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Supply chain

Delivering appropriate food from farm to fork, safely and in time, is no mean feat in parts of the world with poor infrastructure and extreme weather conditions. It requires close cooperation between actors at every stage in the chain.

Australia: New report flags retail giant dominance

A government report in Australia has highlighted how heavily the two top supermarkets - Woolworths and Coles - are dominating the country’s food supply chain right up to the consumer’s...

India sweetens up on sugar deregulation in 2012

The Indian government is firm on sugar decontrol and would step back from this sector by the end of this year, a top official on the committee in charge of...

Coles ‘goes natural’ for consumers

Consumer concerns are proving increasingly powerful in influencing food and beverage formulation decisions, and Australian supermarket Coles is the latest to react and remove all added MSG and artificial colourings...

Fonterra says organics perfect fit for food-scared Asia

Fonterra’s organics ingredients business is being underpinned by increasing demand for clean, natural and safe dairy products in Asian markets.

Online payment system for Indian food importers promises a speedier process

Indian food importers have got some respite from the bureaucratic muddle that is importing food products in the country thanks to a new payment system set up by the country’s...

Raw milk products could be sold in Australia and New Zealand

Raw milk products could finally enter the Australia and New Zealand market if the region’s food standards body gives a positive decision this March.

Thai sugar giant secures majority stake in Aussie mill

Thai sugar company, Mitr Phol, has secured a majority stake of 57.69% in Australian sugar mill MSF for A$300m, racking up the total foreign investment in Australia’s sugar production to...

Industry Insight

Japan: Acting in earnest to internationalise its functional food market

Japan’s functional food manufacturers have recently shifted activities towards the global market amid a shrinking population and declining domestic demand, claims an industry expert.

Australian regulator to offer whistleblower protection to suppliers

Aware that food and grocery suppliers maybe too scared to report abuse of power tactics by the supermarkets, the Australian trade watchdog has said that it would offer protection for...

New way to fingerprint manuka honey; findings may combat fraud

A team of New Zealand scientists recently reported that they have identified a unique marker molecule in manuka honey, which is believed to be associated with the honey’s unique antibacterial...

Vietnamese rice maker gets organic certification

A rice maker Vietnam has claimed to become the first such company in the country to receive an organic certification for its rice product.

Study claims traffic lights more effective

A new study by a Kiwi university has suggested that a traffic light system for food packaging for foods high in salt would help boost nutrition levels across New Zealand.

Water management in India – is it your problem?

Food and beverage manufacturers will have a key role to play in water management and food security across India as the projected impacts of climate change take hold across agricultural...

Aquaponics – a future for Asian food cultivation?

Aquaponics is being pegged as an alternative eco-friendly, sustainable and commercially viable business model for food manufacturers by experts in the field.

Industry body says olive oil imports are ‘not really’ olive oil

A new study sponsored by the Australian Olive Association (AOA) has said that imported olive oils being marketed in the country as extra virgin olive oil are anything but olive...

Supply chain focus to drive steady growth in Australian food sector

Supply chain management will be increasingly important for Australia’s food and grocery sector in driving steady growth set for the March quarter, according to an industry expert.

China to inspect Indian oil units after oil meal ban

China is readying to send a team to inspect Indian vegetable oil units days after it ordered a ban on the import of rapeseed meal, soybean meal, and oil meal...

PM pushes India toward sugar deregulation move

India has taken a step closer to deregulating its sugar industry with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh constituting a special panel to discuss and examine issues around removing government controls from...

South Korea stamps down on excessive work in its food sector

South Korea's Ministry of Employment and Labour is taking fire at food companies whose employees are working excessive weekly hours as well as weekends in a bid to improve lifestyles,...

Made in Australia? Feed it to the sharks…

‘Made in Australia’ is not always what it says on the tin and this effectively dilutes claims made by Australian manufacturers who use 100% local ingredients, according to the MD...

Gujarat seeks multinational Indian food processing crown

The West Indian state of Gujarat is fast becoming a hotbed of multinational food processing thanks to an upcoming food park and a foreign investor friendly administration.

Organics: A strong business for Malaysian farmer

Decade-old Malaysian food player, Zenxin, is extending its presence in organic processed foods such as rice noodles, mulberry tea and local herbal tea.

Salt tolerant rice for Tsunami soils ready within two years

A method for marker-assisted breeding, conceived in 2009 through a collaborative research project between the UK and Japan, is now focused on developing rice breeds tolerant to salt-sodden Japanese soils...

Greenpeace Iphone app warns Chinese about GM foods

Greenpeace and Mobile Now have collaborated to develop a mobile application to educate the Chinese on the dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods.

Auckland port strikes threatens Kiwi food sector

Strikes at Auckland ports are forcing food manufacturers and traders to look at alternate locations for their businesses, according to New Zealand industry sources.

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