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The industry can help address nutritional deficiencies that affect certain communities and consumer groups. With access to foods fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, every child can reach its full potential.

Danone to research early infant development at Singapore hub

Danone Baby Nutrition’s new R&D centre in Singapore will facilitate cooperation with nutrition experts at universities and hospitals in the Asia Pacific region – and the exploration of factors that...

Wrigley targets calcium deficiency with gum launch down under

The Wrigley Company is launching a new calcium enriched gum in Australia and New Zealand, claiming its ‘on-the-go’ delivery system can help address the reported calcium intake deficiency among 90...

Pakistan state plans mandatory iodisation of salt

Pakistan’s Sindh state is set to make the iodisation of salt compulsory in a bid to eliminate iodine deficiency disorders in the state, where over 50 per cent of the...

Chinese cooking oil success shows omega-3 fortification potential

Booming sales of omega-3 fortified cooking oil in China may show how countries with nutritional deficiencies can boost the nutritional intakes of a population, said a leading omega-3 figure.

Zinc battling childhood diarrhoea in Nepal

The United Nations is promoting the use of zinc supplements in Nepal to battle acute infant diarrhoea that kills 15,000 under-5s per year in the Himalayan state.

Avesthagen validates commercialization of new vegetarian DHA

India’s Avesthagen Limited has announced the completion of its development of microalgae-derived DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), with the technology validated for commercialization.

Calcium + vit D for breakfast show weight management potential

Consuming high levels of vitamin D and calcium for breakfast may increase fat oxidation rates and energy burning during the course of the day, says a new study from Australia.

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GLG Life Tech gets business license for Chinese JV

GLG Life Tech’s joint venture in China has been given the go-ahead by Chinese authorities to provide its stevia-derived sweeteners for use in foods and beverages, the company has said....

‘No evidence’ for B vitamins’ allergy concerns: Study

Consumption of B vitamins during pregnancy does not increase the risk of allergy in the infants, says a new study from Japan that challenges previous findings.

Calls for voluntary folic acid fortification in NZ grow

New Zealand opposition party members are calling on the government to fortify the country’s flour supply and bread output with folic acid, following reports of the success of a similar...

Australia: Nestlé cereal brands get Heart Foundation backing

Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), an alliance of Nestlé and General Mills, said that a large percentage of its cereal brands sold in Australia including Cheerios have been endorsed by the...

Study: Australia benefiting from folic acid fortification programme

A Medical Journal of Australia study has found blood folate levels have increased in the Australian population after mandatory folic acid fortification of bread products was introduced in September, 2009.

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Vitamin Angels and DSM target Indian vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin charity Vitamin Angels and DSM’s Sight and Life are addressing vitamin A deficiency in Indian children by establishing a sustainable supply and distribution system promoting “local ownership” of the...

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Enzymotec wins Australian brain health patent

 Enzymotec has won a patent in Australia for its blend of phosphatidylserine (PS) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

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Chinese experts defend iron-fortified soy sauce

Health experts in China have defended iron-fortified soy sauce as an effective and safe way to reduce anemia after claims emerged that it could cause cancer and other health problems.

Cranberry ingredient gets Korean UTI health claim

A cranberry ingredient from US firm Proprietary Nutritionals Inc (PNI) can be supported by a health claim in the Korean market, after the nation’s regulator approved a claim linking it...

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New Zealand issues colostrum labelling guidance

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority has published guidance to help infant product makers meet labelling requirements for colostrum.

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China to monitor nutrition-related diseases

China is to monitor the nutritional status of its population, with the Ministry of Health focussing on nutritional deficiencies and excesses, according to the People's Daily Online.

Dietary fiber may cut Japanese heart disease risk, study

Higher intake of both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers may reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease amongst Japanese men and women, according to a new study.

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Pfizer invests $100m in Asian infant nutrition

Drug giant Pfizer has invested $100m in its Singapore plant to boost infant formula output to serve the Asian market.

Lonza to boost Chinese vitamin B production

Lonza has confirmed that its planned vitamin B3 production expansion will occur in China, where the firm expects a double digit surge in demand for the ingredient in coming years.

Australian scientists developing omega-3-rich plant sources

Scientists in the employ of an Australian government scientific research body have developed plant prototypes genetically modified to boost their omega-3 content beyond alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

Asian appeal still strong as sterol juice launches in region

The penetration of Asian markets by functional ingredients manufacturers continues apace with the launch of a juice containing cholesterol lowering plant sterols and stanols in the Philippines.

National Starch acquires Australian starch business

AkzoNobel’s National Starch business has acquired Penford’s Australian specialty starch business in order to shorten its supply chain for specialty corn starches in the region - despite National Starch being...

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Pakistan implements vitamins policy

Pakistan will announce a “vitamins policy” in December, according to Federal Health Minister Ejaz H Jakhrani.

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