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Food safety

High profile food scares have turned the spotlight on food safety in Asia. While new regulations are coming into force, consumers and exporters seek assurances of product safety as contamination can have dire consequences all around the world.

News in brief

Saudi bans Brazilian beef

Saudi Arabia is the latest Asian country to suspend beef imports from Brazilian. It is now also the biggest country to stop purchases after the South American country confirmed a...

Health claims issue in Australia and New Zealand nears final chapter

Parties on both sides of table have welcomed the recent decision by Australian and New Zealand ministers responsible for food regulation on the issue of health claims in the region.

FSANZ takes action on carbon monoxide as fish processing aid

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has called for submissions to draft fish processing aid regulation on carbon monoxide after reports it is being used despite being banned.

FDA names New Zealand as first country on par with US standards

This week, New Zealand has become the first country in the world to sign an agreement with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pact recognises each other’s food...


Greenpeace gone too far with GM Golden Rice scandal

“Human guinea pigs”, “gambling with health” and “shadowy research project”—the terms came thick and fast in Greenpeace’s revelation about Golden Rice earlier this year.

News in brief

New Sino-Cambodian food lab opens in Phnom Penh

Cambodia has inaugurated a food industry laboratory, built with Chinese aid, that sets out to assist food quality improvement, research and technology development.

In a booming economy, food standards are falling behind

The Chinese have given a vote of confidence to their government's public services, while at the same time voicing criticism about the quality of what they eat.

Trio behind Golden Rice furore fired by Chinese authorities

The “Golden Rice” scandal that has panicked parents and called into question research methods at an American university has seen a new development with the sacking of three officials in...


Don’t take the fun out of advertising, just the fraud from food ads

“We make a lie, we invent want,” said Don Draper, the lead character in Mad Men, the hugely successful TV show about the ad industry in the Sixties.

Social storm pushes Woolworths to remove infant drink

A social media storm and petition have prompted Australian supermarket Woolworths to withdraw all juice supplies of infant drink brand Bebi from its shelves, although its infant suitable water line...

KFC China supplier denies part in chicken feed scandal

A supplier of poultry to KFC in China has refuted claims in a Chinese website that it gives its chicken feed laced with large amounts of toxic additives.

Infant formula manufacturers opposing proposed Hong Kong promotion ban

Six of the world’s leading infant formula manufacturers are opposing a Hong Kong government proposal to ban the promotion of baby food products for children under the age of three....

Right to reply

Stop GE creeping into NZ!

In the first of a new series of hard-hitting opinion pieces, Claire Bleakley, president of GE-free NZ in Food and Environment, gives her take on how GE crops—and now livestock—have...

Scientists developing anti-counterfeit milk powder source test

Scientists in New Zealand are developing a method to identify the geographical source of milk powder products – a potential answer to the problem of counterfeit ‘Made in New Zealand’...

China seizures raise fears for New Zealand's global dairy reputation

Numerous consignments of baby formula made in New Zealand have been prevented from entering China after authorities branded them substandard. Now it has come to light, the issue is raising...

Egypt cattle row provoking a storm in Australia

In a move to calm an issue that is threatening to turn into a populist political bun fight, Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has issued a statement...

Pinoy FDA targeting non-English labels

In the wake of a major recall of toxic South Korean noodles from shelves across the country, food regulation authorities in the Philippines are now actively seeking to target imported...

News in brief

COMSTECH seminar aimed at food safety

COMSTECH is holding a seminar on food production and processing technologies aimed at bring different industry voices together to optimise food safety.

News in brief

Philippine Government issues recall over noodle concerns

The Philippine Government has issued a product recall after six Korean Noodle products were found to contain the chemical benzopyrene.

News in brief

Label claims must be justified

The New Zealand parliament's health select committee has said that natural products should carry a label showing the basis of claims being made for the product.

News in brief

FSANZ warns of mussels recall

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has urged consumers to check their fridges for recalled mussels that may be contaminated with paralytic shellfish toxin, a naturally occurring marine biotoxin.

Industry doesn’t want separate standards for Oz, NZ

The joint regulatory regime for Australia and New Zealand for has come under scrutiny, with food industry advocates from the smaller neighbour questioning its domestic usefulness.

GM in India - Latest

Supreme Court dithers over GM moratorium

Will they, won’t they or might they? In spite of a report filed by a panel of Indian agriculture experts calling for the government to impose a moratorium on open...

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FSANZ calls for submissions on GM soybean

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has called for submissions on an application to change the Food Standards Code to allow food derived from a genetically modified soybean.

News in brief

Food body warns Australians of Salmonella almonds

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has urged consumers to check their pantries for raw almonds that might be contaminated with Salmonella.

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