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China's chocolate brands face image crisis amid international onslaught, says analyst

Chinese consumers are turning their backs on domestic chocolate brands they associate with questionable food safety in favor of a growing number of international brands, says China’s market research company, Daxue...

Nestlé bid to throw out cocoa child labor lawsuit in US Supreme Court rejected

A civil lawsuit accusing Nestlé, Cargill and ADM of aiding and abetting child slavery on Ivorian cocoa farms has again thwarted attempts to have the case thrown.

Insect protein makes a jump to the gourmet aisle with Jimini's apéritif snacks

While most insect products focus on hiding the insect content by using flours, French start-up Entoma sells Jimini's whole, spiced insects as a gourmet apéritif snack – a gamble that has paid...

Fonterra breaks its export volumes record

Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited announced it exported record volumes for the month of December 2015.

Sheep milk industry can earn billions for New Zealand

A multi-billion dollar industry in sheep milk is available to New Zealand farmers, if they can be convinced of the opportunity, and if they work together.

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Fishmeal free? Protein alternatives key to Australia’s prawn future

Australia’s prawn sector must prioritize sustainable fishmeal replacement and R&D in protein alternatives will be the key, say industry heads.

Sabinsa concludes curcumin patent suit that was part of a series involving Indian suppliers

Sabinsa Corp. has prevailed in yet another patent infringement suit based on its Curcumin C3 Complex ingredient. The most recent settlement is one in a series of suits the company...

China sees increasing reliance on imported feed, expanding trade partners

China’s increasing imports of animal feed ingredients stem from the expansion and commercialization of animal production, but it also may be looking beyond the US for trade. 

Bird watching found to be a critical factor in monitoring fisheries

By studying bird vomit, Lachlan McLeay believes he has developed an approach to gauging sardine abundance in Australian waters.

Researchers develop phone app to assess scale of vineyard disease

An iPhone app has been designed to help grape growers make informed decisions over the quality and price of their grapes.

Restauranteur pays $117k for endangered fish in final Tsukiji auction

The sale of a bluefin tuna for JPY14m marked the end of a long-running and beloved tradition at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market this week.

Philippines Pekin duck producer unlocks Dubai

The only Pekin duck producer in the Philippines has secured halal accreditation, opening up a number of markets in the Middle East. 

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes destroy Coca-Cola plant

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes have allegedly destroyed a Coca-Cola plant in Sana'a, Yemen, according to reports.

Sorghum takes pressure off wheat production in drought-hit Australia

Increased consumption of Australian sorghum in China is behind a boom in the production of the supergrain, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 

RSPO to publish members’ plantation maps in wake of Indonesia’s forest fires

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) will publish maps of all its members’ palm oil plantations – with the exception of Malaysia – in the hope closer monitoring will...

IFAD funds poverty-reduction measures in Afghanistan, Bhutan

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will provide millions of dollars in funding to reduce rural poverty and increase the incomes of thousands of households and smallholder families in...

Aldi triples supermarket share as Coles falters in last decade

As Aldi continues to expand across Australia, new data show that its market share has almost tripled in the last decade.

China’s FTAs with Korea and Australia come into force

Two landmark free-trade agreements involving China came into effect this weekend. Twenty per cent of trade with Korea will now become tariff free, while almost all Australian goods will enter...

Asia-Pacific fuels a challenging year for dairy

As the global dairy industry grapples with issues of oversupply and the changing face of product mixes, Asia-Pacific countries will hold massive sway over the direction the market takes over...

Daioni - 1st British organic dairy brand certified by China Quality Certification Centre

‘Potential demand for organic dairy produce in Greater China is immense’

Daioni, the first British organic dairy brand to be certified by the China Quality Certification Centre, has set up a sales team in Hong Kong and hired a brand manager...

Thai seafood companies must ‘wake up’ practices that will stop slavery

Allegations of slave labour at one of the world’s biggest shrimp companies should be a “wake-up call” to the industry, said the man whose company has been at the centre...

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Soda tax could cost 120,000 Indonesian jobs

Sweetened drinks shouldn’t even be subject to excise duty, never mind an elevated sugar tax, according to the Indonesian drinks industry.

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Woolworths repeats ‘Mind the Gap’ demand while drawing heat from ACCC

A supermarket giant is preparing to fight Australia’s consumer watchdog after being accused of acting “unconscionably” in negotiations with its grocery suppliers.

Sustainable palm-oil body slammed over slave labour auditing

A coalition of international labour rights and environmental groups has questioned whether audits carried out by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) were robust enough to root out members...

Big food firms are climate smart but social media stupid

Brands are blowing a major opportunity to communicate their sustainability initiatives to millions of consumers with social media updates that are “inane, safe and saccharinely artificial in their bonhomie”, says a...

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