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Uses of hydrolysable polyphenols and tannic acids in softdrinks

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Ajinomoto NaturalSpecialities hydrolysable polyphenols and tannic acids are widely used in soft drinks or juices to modify taste.

They are not only used as masking agents but also as flavourings in their own right.

Tannic acid can also be part of coffee, chocolate or cider type flavourings, where it contributes to mouth feel or astringency.

Both tannic acid and grape seed extract are among the most powerful natural antioxidants available, with typical ORAC-values in excess of 25000 AM TE/g.

Tannic acids dissolve easily in both cold and hot water and solution up to 50 %(m/V) can be prepared.

In the solid form the material can be heated up to 150°C for short periods of time without degradation. In solution tannic acid is resistant against pasteurization or UHT treatments.

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