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Food safety

High profile food scares have turned the spotlight on food safety in Asia. While new regulations are coming into force, consumers and exporters seek assurances of product safety as contamination can have dire consequences all around the world.

KFC in crisis

Litigators licking their lips over Yum! class action

Lawyers in the United States are queuing up to bring on board investors in KFC’s parent, Yum! Brands, for a class action lawsuit. The move follows nearly two months of...

Chemical contamination

New Zealand reassures Chinese consumers in wake of Fonterra DCD crisis

New Zealand’s government has started a PR offensive to limit the impact of last week’s revelations that low levels of chemical residue were discovered in dairy products from the country,...

DCD use suspended in New Zealand after residue discovered in dairy

The sale and use of dicyandiamide (DCD) has been brought to a halt in New Zealand after low levels of the substance were discovered in samples of dairy products from...

Technology allows faster screening for bacteria on food

Australian researchers have claimed a breakthrough that will allow them to use DNA amplification on “microspheres” to rapidly detect and identify large numbers of different bacteria at once.

Mengniu brand value plummets in 2012 as the Yili brand soars

Mengniu saw its brand value plummet by more than 30% in 2012, as Chinese public concern over the safety of domestically-manufactured dairy products continued to turn consumers towards ‘safer’ international brands.

Australian cheese listeria outbreak linked to two deaths

A listeria outbreak from cheese in Australia has been linked to the death of two people and has led to 18 cases nationally.

Researchers urge action on Indian cereal contamination

The high level of mycotoxin contamination in Indian cereals must be addressed with improved monitoring and maximum levels for contamination set, a new study says.

Kosher gains ground as global QC measure

Having foods and ingredients approved by Jewish rabbis may not seem a matter that would of great importance to non-Jewish food and supplement manufacturers – not so.

FSA issues recall for tofu linked to Bacillus Cereus

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a second updated alert on two varieties of tofu due to Bacillus Cereus.

News in brief

Australian state to examine liquor regulations

Western Australia’s Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor has appointed a committee to review the state’s existing liquor laws. It has been charged with examining the regulatory framework for the...

Indian agripolitics

Government heavyweights line up at food innovation summit

Speaking at an industry event in Haryana, the Indian minister for state for agriculture and food processing stressed that finding new ways to detect emerging food pathogens was crucial for...

Coca-Cola China files police claim against ‘false’ fungicide rumors

The Coca-Cola Company has confirmed that it has filed a police report in China targeting recent internet hoax rumors that its orange juice contains an illegal fungicide, and will pursue...

Chinese formula grab leaves Australian shelves empty

Stores in Australia are fighting to replenish stocks of infant formula following an unprecedented surge in demand from Chinese customers wary of the safety of products at home.

Australian meat exports causing ‘repeated problems’ in US inspections

Food & Water Watch, the American consumer advocacy group, has called on the United States Department of Agriculture to review its decision to allow Australia’s newly privatised meat inspection system...

Industry unimpressed by vague new GM labelling regulations

This week, Indian consumers will begin to learn if some of the packaged foods they buy contain genetically-modified ingredients following a gazette notification issued by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs,...

Beijing gets tough on lax food safety standards

The Beijing municipal government will soon introduce a strict law, as well as an accountability system, to ensure food safety in the city. The move follows measures recently taken by...

China drops charges on imports from New Year

Food producers exporting to China will be celebrating this New Year after the country’s top economic planning agency announced that it will significantly reduce the cost of import to the...

News in brief

Australian imports of fresh decrowned pineapple on the cards

Australia’s director of animal and plant quarantine is expected to approve the import of  fresh decrowned pineapple fruit from Malaysia. The decision based on consideration of a final risk analysis...

News in brief

Saudi bans Brazilian beef

Saudi Arabia is the latest Asian country to suspend beef imports from Brazilian. It is now also the biggest country to stop purchases after the South American country confirmed a...

Health claims issue in Australia and New Zealand nears final chapter

Parties on both sides of table have welcomed the recent decision by Australian and New Zealand ministers responsible for food regulation on the issue of health claims in the region.

FSANZ takes action on carbon monoxide as fish processing aid

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has called for submissions to draft fish processing aid regulation on carbon monoxide after reports it is being used despite being banned.

FDA names New Zealand as first country on par with US standards

This week, New Zealand has become the first country in the world to sign an agreement with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pact recognises each other’s food...


Greenpeace gone too far with GM Golden Rice scandal

“Human guinea pigs”, “gambling with health” and “shadowy research project”—the terms came thick and fast in Greenpeace’s revelation about Golden Rice earlier this year.

News in brief

New Sino-Cambodian food lab opens in Phnom Penh

Cambodia has inaugurated a food industry laboratory, built with Chinese aid, that sets out to assist food quality improvement, research and technology development.

In a booming economy, food standards are falling behind

The Chinese have given a vote of confidence to their government's public services, while at the same time voicing criticism about the quality of what they eat.

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