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Asian tastes

Food cultures and tastes differ wildly across the countries of Asia and within them. Manufacturers track consumer trends closely and develop food and beverage products with specific regions and tastes in mind.

India quicker than China to adopt private labels

India’s modern food retailers are adopting private labels at a faster pace than their counterparts in China - and in Europe before them - according to a new report from...

Government groups target healthy food for India’s school canteens

India’s central government has proposed initial moves to phase out the sale of unhealthy food in school canteens.

Cadbury India bets large on Asia-Pacific’s biggest chocolate plant

Cadbury’s Indian arm has revealed plans to build the biggest chocolate plant in the Asia-Pacific region. The Indian plant, in Andhra Pradesh, will come at an investment of more than...

India’s cardamom traders cheer lower prices with exports set to rise

After a largely destroyed crop in 2012, cardamom planters have witnessed a bumper harvest this year. Yet while traders of other commodities normally cheer at higher market prices, those who...

Flipping and frying in China’s complex fast food market

As companies jostle for rights to own fast-food franchises in China, is the real quick service restaurant picture really as rosy as it looks on the surface?

Nestlé's Special.T tea maker to be given debut in gadget-loving Japan

Nestlé will introduce its premium-portioned capsule tea maker, Special.T, to consumers outside Europe for the first time when the brand goes on sale in Japan later this year.

News in brief

'Angry Birds' branded fruit juices touch down in Thailand

Angry Birds branded fruit juices featuring characters from the iconic video game are being launched in Thailand, in a move that marks their first flight into Southeast Asia.

News in brief

Australia’s oldest chocolate bar, Cherry Ripe, remains the favourite

With Australian tastes in confectionery moving quickly over recent years, chocolate manufacturers are being advised to keep a close eye on changes.

Beverage focus

Indian distillers hunting higher margins through newly favoured malts

With its Indian chapter launching as recently as April this year, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) is a case in point of how the country’s taste for the drink...


Obesity needs tackling, but only through considered measures

The level of obesity among New Zealanders, and children in particular, is a major concern, with 28% of adults and one in 10 children aged between two and 14 classed...

Pakistani, Caribbean and Halal are the fastest growing trends in ethnic cuisine, says GrubHub

Pakistani, Caribbean and Halal cuisines experienced the greatest growth in order volumes in US restaurants over the past year, although Italian, Chinese and Japanese remain the top three most popular...


Junk food industry should prepare for plain and graphic label debate

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the adoption of plain and highly graphic packaging last year by the Australian tobacco industry has led to a marked reduction in smoking, albeit in a...

Market research

Western tastes give pizza a bigger slice of China's prepared foods pie

Ready meals will continue to lead the prepared meals market in China, but pizza is expected to show the fastest growth up to 2017, according to a new report by...

Nestlé's massive new $238m Vietnam coffee factory meets local demand

Nestlé says its newly opened $238m soluble coffee factory in Vietnam will meet growing demand in the region, and will allow it to better adapt products to local preferences.

Australia a spirit-based ‘RTD island’ in itself: Gruppo Campari

Gruppo Campari tells that Australia is an historical heartland for spirit-based RTDs as it targets Asia Pacific growth by buying its first dedicated production facilities in the country.


VKL to get $40m investment to focus fully on Indian QSR supply

Private equity investor India Value Fund Advisors has revealed it will invest US$40m to finance the next phase of growth of a domestic food ingredients company – the latest in...

Indian beer drinkers want ‘bang for buck’: Carlsberg on new Tuborg Booster Strong

Carlsberg tells that Indian consumers expect ‘bang for buck’ with higher alcohol beers, as it launches the world’s first fruit-flavored strong beer tailored to the nation’s tastes, Tuborg Booster...


‘Milk protein products offer safe haven for embattled Chinese’

Last month, Arla Foods Ingredients launched its new Nutrilac Natural Improvers range together in both Europe and China. The idea was to provide natural and functional proteins derived from milk...

Snapshot: China

Hui halal hub bringing back Silk Road trade between China and Gulf

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China is home to 10% of the country’s 20m Muslims. While by no means does it have a majority Muslim population, the strong Islamic...

‘Terminally stagnant’ France won’t want wine trade war: Analyst

The EU is likely to backtrack rapidly on sanctions to stop cheap Chinese solar panel ‘dumping’ in the bloc, given alarms that possible tariffs on wine exports would hurt a...

Case study: Synergy's new Bangkok hub

Don't try to tell a Thai which kind of mango he should like

Last month, Synergy, the Irish-owned flavours and ingredients company, opened a new manufacturing facility in Thailand, making it the latest in a long line of Western companies tapping the country...

Ankush at large

Food producers: Stop thinking India is a monolith

To continue on from my last piece, which questioned whether Indian food companies are targeting the right sort of kitchens —domestic, rather than commercial—it is now important to touch on the...

Hershey brand launch in ‘fastest growing’ Chinese confectionery segment

Hershey has launched a new brand in China that will operate in what it has called the country’s fastest growing confectionery segment.

Asian tastes

UN endorses Australian's call for the world to eat more insects

A book released this week by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s forestry department attempts to persuade Westerners that they should see insects as a potential key food source for...

(Elephant) Crap stout prompts Japanese sales stampede

A limited edition coffee-flavored beer brewed using coffee beans harvested from elephant dung sold out within a day after going on sale in Japan, brewer Sankt Gallen claims.

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