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Delivering appropriate food from farm to fork, safely and in time, is no mean feat in parts of the world with poor infrastructure and extreme weather conditions. It requires close cooperation between actors at every stage in the chain.

Food advocate launches volley on Oz produce plan

An Australian food policy unit yesterday branded the country’s food system as “broken”, and blamed it for contributing to a raft of issues currently affecting society.

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State chief calls on Nestlé India to help with milk supply

The chief minister of Haryana has called on Nestlé India to adopt a collective strategy with the government departments and private business to set up milk collection centres across the...

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Indian state chief calls on Nestlé's assistance

The chief minister of Haryana, yesterday called on Nestlé India to adopt a collective strategy with the government departments and private business to set up milk collection centers across the...

Chinese must make tough choices on corn and pork

The author of a report suggesting that China’s corn imports are in line to explode by 2017, today cautioned that the government will have to walk a tightrope in balancing...

Thailand’s broiler meat industry under pressure, says GAIN report

Chicken processors in Thailand will be forced to lower production over the coming years, according to a report from the USDA Global Agriculture Information Network.

Indian coffee growers suffering labour headache

India’s coffee industry is under severe stress due a shortage of skilled labour and must invest heavily in expanding its capabilities, a major industry association has said.

Kiwi authorities crack down on unlawful infant formula exports

New Zealand authorities have begun action to stop unlawful exports of infant formula to China, after trade bodies blamed these for severely undermining the southern nation’s reputation for food safety....

China's corn import growth will have 'massive impact on world markets'

Corn imports to China will hit 20mn tonnes per year by 2017, leading to major reverberations on world markets. This is the likely scenario if current trends in the country’s pork...

Charity calls on Indian producers to help in malnutrition fight

Food producers and manufacturers are the “natural allies” of charities in the fight against child malnutrition in India, according to the leader of an international humanitarian major.

Philippines still a good target for food exporters, suggests report

A new report by a government agency in the Philippines has revealed, that in spite of increasing its food production capacity, the country still remains a net food importer, giving...

Scientists propose packaging from trout skin

Trout skin could be used to create edible packaging for the food industry, suggests fresh research.

Research finds Filipinos most active in sourcing web food deals

Forget Facebook and Twitter, Internet users in the Philippines are the most active in the Asia-Pacific region in going online for groceries and food products, a new survey has revealed.

Study labels food security as important as world peace

New research suggests that securing a sustainable supply of nutritious food to feed the world’s fast-growing population is as big an issue as fighting wars, preventing disease and saving the...

FDI throws a lifeline to India's crumbling supply chain

As the dust settles on Friday’s announcement by the Indian government to finally allow foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail, it is becoming clear that the country’s beleaguered supply chain...

Japan’s new ethoxyquin standard spooks Indian shrimp industry

India’s shrimp exporters are concerned by a new move by Japanese food safety regulators to lower the acceptable levels of a key anti-oxidant used in fishmeal.

LycoRed takes aim at Asia with new facility

Growing awareness of nutritional intake among Chinese consumers has opened the door for Israel-based global premix supplier LycoRed.

Coca-Cola gets nod to market energy drinks in India

Beverage major Coca-Cola Company has been given the green light by Indian authorities to manufacture and sell energy drinks in the country.

Asia needs sustainable seafood focus to float in the West

Independent sustainability certification is rapidly becoming a must for Asian seafood producers and suppliers if they are to remain competitive in the West, according to agency.

Norway and Malaysia plant seeds for aquaculture partnership

Malaysia and Norway are to cooperate on sustainable aquaculture in the south east Asian country.

Urgency needed to reform Australian food sector, says AFGC

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) has called on fast action to be taken to reform the country’s food processing sector in light of a recently published Senate report....

Aquaculture growth: The "double-edged sword"

With fish consumption rates soaring and wild fishing stagnating, efforts must be pumped into the sustainable growth of aquaculture, a new report suggests.

Online product information: To trust or not to trust?

Gathering knowledge about food products online is popular among Australian consumers, but a new survey suggests it is not a medium they trust.

Costly bakery consolidation and rocky conditions hit Goodman Fielder

Struggling Australian food firm Goodman Fielder has lowered its full-year 2012 (FY12) earnings forecast as costly restructuring of its baking units and rocky trading conditions slam revenues.

Private labels to account for 30% of all supermarket sales by 2018: Report

Australian manufacturers of branded foods could face strong competition over the next five years, suggests a new report, which predicts the share of private label products in supermarkets to increase...

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RSPO cooking oil hits Indonesian shelves

Retail chain giant Carrefour has launched the first RSPO trademarked product in Indonesia with its own-brand cooking oil ECOplanet.

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