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The industry can help address nutritional deficiencies that affect certain communities and consumer groups. With access to foods fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, every child can reach its full potential.

New Zealand must reduce salt intake, finds survey

Nearly 65% of adult New Zealanders are consuming more sodium than current nutrition guidelines in the country recommend, a survey has concluded.

Chinese functional beverage market growing by 29%

Impressive growth in the Chinese functional beverage market looks set to continue as some national experts predict China to become the largest functional beverage market in 2012.

Organic and health beverages help Nutrastar to record revenues

Health products, such as cordyceps and functional beverages have helped Nutrastar International Inc gain record revenues despite the current global financial turmoil.

Neptune tapping into China’s supplements market

Canadian krill oil supplier, Neptune, has teamed up with a local fishing company in a bid to tap into China’s fast growing and emerging omega-3 supplements market.

LycoRed’s premix plant in China set to leverage functional food growth

Global supplier LycoRed has opened a new facility in China to meet the growing demand for nutritional pre-mixes in China and South East Asia.

China tightens up on fortified foods regulation

China has announced new regulations and a renewed focus on the quality and safety of functional foods being sold in the country, as part of a series of crackdowns meant...

Frost & Sullivan: Exposure and research to boost functional foods in Asia Pacific

Continued research and development combined with exposure will drive and strengthen the functional foods market in Asia Pacific, according to analysis.

Functional food research between New Zealand and Japan

A collaborative project investigating the health-related compounds in onions is being conducted by Japan and New Zealand as part of a broader research partnership into functional food.

News in brief

Danone launches new kids brand in India

Danone has launched a new brand of fortified, milk-based products for children throughout India.

Dispatches from FI India

Beneo still has a hurdle with oligofructose in India

Beneo is still waiting for an approval from the Indian authorities for the use of its prebiotic fibre, oligofructose, in infant milk powder products in the country.

Galactofructose supplier forms Indian partnership

Galactofructose specialist Solvay has inked a deal with 20-year-old Indian company, Lactose India, to take the Belgian firm’s digestive health ingredient into the Indian market for the first time.

Chr Hansen inks Japanese probiotic-plant extract deal

Danish probiotics giant Chr Hansen says its just-announced alliance with a Japanese botanical supplement maker will yield plant-probiotic combination food supplement products on European and global markets kicking off in...

Danisco: Freeze-dried cultures and value-added ingredients range to satisfy Indian dairy market

Danisco has developed a new range of freeze-dried cultures for the Indian dahi market and has also targeted its health and nutrition ingredients range for use in the country’s dairy...

Dispatches from Vitafoods Asia 2011

Vitamin D deficiency is an Asian problem too (despite the sun)

Campaigns against vitamin D deficiency have gained prominence in the western world but the dietary issue is just as relevant in Asia, according to supplier DSM, even if sunlight hours...

Lonza to expand vitamin B3 production in China

Swiss supplier Lonza will open a new vitamin B3 manufacturing facility in China in 2012 that will significantly lower production costs for the vitamin and boost output by 40%.

DSM releases new dahi culture range for India

DSM is extending its Delvo Fresh dairy culture line with the launch of a dahi culture range, developed to meet local consumer preferences in India, says the company.

Japanese scientists to breed rice resilient to radioactive cesium

In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japanese scientists from the Fukushima Agricultural Technology Centre are working towards a potential solution for the future of Japanese rice farmers –...

Breeding rice for India: Quality, quantity and regional tastes

Improving rice yields is a major challenge in India today but a high quality grain needs to be a key focus of rice breeding efforts, according to a spokesperson at...

Omega-3 market set to boom on demand from food sector

Demand from the food industry will see the market for Omega-3 ingredients rise substantially over the next few years, a report from the market research and consulting firm MarketsandMarkets said.

China set to slash approved health claims by a third

Amendments to 2009 laws that saw 27 health and nutrition claims approved in China will see the number reduced to 18, as momentum grows toward a European Union-style emphasis on human clinical data.

Australian government backs infant formula research

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) will continue a 15-year collaborative period with Australian food company Clover Corporation, by engaging in a new initiative to develop encapsulation techniques...

WHO launches new online tool to help combat malnutrition

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched a web-powered initiative to clarify guidance on life-saving nutrition interventions, and assist governments and healthcare providers to combat malnutrition.

Nestlé launches omega-3 boosted infant drink in Sri Lanka

Nestlé Sri Lanka has launched an up-market omega-3 fortified infant formula developed at its Swiss-based research centre, as it boosts activity on the south Asian island.

Asian market for immune health ingredients to surge

Demand for immune health ingredients in Asia is growing at an annual rate of 6.2 per cent, with revenues expected to reach US$1.46bn in 2016 from US$958.6m in 2009, a...

Vitamin C price-fixing case ruling expected ‘any week now’

A lawyer pursuing a high-profile anti-trust case against four Chinese firms accused of fixing the price of vitamin C in the US says he expects the judge reviewing the...

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