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China gets more feet on the street in the search for food safety

Local food safety watchdogs are being armed and empowered by their provincial governments at a rapid pace, in line with the central government’s diktat on preventing food safety issues. ...

Oz pizzas have more salt, sugar and fat than nutrition claims suggest

An analysis of Australian takeaway pizzas, including those from major national chains, supermarkets and gourmet outlets, showed more than half of those tested had more salt, sugar or fat in...

FAO calls for vigilance with avian influenza on the rise in China

Human infections with the influenza A(H7N9) virus are on the rise again in China and the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities provide opportunity for further spread and human exposure, the...

Nestlé defends 'lunchbox friendly' claims after nut allergen rebuke

Nestlé has defended itself and its allergy charity consort against criticism of the marketing of its ''lunchbox friendly'' muesli bars to schools despite them being unsuitable for nut allergy sufferers. ...

Danone to sue Fonterra over WPC botulism recalls

Danone has terminated its existing supply contract with Fonterra and plans to sue the dairy exporter over the whey protein concentrate (WPC) Clostridium botulinum contamination scare that led to product recalls...

Study: SSB tax could dramatically reduce diabetes incidences in India

India could prevent an estimated 400,000 people from contracting diabetes over the next 10 years if the government were to impose a 20% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB), a new study has suggested.

Walmart pulls fox meat masquerading as donkey snacks

Walmart’s China operation has responded to reports that some of its donkey meat contained the DNA of other animals, including fox.

Global group now looking to ramp up efforts to promote food safety

Industry, academics and NGOs from more than 70 countries recently gathered on Singapore to evaluate how successful a global initiative to promote food safety has been in its first year.

Early study shows artificial sweeteners have no negative impact on gut

New research from the University of Adelaide has added to the debate about how our bodies respond to artificial sweeteners and whether they are good, bad or have no effect...

Junk food can junk your memory in a week, suggests new study

A new study has suggested that even a short-term diet of junk food can have a detrimental and damaging effect on the brain’s cognitive ability.

China to name and shame food safety offenders

China has issued a new draft regulation that would give regulators the authority to blacklist food and beverage manufacturers that have breached food safety standards in the country. 

Fonterra WPC incident not result of 'regulatory failure': NZ Gov

The recent Fonterra whey protein concentrate (WPC) botulism scare was “not the result of any regulatory failure,” a New Zealand government inquiry into the incident has concluded.

‘China must redefine and simplify its health-product registration’

The legislative office of China's State Council has been urged that its term “health-food product”, which refers to all dietary supplements, is too broad a concept and by definition can...

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Glass findings prompt General Mills recall

General Mills Australasia has recalled Old El Paso - Hot Chunky Tomato Salsa due to the presence of glass.


How could Séralini's GM study have made suckers of so many people?

The retraction last week by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology of the widely criticised anti-GM research paper commonly referred to as “the Séralini paper” no doubt left many in...

Danone WPC dispute talks 'not working out': Fonterra

Fonterra may still face legal action from Danone over the recent whey protein concentrate (WPC) botulism scare, the New Zealand-based dairy cooperative's CEO has admitted.


UK herbal sector to feel (righteous) pain as THMPD enforcement kicks in for real?

The EU herbal products sector has come in with a mixed reaction to the UK MHRA announcement last week that the sell-through period for unregistered herbal medicines would finish on...

Crop protection chemicals add two-thirds of value to Australian output

More than two-thirds of the total value of Australian crop production comes as the result of protection products, meaning that some of the country’s harvests would be commercially unviable without...

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Chinese noodles given all-clear following mass safety inspections

Having launched an inspection of a number of the instant noodle products for sale on the Chinese market, the country’s food safety watchdog has indicated that none contained heavy metals...

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HK bans poultry imports from German state on back of bird flu outbreak

Hong Kong has banned the import of poultry and related products from the German state of Thuringen with immediate effect, according to officials.

Taiwan finds banned colouring agent in olive oil imports

Taiwan will introduce tighter checks for makers of olive and grape seed oils after some batches were found to be contaminated by the country’s top food safety watchdog.

One dead, more than 200 sickened by Salmonella outbreak at Melbourne Cup

An outbreak of Salmonella at Melbourne Cup catering functions has been linked to the death of a woman and has sickened at least 220 people.

Typhoon destruction puts Filipino farms and fisheries at risk

The UN’s Food and Agriculture organisation has been mobilising support to the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, which tore through the country causing severe damage to the fisheries...

HK’s booming wine industry launches QA scheme

The Hong Kong government’s decision to scrap wine duty in 2008 has contributed to a 187% increase in the value of wine imports into Hong Kong since then. 

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FSANZ appeals for listeria info

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) wants submissions on L. monocytogenes growth in ready-to-eat foods.