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Food safety

High profile food scares have turned the spotlight on food safety in Asia. While new regulations are coming into force, consumers and exporters seek assurances of product safety as contamination can have dire consequences all around the world.

India raises concerns over soda carcinogens

Following moves in the US, India will investigate whether carbonated drinks should bear cancer warnings.

China: Are imports to blame for latest infant formula problems?

More problems with infant formula milk powder have been found in China, but this time it's not domestic dairies but imports that are being blamed.

Urgency needed to reform Australian food sector, says AFGC

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) has called on fast action to be taken to reform the country’s food processing sector in light of a recently published Senate report....

Wine pesticides not food safety risk, says Chinese watchdog

Pesticide levels are not a problem in Chinese red wines, says a top local watchdog.

Fonterra firm against removing permeate

New Zealand’s largest dairy cooperative is refusing to join milk producers and marquee retailers that are removing permeate from their milk brands.

Australia confirms safety of re-formulated Nestlé NAN infant formula

The New South Wales (NSW) Food Authority has confirmed the safety of a re-formulated Nestlé infant formula product following consumer complaints that the new recipe was making children ill.

Becoming a Japanese energy drink Monster isn’t easy…

Monster Beverage Corporation admits its Q2 brand launch in Japan has hit problems, but said the nation’s distributors and retailers were far less tolerant of shipping damages and leakages than...

Hong Kong to test babies over Japanese infant formula concerns

Hong Kong plans to test babies over concerns two brands of Japanese infant milk formula were iodine-deficient.

Oz-NZ proposes WHO bottled water chemical limits

Australia and New Zealand’s food standards regulator is calling for submissions on an application seeking to adopt World Health Organization (WHO) limits for chemicals in packaged water in the region....

Radioactive Japanese oatmeal discovered in Hong Kong

An oatmeal product, manufactured in and imported from Japan, has been found to contain low levels of radioactivity by food safety authorities in Hong Kong.

Faster, more efficient New Zealand recall system implemented

New Zealand has migrated to an industry-designed product recall and withdrawal system, which key businesses say will ensure even greater consumer protection.

Kraft investigates ‘worm-infested’ Cadbury éclair in China

Cadbury parent company Kraft Foods has responded to allegations from a Chinese newspaper that a piece of Choclairs from a Beijing supermarket contained a worm.

China’s top noodle maker in food safety soup

China’s biggest instant noodle maker will fight allegations its products are too acidic and violate food safety standards in the country.

Larger dairy herds will cut Chinese food safety scandals – expert

An explosion in Chinese demand for dairy products in the middle of the last decade led to milk supply shortages that drove suppliers to practices such as diluting milk and...

High frequency of plasticizer contamination in China’s food: Study

Plasticizers occur more frequently in Chinese foodstuff than elsewhere in the world, a new study has shown.

Indonesian food manufacturers push for import restrictions

Indonesia has ordered a strengthening of import controls over food and beverages imported into the country amongst calls from domestic players against rampant violations by importers.

Illegal channels to China a threat to New Zealand beef

Chinese authorities are clamping down on smuggling ofNew Zealand beef and other meats into the country – although the mainstream New Zealand beef industry says it has little to worry about.

India says no to Chinese milk for another year

Chinese milk products still cannot make the hop over the Himalayas to the booming Indian market with the company’s authorities calling for an extension on a ban on them.

Australian firm to cash in on China’s ‘booming’ infant formula market

Australia’s GMP Pharmaceuticals hopes to tap into the infant formula potential in China with its pharmaceutical-grade production facility in New Zealand.

Food colourant exposure drops for Australian kids

Exposure to food colourings among Australian children has dropped over the last four years, according to a new report by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).

Clipped wings? Indian regulators threaten to ban ‘energy’ drink label

India’s food safety watchdog is set to issue new regulations and crackdown on caffeinated energy drinks, possibly stripping them of their ‘energy’ tag.

China safety scandals represent advantage for foreign dairy firms – analyst

Western food safety standards represent a definite advantage to foreign firms attempting to enter the growing Chinese dairy market, an industry analyst has told

China unveils latest five year food safety plan

China has published its latest five-year food safety plan in an effort to “clean up” old, often-overlapping national and industry standards.

DMAA in the dock

Australia issues DMAA alert; commences 'urgent' prohibition talks

Australian authorities have warned consumers about possible negative health effects of using sports supplements containing DMAA, as the global crackdown on the controversial stimulant continues.

News in brief

Adulteration rife in India’s milk bowl

The Indian state of Gujarat faired miserably in a study backed by India's food regulator that looked into the quality and nutrition standards of milk across the country.

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