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Study: Obese Indian teens getting a fraction of required nutrients

Obese adolescents suffer from a lack of essential nutrients, according to research that criticises modern Indian diets.

Dateline Southeast Asia

Gaining a picture of Vietnam’s tastes through its new product launches

Vietnam is in the midst of near-10% annual growth in overall food sales, according to Innova research, which names rising affluence and an ongoing expansion of the country’s mass grocery...

Researchers in India use curcumin to create ‘functional ice cream’

Researchers from the National Dairy Research Institute in India sought to bring the health benefits of turmeric’s main metabolite—curcumin—into one of the world’s most popular treat: ice cream....

Coca-Cola’s VIO launches in India

Coca-Cola India has announced the pilot launch of its ready-to-drink, flavored milk product, VIO.

Mangosteen rind ups 'cheap chocolate' polyphenols by 50%: Research

Adding a mangosteen fruit by-product to cheaper low cocoa chocolates could improve their nutritional content without compromising flavour, researchers have discovered. 

Dateline Southeast Asia

Mamma mia! Thai insect company puts s-bug-hetti on the pasta menu

Thai edible insect processor Bugsolutely is taking on the pasta market with a product made with flour from ground crickets.


Sugar-awareness likely behind drop in popularity of flavoured yoghurts

Flavoured yoghurts have been witnessing a downward slide over the last few years in Australia, while plain varieties have seen a general upswing, according to new market research.

This week Down Under

Taste buds could prove to be the first line of defence against obesity

Training taste buds to be more sensitive to the taste of fat could be pivotal in the battle to curb the world’s growing obesity problem.

Insects on a plate at food innovation conference

Edible insects, 3D printing and personalised nutrition are just three of the topics under discussion at Food Manufacture’s one-­day innovation conference – New Frontiers in Food and Drink 2016  –...

PureCircle refining stevia product to fit consumer tastes

Stevia is closing in on mainstream acceptance as a non-caloric sweetener, but the product will need additional innovation before it is fully accepted by consumers.

Omega-3 not omega-6 linked with lower depressive symptoms: 2000-strong Japanese study

Even in countries with higher fish intakes, omega-3 may lower depressive symptoms, according to Japanese research in over 2000 people.

Australians expect to fail in the battle of the bulge

Australians are their own worst enemies when it comes to eating better and controlling their weight, according to findings from a new survey that investigates why some people are better...

E-commerce receipts expected to reach US$38bn this year in India

According to a research paper by Assocham, Indian e-commerce will see yet another huge leap in its market value this year, led by mobile purchasing.

Annie Chun’s takes seaweed to mainstream snackers with launch of crunchy Seaweed Crisps

Roasted sheets of flavorful nori increasingly are competing with crunchy kale chips and other healthier-for-you snacks, but the stick-to-the-top-of-the-mouth texture of dehydrated seaweed isn’t for everyone. 

This week Down Under

Soft drinks seeing surge in young Australian consumption

Good news for Coca-Cola Amatil. The bottler and distributor might have posted its lowest profit in eight years, but research figures suggest that consumption of soft drinks is increasing in...

Taking your beverage company into international markets: 10 tips from experts

The growth of eCommerce, the Internet and easier-than-ever international travel means the world is getting smaller. But does that mean it’s time to take your beverage company into a new...

Think long-term to succeed in Iran, says trade promo firm

Iranian consumers are eager for foreign food products, but international firms need to have a long-term mentality to succeed in Iran, according to food trade promotion firm PSDC.

News in brief

Start-up incorporates microgel technology in probiotic drink

A Queensland start-up is testing the market for a non-dairy, low-kilojoule probiotic in selected stores in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Sole superfood supplier tips hat to Oprah and Jamie for demand surge

Global demand for an ancient superfood backed by Oprah Winfrey and Jamie Oliver is being met by a single company in South Australia.

Packaged foods growth driving Indian ready-to-eat innovation

The perceived convenience associated with packaged food has been driving lightning growth in the segment, according to an Assocham report.

Algae-fueled VeganEgg has taken off like a rocketship, says Follow Your Heart

VeganEgg - a novel 100% plant-based whole egg replacer utilizing algae as its core ingredient - has taken off like a rocketship, says brand owner Follow Your Heart, which is...

Americans are ready to upgrade their rice to Basmati, Amira predicts

Specialty rice producer Amira sees significant potential for Basmati to win the hearts of Americans, who lately have been flirting more with Indian food and ancient grains. 

Spotlighting the multiple definitions of ‘local’ can help drive sales, Dona Chai founder says

“Local” is a hot marketing term that can drive sales – especially for startups hoping to capitalize on home court advantage – but it also can restrict expansion if it...

Veggie and kosher candy conundrum: Dispatches from FIE in Paris

Halal and kosher candy cracked? Roquette says it’s found answer for gelatine-free chewy candies

Roquette has introduced a starch-based ingredient it claims can be used to make the first gelatine-free chewy candy with a long-lasting chewiness.

News in brief

e-Commerce start-up brings Ayurvedic formulation to an app, a digital healthcare marketplace, has launched a customised supplement that is formulated for a range of conditions based on a consumer’s responses to an app questionnaire. 

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