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Biostime eyes China infant formula growth through Changsha Yingke buy

Biostime looks set to acquire Chinese infant formula manufacturer Changsha Yingke Nutrition - a deal it believes will further the success of its French-made ADIMIL milk powder range.

China’s meat market value to soar in spite of lowering consumption

While China’s meat consumption growth rate has been slowing over the past decade, the rise in its value will continue at a rapid pace, according to Rabobank.

'We expect consumption in Europe to remain weak'

Natra to increase American and Asian presence by 50% in two years

Natra announced it will open a sales office in Hong Kong this year, as well as its first production site outside Europe, in Canada.

Hershey ups palm oil pledge but Greenpeace wants more

Hershey has committed to purchasing 100% traceable and sustainably-sourced palm oil by the end of 2014. Greenpeace has welcomed the move, but has reservations about timelines and terminology.

Typhoon-hit farmers begin massive replanting programme

One month after Typhoon Haiyan struck a devastating blow to the Philippines, farmers who lost essential crops and supplies are receiving the first wave of emergency seeds, restoring hope for...

Takeover Panel steps in to bring order to Warrnambool mess

Australia’s Takeover Panel has called the revisions made to the fraught takeover deal by Saputo of Warrnambool Cheese and Butter “confusing” and “disrupting” as it attempted to simplify the heated...

One-third of Philippines’ total aquaculture hit by Haiyan

Philippine fishers face immense damage to the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in regions affected by Typhoon Haiyan, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has said, calling for prompt and sustainable...

Not so free: Australian watchdog takes egg producers to court

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed separate proceedings in the Federal Court against two major egg producers for misleading “free range” claims.

PepsiCo India finally fills CEO role

D Shivakumar has been named as the new chairman and chief executive of PepsiCo India, a post that has been lying vacant since former incumbent Manu Anand quit the company...

Woolies calls on Aldi to level the playing field

It’s shopping bags at dawn in the latest battle in Australia’s supermarket war, with Woolworths pointedly accusing Aldi of not playing fair and urging the discount retailer to sign the...

Rice gene discovery can increase crop productivity by up to one-third

Scientists in the Far East have discovered a rice gene that in preliminary testing increased production by 13-36% in modern long-grain indica rice varieties—the world’s most widely grown types of rice....

Australia running out of food freshers

Australia’s is suffering from a crippling and an ever-increasing shortfall of young people interested in producing the country’s food, putting at risk its grand plans for being Asia’s food bowl....

N Korea food security still dire although harvest is up for third year

An assessment by two United Nations agencies shows that staple food production in North Korea has increased for the third year running. 


UK herbal sector to feel (righteous) pain as THMPD enforcement kicks in for real?

The EU herbal products sector has come in with a mixed reaction to the UK MHRA announcement last week that the sell-through period for unregistered herbal medicines would finish on...

Nobody any the wiser over Sri Lankan court’s Coca-Cola sales ban

Coca-Cola has slammed official reports in Sri Lanka that production at the island's only bottling plant has been suspended for three months, as have all sales of the beverage on...

Six Asia-Pacific grocery trends to watch out for

The new breed of shoppers in the Asia-Pacific region, buoyed by growing incomes and increasing choice, are more “demanding” of retailers, according to Nielsen.

EU seeks clarification on India’s new hard-line labelling regulations

The European Union’s ambassador to India has written to the government there in a bid to clarity its packaging regulations after around 200 tonnes of imported cheese, chocolates and other...

Indonesia looks at alternatives to Oz food imports as tensions gather

What began as outrage over phone bugging accusations has now escalated to the point that Indonesia revealed it was turning away from Australian food imports.

Beer, baby and dairy: Australia’s top food export future

Food is expected to be one of Australia’s top five exports in the next decade, at a time when Asian markets are expected to remain the top export destinations for...

Crop protection chemicals add two-thirds of value to Australian output

More than two-thirds of the total value of Australian crop production comes as the result of protection products, meaning that some of the country’s harvests would be commercially unviable without...

Indian soy processor now promoting sustainable exports to Europe

India’s largest soy processing company has teamed up with European marketeers and a standards agency to begin an initiative it says will promote the long-term sustainability of soy and increase...

Farmers march on Canberra to question Saputo's foreign ‘advantage’

Dairy leaders from the Australian state of Victoria have descended on Canberra to petition lawmakers for a more “level playing field” as the local industry fights against foreign imports and...

Confectionery industry shirking palm oil responsibilities with RSPO: Greenpeace

Many confectioners are sidestepping responsibilities on sustainable palm oil by only ensuring products meet ‘inadequate’ RSPO standards, according to Greenpeace.

Fast action needed to save Philippines’ winter crops after typhoon

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation’s emergency chief expects that crops in areas of the Philippines that were worst hit by this month’s Typhoon Haiyan have been “severely compromised”,...


If Indians can’t afford onions, let them eat chicken

A press release arrived last week from India with the headline “Chicken becomes cheaper than onions”. Needless to say, it raised a few eyebrows at the FoodNavigator head office in...

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