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Food cultures and tastes differ wildly across the countries of Asia and within them. Manufacturers track consumer trends closely and develop food and beverage products with specific regions and tastes in mind.

Obesity may alter our sense of taste, say researchers

Obesity may drive fundamental changes in our perception of sweet tastes by modifying the number of cells that respond to sweet stimuli, according to new research in mice.

Trans fats: The good, the bad, the global

The FDA’s move to consider GRAS status of trans fats should be applauded – it’s a clever move that should spark change, an expert says.

Soft drinks losing their fizz among younger Australians

Soft drink marketeers may need to reconsider their targeted advertising and replace volleyball-playing, festival-going twentysomethings with canasta-playing, arts-loving, Australians in their 40s, new research shows.

Jenny Craig bought from Nestlé, Australian jobs not under threat

Nestlé has announced it has sold its weight management business, Jenny Craig, in Australasia and  North America to a US-based private equity group North Castle Partners. 

Aussies steering away from amber nectar in favour of imported beers

Australians are forsaking domestic beer for foreign imports, according to new research of the beer segment that highlights how the public’s alcohol preferences have been changing quickly.

News in brief

Chinese UHT milk demand 'creating opportunities' for US dairy

Booming Chinese consumer demand for imported UHT milk represents a significant opportunity for the US dairy industry, the US Dairy Export Council (USDEC) has claimed.

The Australian vegetarian: Thin, sober and moody

More and more Australians are turning vegetarian, part of what is a slow but steady trend towards meat-free – or at least, meat-minimal – living in Australia, new research has suggested. 

Food safety highest criteria for Australian shoppers

Australians consider food safety to be the topmost defining criteria when it comes to choosing the supermarket from which they will shop for fresh foods, new research suggests.

News in brief

Wine for cats launched in Japan

Cat lovers need never drink alone again thanks to Japanese pet supplement company B&H Lifes, which has developed a wine product for felines.  

Fonterra: Asia behind global foodservice growth

The world’s biggest dairy company, Fonterra, believes that global foodservice growth is being driven by the emerging Asian markets, where it estimates the category will increase at around 13% per...

Chinese tastes moving to cereals in spite of last year’s predictions

China’s bakery and cereal sector is expected to grow by almost US$15bn up to 2017 as this predominantly Western export continues to take hold in Chinese homes. 


From Pina Colada to Apple Vinegar: Top trends in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australasia

Innova Market Insights delved into its database for Anuga Taste the Future 2013 to provide an update on the flavor trends that are driving beverage innovation in Australasia and developing...


Coke or milk? A philosopher’s perspective

Food is a big part of all our lives not only providing sustenance, but enjoyment and a social experience. 

Sunsweet: Prunes are fashionable in Japan but face image problems in US

Prunes hold bakery promise in Japan because they are fashionable and highly regarded for digestive health properties, but there are challenges in the US given the fruit’s image problem, says...

Hershey adapts China brand Lancaster to US tastes

Hershey has launched Lancaster Soft Caramel Cremes in the US, six months after the company initially introduced the product in China. 

Asia Pacific driving global ingredients sales

Phytoestrogens, botanicals, cultures, polysaccharides and proteins are set to be the top five food and beverage ingredients, with the highest forecast growth rates globally.

Singaporeans lead blasé neighbours in not being fazed by food prices

Over two-thirds of Singaporean consumers are taking food inflation on the chin, saying they can absorb rising prices in their household budgets without having to make spending cuts elsewhere, according...

Free range prices prompt Oz watchdog to question claims

New South Wales’ fair trading department has been asked to investigate potentially misleading free-range egg claims after consumer watchdog Choice found that consumers are paying double the price of cage...

Obesity has replaced undernutrition as a weighty issue in Thailand

While Thailand has successfully controlled its problems with undernutrition over recent decades, the country is now facing an outbreak of overnutrition.

Urban, young office workers in Asia could energize cereal bar category

The cereal bar category in Asia is on the cusp of a boom with young urbanites a ripe target, particularly in India, says an analyst.

Parle returns to carbonated drinks with India’s first fizzy coffee

Twenty years after it exited the carbonated soft drinks business, Parle Agro has now revealed it will return to the market with a coffee flavoured fizzy drink—a first for the...

A wine and a prayer: NZ’s new boozy approach to religion

It is now more common for alcohol to be served at religious events in a bid by New Zealand churches to attract more members, a researcher has found.

Cereal makers worry as more Aussie schoolchildren skip breakfast

New government data has revealed that one in seven Australian schoolchildren are skipping breakfast, putting at risk their own health and perhaps also that of the country’s cereal makers. ...

Beer hits a 66-year low as Aussie taste for wine continues to grow

Australians might have been developing a taste for wine over beer, but on the whole the country is drinking less alcohol, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of...

Live from the 20th International Congress of Nutrition

Prof: 'GI can be more powerful obesity-fighting tool in Asia than the west'

Prebiotics and other fibres have a big role to play in curbing spiraling obesity, diabetic and pre-diabetic rates in emerging economies like India and China, according to one respected nutrition...

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