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Food safety

Food safety

High profile food scares have turned the spotlight on food safety in Asia. While new regulations are coming into force, consumers and exporters seek assurances of product safety as contamination can have dire consequences all around the world.

Swiss infant formula recalled in Shanghai over repackaging claims

Swiss infant formula manufacturer, Hero, has moved to dispel concerns about the safety of its Nutradefense brand infant formula in China after authorities in Shanghai ordered retailers to pull it...

Interview: Richard Werran, CEO of Cert ID Europe

India’s elephant beginning to charge towards sustainability

With over 30 years in the food industry, with a third of it spent providing and promoting food safety certification with Cert ID Europe, Richard Werran knows a fair bit...

Natural seasoning can prevent charred-meat carcinogens

A new study has found that natural seasonings like cinnamon, pineapple and green tea can significantly reduce the formation of cancer causing substances in well cooked meats. 

News in brief

China finally establishes centralised food watchdog

China now has a more powerful watchdog in the form of the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). It’s long-touted implementation has finally been realised as a means to address...

Biotech debate

India’s government ‘keen to reach GM consensus'

India’s government is working hard to reach a consensus among scientists, politicians, farmers and consumers to reach a solution on the vexed issue of genetically modified crops, according to the...

Food for thought

India’s GM debate must be fought on science alone

India has hotly debated the use of GM crops both on a societal and political level. The discussion around the issue is at most times primal. Travel tip? You would...

Chinese regulation

New food super-watchdog nearing reality

Anticipation that China will elevate the status of the existing State Food and Drug Administration to an all-encompassing body (SFDA) is mounting following the submission of a report to the...


Formula like gold dust, and shortage will only get worse

In just the first weekend of new regulations designed to prohibit the trafficking of infant formula out of Hong Kong, border patrols had already arrested around 45 traders.

Growth of GM

World's sixth biggest GM grower, China will continue to import soy

As concerns grow for the security of food supplies for its billion-plus population, China—the sixth biggest producer of genetically modified crops—has resolved to continue importing GM soybeans to satisfy domestic...

Food for thought

China’s super-watchdog is unlikely to bite

If you are a regular reader of this news service, you would be hard-pressed to find just one month in the last two years when we have NOT reported on...

Food safety

China's watchdogs might finally get more teeth

Sick of lurching from one food crisis to the next, it seems the Chinese authorities are planning to form one cohesive food safety unit based on America’s FDA model.

News in brief

Two dead in Vietnam S. suis outbreak

Two butchers in central Vietnam have from a bacteria that causes clinical diseases in pigs, the Voice of Vietnam has reported.

DCD concerns: NZ handling of crisis was ‘textbook’ - Rabobank

New Zealand’s handling of concerns surrounding the use of agricultural chemical dicyandiamide (DCD) was “textbook,” a Rabobank analyst has claimed.

Pork imports

Chinese call for additive verification baffles American suppliers

Demands by Chinese quarantine authorities for a new layer of verification to make sure that pork imported from the US is free of a feed additive have baffled analysts and...

Dairy contaminants

Fonterra DCD crisis: No positive tests since November

The Ministry for Primary Industries has released the findings from extensive testing of New Zealand dairy products for dicyandiamide (DCD).

News in brief

HK bans northeast German poultry

Hong Kong has banned the import of all poultry products, including eggs, from certain German states with immediate effect.

Right to reply

Fonterra: Why we need to talk about what's in our food

Last week, we published a critique of Fonterra's actions during the DCD furore, which saw lengthy delays between identifying the presence of minute quantities of the chemical in the company's...

Subcontinent tastes

India must accept that traditional foods aren't necessarily the safest

In the first article in a new a series examining Indian diets and health, a British dietitian urges India not to make the same mistakes that were made in her...

Fonterra recalls CalciYum kids’ yogurt over ‘choking’ fears

Fonterra Brands Australia is pulling batches of CalciYum yogurt from supermarket shelves across Australia over concerns that the product's “weakened” plastic cap could present a choking hazard.

Straight talk

Inquest into NZ Coke addict deserves more than sensational headlines

The story of the death of a New Zealand woman who would drink between six and 10 litres of Coca-Cola a day needs to be treated with caution as it...

GM India

Scientists call for GM halt on third anniversary of brinjal moratorium

Over 150 Indian scientists have united to call public attention to the Ministry of Agriculture, which they believe has been making a political case for genetically modified crops to counter...

FSSAI in freefall

Food registration deadline extended once again

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has once again extended the licencing and registration deadline for the country’s food business operators. In an embarrassing move by the...

Food for thought

Call it anything but food safety

Apparently, India’s food safety rules and regulations are just as stringent as those in other, more developed countries. And that’s according to a proper source, one who should know his...

Straight talk

DCD: Fonterra must learn once is unfortunate, twice is unforgivable

It’s quite remarkable how Fonterra has evolved to become New Zealand’s biggest company given the way the dairy giant seems to struggle to take on board its errors of the...

China safety

Duck replaces mutton in latest food-swap scandal

While European supermarkets and fast-food chains have been dealing with the fall-out of horse meat in burgers, a meatpacking factory in north-east China has been found using cheap duck meat...

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