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Shanghai officials trial new ‘instant testing system’ for adulteration

A pilot programme to weed out the presence of illegal additives is being carried out in Shanghai by food safety officials.

Poultry imports blocked by Saudi and South Korea

South Korea has banned imports of US poultry, while Saudi Arabia has embargoed French poultry as pathogenic strains of avian influenza beset the US and France. 


Fsanz seeks submissions on GM corn and irradiated food labelling

The antipodean food regulator has called for opinions on a genetically modified corn line and released a consultation paper on the existing labelling requirements for irradiated foods.

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Research council: Labels don’t inform Indians of what they are eating

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has called for stricter regulations to be applied to the labelling of packaged food in a bid to prevent non-communicable diseases that account...

The sugar tax conundrum currently playing out in Asian markets

With various emerging Asian markets now considering legislation or tighter regulation of sugar in soft drinks, one of the key issues of the regional beverage industry in 2016 might well...

China's options to tackle stock shortages caused by bird flu in Europe

Trade bans following recent bird flu outbreaks in France will not just affect China’s white bird breeding stock imports over the coming months, but also the global market structure. ...

China direct

Are China’s food woes caused by its wretched environment?

China’s worsening environmental problems have garnered massive attention from the international community (writes Paul O’Brien of Chemlinked). 

China direct

Parents can pass junk food-related disorders on to kids, study finds

One junk food-eating generation can pass on the metabolic disorders it gains from an unhealthy diet to the next, researchers have found in a study that bucks Darwinian convention.

Bird flu virus claims Chinese woman's life

A woman from the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen has died after she became infected with the deadly H5N6 bird flu strain, Hong Kong’s Health Department has said. ...

Philippines could see nutrition labelling after Bill submission

A law has been tabled in the Philippines that will require food manufacturers to label their products with nutrition information.

Food poisoning cases soar as 650 Vietnamese workers are hospitalised

Hundreds of factory workers have been hospitalised in the latest incident in Vietnam of mass food poisoning caused by eating at a staff canteen.

Is food marketed as healthy inadvertently fuelling obesity?

People tend to overeat food marketed as healthy because they assume it is less filling but food companies can counter this by portraying food as 'nourishing' or 'wholesome' instead, researchers...

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FSSAI could waive approval requirement for pre-cleared ingredients

India’s food regulator may end the practice of requiring manufacturers to gain approvals for products that have been deemed safe elsewhere, according to media reports.

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Indian food ministry weighs up changes to ‘Best before’ labelling

“Best before” could be replaced with “Expiry date” on food labels as the traditional marking has no relevant meaning, India’s food and consumer affairs minister has said.

China sets out to streamline co-operation between food-safety agencies

China has announced new procedures which its hopes will ease co-operation and reduce confusion between the multitude of agencies in the country responsible for food safety.

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Poison blackmail response should prompt confidence in Kiwi food safety

Consumers in New Zealand and abroad should take confidence in the way a criminal blackmail threat to contaminate infant formula with a pesticide was handled, the country’s food ministry has...

New Zealand to ensure future dairy food safety capability through new initiatives

A New Zealand report has set out a series of actions to ensure the dairy industry's future food safety capability, building on the 'good shape' of the sector in 2015.


The many faces of herbal adulteration

The global natural products industry is beholden to vast quality control challenges, which are in turn amplified when it comes to herbal ingredients, given the quality management minefield this segment...

Was the Maggi “ban” in fact a ban? FSSAI says not

India’s food regulator never “banned” Maggi noodles but instead issued a show-cause notice to Nestlé for an explanation about lead levels and product labelling, a court has heard.

Three-quarters of Indian supplements are fake (as market doubles)

India’s nutraceuticals market size is set to double in the next five years, though up to seven in 10 dietary supplements are fake.

HK scientists devise saliva diabetes test

Researchers at Hong Kong Polytechnic University have developed a transistor-based biosensor which they say can take the pain out of diabetics’ regular blood tests by measuring glucose levels in saliva. ...

Apac leads world diabetes league, Singapore second in developed world

Asia-Pacific is home to the country with the world’s highest rate of diabetes and also one of the lowest, the annual International Diabetes Foundation “Atlas” reveals.

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Raw apricot kernels banned due to cyanide poisoning risk

Regulators have banned retail sales of raw apricot kernels after changes to its food standards code have come into effect.

Kiwi university finds lightning fast way to test for leeching DEHP

Massey University engineers have developed a highly sensitive device that is able to detect synthetic compounds that leach from plastic packaging into food. 

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20% of Indian food samples either adulterated or misbranded in 2015

Roughly one-fifth of all food samples tested by public laboratories were found to be “adulterated and misbranded”, according to data released by India’s food regulator.

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