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Good news all round for Australia’s dairy industry

Following record opening prices for this year’s Australian dairy season, Devondale has piled on the good news by announcing the construction of a major new milk processing facility in Sydney’s...

India’s Tea Board chief urges plantations to turn over a new leaf

The head of the Tea Board of India has launched a scathing attack on the nation’s growers ahead of the implementation of new regulations that go into force later this...

Analysis: GrainCorp takeover

All deals destined to go ahead as Australia surveys new Asian age

Now the ACCC, Australia’s anti-trust commission, has given the green light to ADM’s proposed acquisition of GrainCorp, foreign interests will control all major grain handling facilities and grain ports in...

Case study

Quantec sees Japan as Asian entry point for dairy bioactive compounds

Much is made of New Zealand’s trade ties with China, but now a Kiwi dairy biotechnology company is now looking to break into Japan with its patented milk protein ingredients....

CP Kelco starts Brazilian pectin expansion as global demand rebounds

Hydrocolloid giant CP Kelco has announced the first phase in a series of projects to expand its Brazilian pectin operation by 30% to cope with rebounding demand for the ingredient.

Indian reforms offer a sweet outlook for sugar industry

The future looks rosy for the Indian sugar sector following recent moves by the government to chop out-dated controls and introduce greater market freedom.

Oz gets export green light to end China’s blackleg ban on canola

Australian canola producers can look forward to new market opportunities in the huge Chinese market after the first bulk shipments of the seed arrived in the country since it was...

Japan blocks wheat imports after illegal GMO crop scare in US

The Japanese government has placed a temporary ban on Western White wheat imports after unauthorized genetically modified wheat was found growing in the US.

Contest might realise Pinoy dream of half-cost rice production

Competition for improving Filipino rice yields is heating up quite literally with a major challenge issued to farmers there.

Sale of forgotten wheat could put a dent in India's national debt

The Food Corporation of India could potentially earn over Rs25,000 crore (US$4.5bn) by exporting wheat lying in open warehouses, according to an Assocham study.


World waits to learn the impact of China and India’s rice market surge

The recent rise of India as a rice exporter and of China—somewhat unexpectedly—as an importer is paving the way for increased uncertainty to the global market for the crop, according...


Entrepreneurs must get backing to fix India’s crumbling supply chain

Last week, we published a story revealing that India’s food consumption will double by 2030—a scary thought. But it’s all right, we are assured by the Confederation of Indian Industries...

Ankush at large

Food makers should love India’s new food security Bill

The charter of fundamental rights guaranteed under the Indian constitution is pretty consistent with the modern idea of liberal democracies. Much like elsewhere, an Indian citizen has the rights to...

Chinese staples

Corn production overtakes rice, leading to greater insecurity concerns

Raising further concerns over China’s long-term food security, the production of corn in the country overtook that of rice for the first time last year, according to a report by...

NZ exports: SE Asia and Far East fast overtaking traditional markets

New Zealand’s Minister for Economic Development, Steven Joyce, has released a report showing growth in the country’s food and beverage sector is being driven in particular by emerging economies in...

Ankush at large

Drug decision could savage India-EU food free trade agreement

I don’t think that there was any more talked about corporate news in India this week than the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss Novartis’s appeal for a patent for its...

Supermarket wars

Woolworths waiting for approval to cut out the dairy middle man

Should it be given the go-ahead, a new trial in New South Wales’ Manning Valley will see a supermarket dealing directly with dairy farmers for the first time ever in...

News in brief

ACCC allows transferability of GrainCorp's port capacity

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will not object to GrainCorp’s proposal to allow its East Coast bulk grain port customers to transfer booked capacity to other customers.

News in brief

Taura to launch URC BakeFruit range in Asia

New Zealand’s Taura Natural Ingredients plans to launch a new range of concentrated fruit pieces for bakery and foodservice operators in Asia. The products will fit in the premium category...

Manila Madness part 2

Embattled secretary pulls U-turn on self-sufficiency gaffe

The Philippines’ Department of Agriculture has “clarified” the blue-skies announcement by its secretary, Proceso Alcala, in which when he said the country would be in a position to stop importing...

South Korean OK for BASF's Scottish Omega-3 plant

South Korean regulators have cleared BASF to produce pharmaceutical grade omega-3 at its facility in Scotland.

Oxfam confronts Mondelez, Nestlé and Mars over women’s rights on cocoa farms

Oxfam has called on the three biggest chocolate manufacturers to conduct independent audits on conditions for women on cocoa farms supplying their factories after finding evidence of unequal pay, discrimination...

Oxfam thanks food industry for ‘bland’ and ‘complacent’ response to damning CSR report

Oxfam will step up its campaign to improve the treatment of people and resources that form part of the supply chain of the world’s biggest food conglomerates, after it cast...

Unilever & Nestlé tell Oxfam to bring other stakeholders to food ethics table

Unilever and Nestlé say Oxfam missed an opportunity for a wider and more comprehensive debate about food ethics after the NGO published a damning report on the supply chains of...

ABF calls Oxfam food ethics attack ‘ridiculous’

Associated British Foods – worst-in-class in an Oxfam report critical of 10 food giants for essentially operating under a corporate social responsibility (CSR) “veil of secrecy” – has hit back, slamming the...

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