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Stevia Corp. inks deal with Korean food ingredients maker

With its eye firmly on the Korean food market, US-based sweetener major Stevia Corp. has inked a memorandum of understanding with Taekyung Nongsan, the Korean food ingredients manufacturer, to grow...

Dairy imports will continue to grow as China sorts out domestic supply

China’s demand for dairy imports look set to grow for at least the next two years, while its local milk production struggles under structural change in the supply chain. ...

'China’s changing goalposts will cause multinational supplement drain'

The Chinese Food and Drug Administration is steering the dietary supplement industry towards a more restrictive environment by putting an end to importing such products as food.


Coke or milk? A philosopher’s perspective

Food is a big part of all our lives not only providing sustenance, but enjoyment and a social experience. 

Indian retail

Retail travails: Wal-Mart's troubled times in India

Wal-Mart will split from its joint-venture with Bharti following a torrid time in Indian retail. We look back over the last six years for the company.

Indian retail

Frustrated Wal-Mart lays consumer ambitions to rest with JV break-up

Wal-Mart appears to have lost patience with its fraught ambition to enter Indian consumer retail, after deciding to buy out its local partner, Bharti Enterprises, from their six-year-old joint-venture.

New standard for red meat proposed in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand’s red meat sector has joined a long list of food processing sectors that the region’s top food safety watchdog looking to standardise food safety requirements. ...

RAN: Kellogg cannot deflect palm oil heat onto supplier

Kellogg cannot shirk its palm oil responsibility by deflecting attention to its supplier, says RAN following a statement from Kellogg calling for productive talks between its supplier Wilmar and the...

New Zealand farmed salmon not as green as claimed, says consumer group

A consumer advocacy group in New Zealand has claimed that farmed salmon being sold in supermarkets across the country may not be as “natural” as claimed by the companies behind...

Indian farmers should fill home and overseas void by going organic

India’s organic food market is expecting to see grow at a rate of around 19% over the next four years, according to a new report. And to fuel this demand...

Researcher embarks on study of “dumpster divers” in New Zealand

A New Zealand anthropologist has been investigating the cultural economics of commercial food waste and so-called “dumpster-diving”.

Research to prove that more food is not the solution to malnutrition

Despite two decades of increased agricultural productivity across the world, there has not been a corresponding drop in malnutrition rates. And now, two new multidisciplinary projects at the University of...

New Zealand scientists unveil the future of fishing

A unique collaboration in New Zealand between the government, industry and scientists has resulted in the birth of a new technology that is expected to radically change wild fish harvesting,

Mondelēz extends sustainable cocoa pledge to Indonesia

Mondelēz International is expanding its sustainable cocoa farming initiative, pledging to include Indonesia in its ten year, $400m commitment.

Cargill cultivates carrageenan supply chain

Cargill says it is diversifying its carrageenans portfolio in both location and species to combat the associated supply risks of the texturing ingredient derived from seaweed.

Australian watchdog refuses to impose barriers for processed imports

Australia's Productivity Commission has ruled against putting in place emergency safeguard measures against the import of cheap processed fruits and vegetables as demanded by the local food processing industry.

Special report: Part II

Indonesia’s plantation war with foreign conglomerates

How should Indonesia and, more to the point, the local community, benefit from foreign investment in plantations?

US, Japan strike deal to fully recognize each other's organic standards

An organic equivalence agreement signed yesterday between the US and Japan will reopen the Japanese market to US organic producers and could provide more—and possibly cheaper—food for US consumers....

China bans import of Australian chilled beef

China has moved to ban the imports of chilled beef from Australia citing food safety concerns, according to media reports in China and Australia. 

China milking global dairy market as supplies falter at home

With dwindling domestic supplies, China’s move to buy up huge quantities of milk from international markets is having a significant impact on buyers in other countries, while also bolstering dairy...

Near record crops likely to make dent in India's record food inflation

Consumers are hoping for a respite from the crippling food inflation India has been witnessing after the government revealed a bumper harvest.

Special report: Part I

Indonesian plantation monopolies under threat

The Indonesian Government is planning to crack down on further expansion of groups in the powerful palm oil plantation industry and, indirectly, foreign conglomerates.

GreenPalm announces first trade of palm oil by-product certificate

GreenPalm has announced the first certified trade of palm oil by-product for feed use, hailing the development a triumph in supply chain sustainability for food manufacturers. 

Indonesian trade minister urges cocoa import policy review

The Indonesian deputy trade minister has said that after successfully increasing domestic cocoa grinding capacity the country should lower cocoa bean import duties to prevent shortages in the future.

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Plunging profits at home are forcing Chinese distillers to look abroad

With domestic sales of alcohol slowing as a result of China’s campaign for frugality, some Chinese beverage companies have been looking overseas to boost their sagging returns. 

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