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Chinese infant formula company will not recall alleged lethal product


China’s infant formula giant Synutra will not recall its products, despite media reports linking its product to a baby’s death.

Two four month old twins became ill with intestinal symptoms in the Jiangxi province, and one baby later died. It is reported that both babies had been having Synutra powdered milk formula products for several weeks prior to the onset of their illnesses.


In a statement released yesterday, the company stated that it is actively cooperating with various local authorities on the reported illnesses.


Liang Zhang, chairman and CEO of Synutra stated: “Our hearts go out to the family suffering from this tragic event. At the same time, we firmly believe this is an isolated incident unrelated to Synutra’s products.”


“All of our products, including the lot under question, are thoroughly tested and analysed before shipment. These products are formulated and produced under stringent safety standards to safely meet the nutritional needs of infants.”


“We have chosen to not recall any of our products because we are confident that they are safe… We believe in the quality of our products and stand by our quality assurances.”

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