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Court-appointed panel split over junk food ban near schools

Banning junk food near schools, one of India’s biggest and long-running public health issues, seems like it will continue some more after industry officials and health activists on a court–appointed...

NZ health groups call for reduced salt in junk food

Fast food firms are being urged by health groups in New Zealand to reduce salt content in their foods to reduce the incidence of cardiac diseases in the country. 

No GM staple foods approved in China, says agri minister

China has not given any approvals for the commercial production of genetically modified staple foods, the country’s agriculture minister has said.

High consumption of omega-3 fish oils may reduce artery calcification

An intake of omega-3 fatty acids comparable to those of people living in Japan may be linked to protection against artery calcification and heart disease, according to new research.

Australia warns Indian exporters over breaches in processed food laws

Australia’s agriculture department has sent an advisory to India’s agri-export authority over repeated violation of laws governing processed food exports to the country.

Is methane from palm oil waste the next industry climate concern?

While the debate about deforestation due to palm oil rumbles on, new research has suggested that the release of methane from palm oil processing wastewater may also be a significant...

‘Misleading’ herbal medicine labels are not necessary wrong

Australia’s Complementary Healthcare Council has responded to a raft of media articles about alleged mislabelling of complementary medicines by pointing to the strict regulations herbal products must adhere to in...

Could airport imaging be used to assess food quality?

Scientists from the University of Western Australia are developing rapid and non-destructive ways to assess the quality of food that they say will deliver significant benefits to industry. 

India launches homegrown quick test for food contamination

India’s health ministry has launched a kit that will determine the cause of food poisoning outbreaks faster and more cost-effectively than established foreign imports, it claims. 

New bird flu strain poses no threat to poultry populations

Human patients infected with the A(H7N9) strain of avian influenza are not able transmit the virus to animals, including birds, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation....

Cut and reduce sugar in drinks, don’t tax them, say NZ adults

Most adult New Zealanders prefer to reduce the amount of sugar in drinks and also their size to imposing a sugar tax to deter their demand, a new survey has...

NZ to improve dairy traceability after Fonterra scare

In the wake of last year’s Fonterra whey protein concentrate (WPC) incident, the New Zealand government has established a working group designed to improve traceability in the country’s dairy sector....

Two in three Hong Kong nutrition labels breaking guidelines

Nearly two-thirds of nutrition labels on a range of small pre-packaged food and drinks in Hong Kong are breaking trading guidelines by not being easy enough to read.

Indian court stays FSSAI action on product approvals

One of India’s highest courts delivered a split verdict on whether the country’s relatively new food regulator had the right to subject existing products to its approval process. ...

GM golden rice: Tables turn on Greenpeace

A dissident Greenpeace founding member claims the environmentalist group has become “a force for evil” in its campaigns against GM golden rice.

US FDA chief prepares to take on food and pharma chiefs on India visit

The US Food and Drug Administration’s commissioner, Margaret A Hamburg, will visit India next week on a mission to strengthen cooperation between the American department and its Indian regulatory counterparts....

India’s milk prices hiked again, though much of it is adulterated

As milk prices go up by a further Rs2 per litre, India’s Supreme Court has gone on record to acknowledge milk adulteration as “serious”, and has demanded that individual states...

Lowering salt improves heart and kidney health of CKD patients

Reducing salt consumption may help prolong the lives of patients with chronic kidney disease, a study from the University of Queensland study has found.

Australian healthy food effort has failed, says study

Efforts by successive Australian governments to make more healthy foods available in the country have failed, with few controls on food and beverage manufacturers being enforced, a new study has...

Fast food chains slammed for ‘cashing in’ on high-sugar frozen drinks

Health groups in Australia have hit out at fast food chains that they say are “cashing in” by promoting seductively cheap frozen drinks that in many cases contain what they...

Man arrested in massive Japanese pesticide tainting scandal

Japanese police have arrested the man thought to be at the centre of a food tainting scandal that has seen thousands of people poisoned and confidence in the domestic food...

Hong Kong bans chicken imports from China after new bird flu discovery

Hong Kong’s food safety and health authorities have shifted gears and initiated counter measures after the discovery of the H7N9 bird flu virus in a batch of live poultry from...

China gets more feet on the street in the search for food safety

Local food safety watchdogs are being armed and empowered by their provincial governments at a rapid pace, in line with the central government’s diktat on preventing food safety issues. ...

Oz pizzas have more salt, sugar and fat than nutrition claims suggest

An analysis of Australian takeaway pizzas, including those from major national chains, supermarkets and gourmet outlets, showed more than half of those tested had more salt, sugar or fat in...

FAO calls for vigilance with avian influenza on the rise in China

Human infections with the influenza A(H7N9) virus are on the rise again in China and the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities provide opportunity for further spread and human exposure, the...

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