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How to Create Great Tasting Products with Less Sugar!

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How to Create Great Tasting Products with Less Sugar!

Find out how Givaudan can help you develop healthier products that still taste great!
Consumers are expressing growing concerns about their sugar intake, thus guiding their food and beverage choices. With record high diabetes and obesity rates around the world, consumer reads more nutritional labeling and are more selective in what they buy. They do not longer accept a healthier product that does not taste good. There is an increasing demand for great tasting products with reduced sugar.
Givaudan's focus is to help you meet the consumer expectations for great tasting product with reduced sugar. Discover how you can do this together with our TasteSolutions Sweetness.


  • Amanda Warnock, Sensory Project Manager, Givaudan

    Amanda Warnock

    Sensory Project Manager


  • Janine van Kampen, Global Product Manager Taste Sweet, Givaudan

    Janine van Kampen

    Global Product Manager Taste Sweet


  • Jenifer Augelli, Flavorist, Global Flavor Creation Technolgy, Givaudan

    Jenifer Augelli

    Flavorist, Global Flavor Creation Technolgy