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Supply chain

Delivering appropriate food from farm to fork, safely and in time, is no mean feat in parts of the world with poor infrastructure and extreme weather conditions. It requires close cooperation between actors at every stage in the chain.

FDI throws a lifeline to India's crumbling supply chain

As the dust settles on Friday’s announcement by the Indian government to finally allow foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail, it is becoming clear that the country’s beleaguered supply chain...

Japan’s new ethoxyquin standard spooks Indian shrimp industry

India’s shrimp exporters are concerned by a new move by Japanese food safety regulators to lower the acceptable levels of a key anti-oxidant used in fishmeal.

LycoRed takes aim at Asia with new facility

Growing awareness of nutritional intake among Chinese consumers has opened the door for Israel-based global premix supplier LycoRed.

Coca-Cola gets nod to market energy drinks in India

Beverage major Coca-Cola Company has been given the green light by Indian authorities to manufacture and sell energy drinks in the country.

Asia needs sustainable seafood focus to float in the West

Independent sustainability certification is rapidly becoming a must for Asian seafood producers and suppliers if they are to remain competitive in the West, according to agency.

Norway and Malaysia plant seeds for aquaculture partnership

Malaysia and Norway are to cooperate on sustainable aquaculture in the south east Asian country.

Urgency needed to reform Australian food sector, says AFGC

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) has called on fast action to be taken to reform the country’s food processing sector in light of a recently published Senate report....

Aquaculture growth: The "double-edged sword"

With fish consumption rates soaring and wild fishing stagnating, efforts must be pumped into the sustainable growth of aquaculture, a new report suggests.

Online product information: To trust or not to trust?

Gathering knowledge about food products online is popular among Australian consumers, but a new survey suggests it is not a medium they trust.

Costly bakery consolidation and rocky conditions hit Goodman Fielder

Struggling Australian food firm Goodman Fielder has lowered its full-year 2012 (FY12) earnings forecast as costly restructuring of its baking units and rocky trading conditions slam revenues.

Private labels to account for 30% of all supermarket sales by 2018: Report

Australian manufacturers of branded foods could face strong competition over the next five years, suggests a new report, which predicts the share of private label products in supermarkets to increase...

News in brief

RSPO cooking oil hits Indonesian shelves

Retail chain giant Carrefour has launched the first RSPO trademarked product in Indonesia with its own-brand cooking oil ECOplanet.

India to have new food import standards by end 2012

Indian is close to implementing new quality standards for imported foods, the head of India’s top food watchdog has said.

Asia-Pacific to overtake Western Europe in natural flavours

Sales of natural flavours in Western Europe are set to be overtaken by sales in the Asia-Pacific market within the next three years, according to market research firm RTS.

High frequency of plasticizer contamination in China’s food: Study

Plasticizers occur more frequently in Chinese foodstuff than elsewhere in the world, a new study has shown.

Mead Johnson loses certification scrap in India

Infant nutrition giant Mead Johnson has lost a legal battle over formula labelling in India.

Rice gene discovery opens doors for low-GI products

Research has identified the key gene that determines the glycemic index (GI) of rice, opening up opportunities to develop low-GI rice and rice-based products to reduce the risk of type-2...

Codex ractopamine MRLs could boost global meat trade - FAO

The Codex Alimentarius Commission has set new maximum limits (MRLs) for ractopamine in pig and cattle tissue in an effort to improve the trade of meat containing the growth substance.

Australian firm to cash in on China’s ‘booming’ infant formula market

Australia’s GMP Pharmaceuticals hopes to tap into the infant formula potential in China with its pharmaceutical-grade production facility in New Zealand.

Herbal organic certification will boost business: Olive Lifesciences

Organic certification will ensure an additional advantage for Indian herbal extract specialist Olive Lifesciences, according to the manager.

Australian food industry chews over bitter carbon tax

Australia’s carbon tax will hit the food industry hard with imports likely to be favoured in light of unavoidable price spikes, the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) has said....

On the road in China

Giant Shanghai ingredients show expresses Asia's healthy evolution

For someone more acquainted with ingredients expos in Europe and the US, walking around the vast halls of Food Ingredients Asia-China (FIC) in Shanghai today made me realise what a...

Australia’s Goodman Fielder tightens bakery noose

Australian food firm Goodman Fielder is fusing its bakery business with three site closures as part of a strategic reorganisation of its business to reduce costs and improve efficiency amid...

Indian palm oil demand killing Indonesian forests, says Greenpeace

A new report from Greenpeace has panned the Indian food processing industry, blaming its unending demand for palm oil as a key reason for the destruction of Indonesian rainforests.

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