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Syrian farm production grows, but is still far from pre-war levels

Food security has improved in parts of Syria over the last year, though the overall situation remains far worse than before the war.


Supreme Court slams ‘pathetic’ response to food distribution law

India’s Supreme Court has dismissed state compliance to India’s Food Security Act as “pathetic”, and said it was a “pity” that legislation enacted by parliament had been kept on the "back-burner" for four years.

Academics showcase research to boost Filipino food security

Ensuring food security for its population is central to realise the government’s goal of achieving a high-income economy in the Philippines by 2022, according to a leading academic.

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Australia’s food regulation changes: ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’

The desired policy outcomes for Australian food and drink regulations are rapidly shifting away from food safety and point-of-sale information to being focused on public health and consumer rights…leading to some “good”, but other “bad and ugly” changes to the rules.

Up and down year for Australian farming due to changeable climates

Australian agricultural production has experienced a variety of mixed results, according to “agricultural census data” released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the 2015-16 season.

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Shipping dumplings to China: Minister says Aussie food firms can be 'as innovative as Silicon Valley'

The Australian food industry can become as “innovative as Silicon Valley” by embracing innovation, tapping into migrant community networks and exporting more to Asia - with one firm now seeking to ship dumplings to China.

Edible insects can help solve hunger and improve nutrition in Sumatra: Study

Edible insects from Sumatra can provide a strategic solution for hunger problems and subsequent undernourishment due to their high essential fatty contents, researchers have concluded.

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Australia sets sights on Southeast Asian fruit markets

Australia’s international trade mission hopes to make a bigger dent in Southeast Asian fruit markets, where demand for its produce is continuing to grow on the back of targeted promotional initiatives.

Refugees given tools and training in northern Iraq

A Germany-funded project to train refugees in greenhouse cultivation, beekeeping, hen production and food processing has been launched to help thousands of vulnerable Iraqis and Syrians.

India’s pulse exemption allows Canada to avoid penalties

India has again extended Canada’s exemption on pulse fumigation regulations.

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Draft organic regulations sent for public consultation

Food regulator FSSAI has come out with a draft regulation to ensure that products advertised as organic actually conform to organic standards.

Eye health and vitamins: Supplement intake ‘can increase degeneration’, review reveals

Scientists have cautioned that antioxidant consumption in supplement form is not as effective as a nutrient-rich diet to improve eye diseases, with some evidence suggesting they can actually worsen existing conditions.

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Philippines urges the crop-rich to give to the crop-poor

The Philippines has called for the establishment of a world food bank to receive agricultural products as “deposits”, which in turn would be loaned out to other needy countries.

WATCH: First packaged edible insect snack for China to be launched

A chip style snack made with silkworm powder is to be launched in China, in what is believed to be the first edible insect-based packaged product to go on sale in the country.

This week Down Under

Adelaide restaurant joins researchers to study native foods

An Australian university and a foundation started by a chef with an interest in native ingredients have joined forces in a project to develop the native food industry for the benefit of remote indigenous communities.

Push to make green farming profit started in New Zealand

A sheep and beef cluster is part of a government-backed project in New Zealand to improve Northland farmers’ agricultural productivity, environmental sustainability and profit.

Market update

Indian spices to be worth $18bn by 2020

Currently worth some US$6.2bn, India’s market for spices should spike to US$18bn by 2020, according to a new report. 

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Sri Lanka suffering after drought and heavy rains hamper crops

Sri Lanka suffering after drought and heavy rains hamper crops.

Full durum: The South Australian science of spaghetti

A pasta industry more than 15,000km from Italy is thriving thanks to a unique collaboration between farmers, durum wheat researchers and a major food manufacturer. 

China direct

Alibaba snares two US manufacturers in bid to attract more imports

Chinese online retail giant Alibaba has announced a deal with Driscoll’s and Chicken of the Sea to bring American foods to the world’s largest consumer market. 

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