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