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China bans import of Australian chilled beef

China has moved to ban the imports of chilled beef from Australia citing food safety concerns, according to media reports in China and Australia. 

China milking global dairy market as supplies falter at home

With dwindling domestic supplies, China’s move to buy up huge quantities of milk from international markets is having a significant impact on buyers in other countries, while also bolstering dairy...

Near record crops likely to make dent in India's record food inflation

Consumers are hoping for a respite from the crippling food inflation India has been witnessing after the government revealed a bumper harvest.

Special report: Part I

Indonesian plantation monopolies under threat

The Indonesian Government is planning to crack down on further expansion of groups in the powerful palm oil plantation industry and, indirectly, foreign conglomerates.

GreenPalm announces first trade of palm oil by-product certificate

GreenPalm has announced the first certified trade of palm oil by-product for feed use, hailing the development a triumph in supply chain sustainability for food manufacturers. 

Indonesian trade minister urges cocoa import policy review

The Indonesian deputy trade minister has said that after successfully increasing domestic cocoa grinding capacity the country should lower cocoa bean import duties to prevent shortages in the future.

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Plunging profits at home are forcing Chinese distillers to look abroad

With domestic sales of alcohol slowing as a result of China’s campaign for frugality, some Chinese beverage companies have been looking overseas to boost their sagging returns. 

Indonesia green lights Oz farmland purchase to solve beef shortage

Indonesia has approved a plan to buy one million hectares of Australian farmland in the country’s north in order to solve its own crippling beef supply problems. 

Showfloor blog: FI Asia-Thailand

Supply chain shocks driving Asian food producers to western quality

The non-Asian ingredient supply sector is fairly well represented here at Food Ingredients Asia-Thailand in Bangkok, but given current concerns about food supply chain security in the region, is probably...

Fi Asia-Thailand

Doing business in Asia: distributor helps Ganeden gauge local tastes

During the course of Fi Asia-Thailand, we will be looking at the logistics behind how international companies are tapping into their new Asian markets.

Water footprint: The food industry's next big challenge?

Reducing water footprints is an environmental challenge food and beverage companies should be prepared to meet if they want to maintain their competitive position and build reputation among end consumers, according...

Greenpeace and RSPO clash over forest fires

Food companies that only use certified sustainable palm oil have been accused of “certifying destruction”, according to a Greenpeace report released to coincide with the first European Roundtable on Sustainable...

Big changes at Chr Hansen

Nature lover: Chr Hansen plays natural card in 6-platform reinvention

Danish ingredients giant Chr Hansen has today rebranded itself ‘Nature’s Number 1’ as it announced a 6-platform strategic overhaul of its colours, enzymes and cultures businesses.


India and China must be part of the green palm oil process

Currently, RSPO certified palm oil represents 15% of global production, and many of the global brands have made commitments to source 100% certified palm oil by 2015.  

Australia’s supermarket giants killing the wholesaler

Beverage and packaged food wholesalers in Australia are being put under extreme pressure by the country’s dominant supermarkets, which have been bypassing them by going directly to the manufacturers. ...

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World’s biggest milk powder drier starts work in New Zealand

“Drier Two”, the world’s largest milk powder drier kicked into gear last week at Fonterra’s Darfield site in New Zealand to produce its first batches of whole milk powder, which...

Australian Labor party promises supermarket code of conduct if elected

Australia’s ruling party has committed to ending the long-drawn-out tussle between the country’s supermarkets and its food processors and suppliers to fix a voluntary code of conduct.

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India’s Food Security Bill nears finishing line

India’s controversial Food Security Bill has moved a step closer to reality after the country’s lower house, the Lok Sabha, approved the controversial Rs1.3lakh crore (US$20bn) plan to provide cheap...

India’s food industry laid low by increased wastage

India’s food production industry is being crushed under alarming post-harvest losses that may cross US$36bn in 2013-14, new research into the country’s agri-processing sector has revealed. 

RSPO aims to transform European market for sustainable palm oil

Boosting industry commitment to sustainable palm oil, the impact of upcoming EU regulation and improving certification credibility are among the topics on the agenda at the first European Roundtable on...

Fake honey: UK manuka sales alone outstrip entire global production

British authorities have called a nationwide alert to warn of the increasing quantity of fake manuka honey finding its way onto the country’s retail shelves. 

China launches anti-dumping probe into Indian preservative imports

China's Ministry of Commerce will launch an investigation into Indian imports of tert-butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), a preservative that is widely used in the food industry. 

China’s milk formula pilot scheme ignores the real food safety issues

A move by Chinese authorities to begin a pilot scheme that will eventually require all baby formula sold in the country to be distributed by pharmacies or equivalent stores has...

Can India grow dairy powder exports to China in wake of NZ crisis?

According to the chief of India’s biggest dairy exporter, India’s milk product exports could jump my more than one-half this year in light of China’s fractured relationship with New Zealand...

More political stability needed to enhance Pakistan’s export potential

A Western certification company is preparing to move into Pakistan, where it says the adoption of BRC standards is of huge benefit in a country looking to find its feet...