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Ankush at large

Come on governments: hand food safety over to the private sector

Watching Asia from a Western prism gives you the advantage of seeing the bigger picture. But on the flip-side, you end up benchmarking what you see against what has happened...

Guest voice

Food industry has big role to play in Asean single market

As the deadline for the creation of single common market across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) fast approaches, the food industry has stepped up to demonstrate that the...

Grain development

New salt-tolerant rice strain could help in fight for food security

A newly developed strain of rice tolerant to levels of salt found in seawater might become available to farmers in the next four to five years, and its impact on...

Chr Hansen targets dairy players with vitamin K-boosting probiotic

Probiotic leader Chr Hansen is targeting dairy players with an L. Lactis probiotic strain it says produces vitamin K at significant enough levels to utilise approved health claims.

News in brief

Connell Brothers to bring heat-stable probiotic to Asia-Pacific

Connell Brothers has signed an exclusive agreement with Ganeden Biotech to market the American company’s GanedenBC30 priobiotic across the Asia-Pacific region. Connell plans to begin distribution immediately, beginning with Southeast and North...

NZ exports: SE Asia and Far East fast overtaking traditional markets

New Zealand’s Minister for Economic Development, Steven Joyce, has released a report showing growth in the country’s food and beverage sector is being driven in particular by emerging economies in...

Ankush at large

FSANZ standard should be adopted by Asian giants

Health claims in food and beverage products is perhaps the most talked about topic in the entire food production chain outside of GM. In mature markets like the US—and now...

News in brief

PepsiCo moves into football sponsorship

Hot on the heels of its sponsorship of the Indian Premier League cricket tournament, PepsiCo has now announced a one-year partnership with the Asian Football Development Project (AFDP).

Interview: Lisa Mabe, halal marketeer

Halal ready for export to a growing number of non-Muslim markets

Asia’s Muslim-majority countries should see Western nations as a viable and potentially lucrative market for their halal products, according to a leading food marketing consultant.

News in brief

Taura to launch URC BakeFruit range in Asia

New Zealand’s Taura Natural Ingredients plans to launch a new range of concentrated fruit pieces for bakery and foodservice operators in Asia. The products will fit in the premium category...

News in brief

Sri Lanka to build world’s biggest PET plant

Sri Lanka looks destined to build the world’s largest polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging resin plant with an investment of over US$500m dollars.


Formula like gold dust, and shortage will only get worse

In just the first weekend of new regulations designed to prohibit the trafficking of infant formula out of Hong Kong, border patrols had already arrested around 45 traders.

Nestlé: Vitamin and mineral deficiencies account for 10% of global health burden

Better food fortification initiatives are required to tackle the global problem of hidden hunger that accounts for 10% of health costs, a Nestlé-sponsored congress heard in Germany today.

Oxfam thanks food industry for ‘bland’ and ‘complacent’ response to damning CSR report

Oxfam will step up its campaign to improve the treatment of people and resources that form part of the supply chain of the world’s biggest food conglomerates, after it cast...

Unilever & Nestlé tell Oxfam to bring other stakeholders to food ethics table

Unilever and Nestlé say Oxfam missed an opportunity for a wider and more comprehensive debate about food ethics after the NGO published a damning report on the supply chains of...

ABF calls Oxfam food ethics attack ‘ridiculous’

Associated British Foods – worst-in-class in an Oxfam report critical of 10 food giants for essentially operating under a corporate social responsibility (CSR) “veil of secrecy” – has hit back, slamming the...

Dohler expands MENA might with Delta Aromatic acquisition

Already a mainstay in the Middle East ingredients market, Dohler has now announced further expansion in the region following its acquisition of the fruit processing and flavour unit of Delta...

Special edition: Omega-3 (Editor's blog)

How high can high-end omega-3 go?

Just got off the phone to Ola Snove, the new(ish) CEO of Aker part-owned Norwegian omega-3 specialist Epax. Wanted to know his view on high-end omega-3 prospects that have attracted...

Editor’s blog

Which 2 global health brands grew by $1bn in 2012?

Something probiotic? Omega-3? A diet cola? Nope. 

UAE, Dubai granted dairy export approval – camel milk processor

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai have been granted final approval to become the first Middle Eastern country to export dairy products into the European Union (EU), one of...

Diageo spirits ABC is advantage over SAB Miller: Analyst suggests

Diageo is in an arguably stronger market position than multinational peer SAB Miller due to its core exposure to spirits rather than beer, according to one City analyst who covers...

Nutrition NGO responds to COI attack: We cannot “continue to exclude business”

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) has defended its work with the global food industry, saying it is a vital partner in nutrition-changing efforts in the developing world and...

Global sports nutrition market to top $6 billion by 2018, report says

Revamped, more complete product lines that are connecting with new customers are driving growth in the sports nutrition market, according to a new report.

The world (of Coke and Pepsi) is not enough in emerging markets...

Clinching global culture club membership by swigging Pepsi or Coke is not enough for soft drinks consumers in emerging markets, who are increasingly swayed by regional tastes, according to Euromonitor...

Coke and Pepsi shifting bottling assets to build brands in 2013: Rabobank analyst

The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo are looking to shift bottling assets onto strong franchise partners in order to refocus in house efforts on brand building and marketing.

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