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The industry can help address nutritional deficiencies that affect certain communities and consumer groups. With access to foods fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, every child can reach its full potential.

Nestlé invests $17m in medical nutrition down under

The world’s biggest food player, Nestlé, is investing A$17m (€13.6m) to renovate an Australian facility so it can produce medical foods for its Health Science division.

Probiotics on course for profound growth in the UAE

Research by Euromonitor has revealed that pre- and probiotics have been continually attracting new consumers in the United Arab Emirates, with growth becoming consistently strong across the segment.

Quaker thrives in China with traditional medicine cereal fortification

PepsiCo’s investment to localize its Quaker brand in China with traditional herbal medicine fortification and texture adaptations has enabled it to thrive, an analyst says.

Probiotic found to reduce eczema symptoms over long-term period

Clinical trials have found that a dairy culture probiotic shows significant long-term benefit for children suffering from eczema, even after they have stopped taking the supplement.

News in brief

Wellmune WGP enters Japanese market

Biothera has named Ryusendoas its exclusive distributor in Japan of Wellmune WGP and its other immune health ingredients for foods, beverages, and supplements.

Study uncovers region's strong probiotic potential

As markets for probiotics in Europe and North America come under pressure, a new study from Giract opens the lid on the industry’s prospects for growth in Asia.

Retail omega-3s sales to hit $34.7 billion in 2016, report predicts

Global consumer spending on omega-3 products will jump from $25.4 billion in 2011 to $34.7 billion in 2016, according to a new report from market research firm Packaged Facts.

Research looks at how omega-3 can spur sustainable aquaculture

A new research project by an Australian university is investigating whether the global increase in popularity of omega-3 can be delinked from damage to fish stocks.

GOED chairman: Serious omega-3 supply issues lie ahead as demand rockets

The chair of the international marine-sourced omega-3 trade group has warned the omega-3 sector faces an impending supply crisis as global demand booms for food, pharma and supplement products.

Voluntary bread folate policy hailed by industry

Industry leaders have hailed New Zealand’s decision for voluntary folic acid fortification in bread.

Re-formulated Nestlé infant formula tested after consumer complaints

Nestlé Australia has ordered tests on its recently re-formulated Nestlé NAN H.A. 1 Gold infant formula after it received a number of complaints from parents that the 'new, improved' product...

Study questions iodine status of NZ kids

The iodine status of children in New Zealand has been improved with the mandatory use of iodised salt in commercial bread since 2009, but many remain mildly deficient in this...

Micronutrient powder can battle infant anaemia: Study

Mixing micronutrient powder into infants’ complementary food reduces rates of anaemia more effectively than nutrition education alone, a new study has concluded.

Big Food: Data protection a headache for Indian functional food makers

The fear of Intellectual Property (IP) and data theft among makers of functional foods and beverages in India is real and spread wide, stakeholders at a recent conference agreed.

Sweet functional opportunities amid Thailand’s ageing population

Functional confectionery that targets Thailand’s ageing population is an area of opportunity for manufacturers, says analyst.

Scientists closer to seaweed-based functional foods

Scientists at Australia’s Flinders University are inching closer to discovering new chemical compounds in seaweed that can be used to develop functional foods.

Britannia to launch healthier breads in India

Indian food giant Britannia Industries will target the healthy foods segment for its next stage of growth, starting with healthier bread.


Ingredia takes chia to natural-focused China

China’s trend towards natural ingredients with health benefits should ensure the success of Ingredia’s chia product for bakery, the firm has said.

New Zealand iodised salt policy has improved deficiency problem, report

Mandatory use of iodised salt in bakery across New Zealand has improved iodine deficiency levels in children, according to a ministry report.

Stem cell nutrition deal establishes Marinova as undisputed world leader in Fucoidan

A deal to supply Stemtech International - the leading player in stem cell nutrition supplements - with one of its proprietary marine plant extracts will establish Marinova as the undisputed...

Folic acid fortification is a folie: NZ report

The question of whether to go ahead with folic acid fortification of bread in New Zealand continues to be a contentious one, with another report moving against it.

New Zealand calls for ban on ‘damaging’ soy-based infant formulas

Health and medical experts in New Zealand have called for a ban on soy-based infant formula after a recent mouse study suggested soy damages the reproductive tract and immune system.

BASF backs Chinese functional bakery

China’s bakery sector is fast developing but there are unmet needs for healthier products that BASF Nutrition is hoping to tap into following its presence at Shanghai trade show Bakery...

Validated, gut-tailored probiotics needed in Asia: Frost & Sullivan

Developing demographic-specific formulations and validating health claims must be a focus for probiotic manufacturers targeting Asian markets, according to an industry analyst.

Clean label starch patent secured in Japan amid surging 'free-from' demand

National Starch has received a patent for its clean label starch technology in Japan, amid a surging demand for such ingredients across the country.

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