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Ashwagandha root extract may improve sexual function & satisfaction in women

Supplements of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract may improve sexual function in healthy women, according to results of a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled pilot trial.

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Nestlé launches three drinking water plants for local communities

Nestlé has opened three new facilities in Pakistan to give free access for some 30,000 residents in Punjab and Sindh to clean drinking-water.

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Indian brewers: Lowering beer tax would do ‘immense good to society’

Over 90% of all alcohol consumed in India is in the spirits category, according to a survey by the All India Brewers Association which also found beer languishing at 7%...

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Indian unicorn becomes first to break even in food delivery market

Zomato is on track to become India’s first e-commerce “unicorn” to become profitable after the delivery startup announced that it had broken even in several key markets including its home...

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Study: Obese Indian teens getting a fraction of required nutrients

Obese adolescents suffer from a lack of essential nutrients, according to research that criticises modern Indian diets.

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Commodity snapshot: More acreage, wet weather drive sesame prices down

Sesame seed prices in India, the world’s major producer and exporter, have declined significantly over the last year by over one-third due to increased production and a reduction in demand. ...

Modi names Sikkim as India’s first fully organic state

India’s prime minister has officially named Sikkim the country’s first fully organic state 13 years after the local legislature set its sights on the title.

Indian black chicken producers seek geographical indication to boost trade

Authorities in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh are trying to acquire national geographical indication (GI) protection for a nutritious variety of ‘black chicken’ called ‘Kadaknath’, to promote national...

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Two food safety memorandum of understandings signed

Two different memorandum of understandings have been created around food safety.

Coca-Cola’s VIO launches in India

Coca-Cola India has announced the pilot launch of its ready-to-drink, flavored milk product, VIO.


Pune bans unhealthy snack foods from school system

Pune’s education authority has banned food high in fat, salt and sugar in public school canteens with immediate effect.

44.9% of food samples fail Lucknow safety tests

Almost 45% of the 289 samples collected by the Food Safety and Drugs Administration laboratory in Lucknow failed food safety testing in the final nine months of 2015.

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Indian food retail market predicted to more than double in five years

Growth in India’s retail food market will be so significant for the remainder of this decade that it will “make a difference to the economic health of the country”, according...

Great Indian Ice Cream Contest sees more contestants

DuPont Nutrition & Health, which provides food ingredient solutions to the global dairy industry, has launched the fifth season of The Great Indian Ice Cream Contest for ice cream manufacturers...

FSSAI sets out tougher regulatory red tape for imports

India’s food regulator has introduced stricter requirements across a number of food safety logistical practices in a bid to prevent sub-standard products from entering the country.

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Modi’s call for sodas to be 2% juice bewilders beverage industry

A suggestion by India’s prime minister for all fizzy drinks to have at least 2% natural fruit juice content has baffled many beverage manufacturers.

Mars joins Tata to arrest Indian food and malnutrition issues

Mars is joining the Tata Trusts in a joint-venture to advance agricultural development, address malnutrition, and improve food safety in India.

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Processed foods push emulsifiers into doubling market size by 2020

India’s food emulsifiers market reached a value of US$53.4m in 2013, and is projected to grow at an annual rate of 10.1% from 2015 to 2020, according to a new report. 

The sugar tax conundrum currently playing out in Asian markets

With various emerging Asian markets now considering legislation or tighter regulation of sugar in soft drinks, one of the key issues of the regional beverage industry in 2016 might well...

Chitosan may help weight management: Human data

Supplements of chitosan derived from fungus may help reduce body weight and BMI in overweight subjects, says a new study from Belgium and India.

Israeli and Indian companies to collaborate on South Sudan mega dairy project

A $600m dairy farming enterprise is being developed by Tel Aviv-based firm, AlefBet Planners Ltd., who will be conducting the planning and design work for Indian entrepreneurs in South Sudan

Sabinsa concludes curcumin patent suit that was part of a series involving Indian suppliers

Sabinsa Corp. has prevailed in yet another patent infringement suit based on its Curcumin C3 Complex ingredient. The most recent settlement is one in a series of suits the company...

Sweet potato variety may ease third world vitamin A deficiency

Orange fleshed sweet potato is so rich in carotenoids and β-carotenes it could be used to ease vitamin A deficiency amongst malnourished populations in developing countries, a study says.

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FSSAI could waive approval requirement for pre-cleared ingredients

India’s food regulator may end the practice of requiring manufacturers to gain approvals for products that have been deemed safe elsewhere, according to media reports.

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Indian food ministry weighs up changes to ‘Best before’ labelling

“Best before” could be replaced with “Expiry date” on food labels as the traditional marking has no relevant meaning, India’s food and consumer affairs minister has said.

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