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The growing up of GOS

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The growing up of GOS

The best nutrition for the newly born infant is human milk, which contains all the nutrients the infant needs to be protected to all sort of infections and for sufficient development. One of the key ingredients in human milk are the oligosaccharides.  These oligosaccharides, like GOS,  play an important role in the development of the intestinal flora. Infants are born virtually without a micro flora. Just within a few days, bacterial numbers reach 10^8 to 10^10 per gram of faeces and at two years of age the composition of the micro-flora is “mature” and resembles the micro-flora in healthy adults. A broad variety of studies have shown than when adding GOS to infant formula, the microflora resembles that of breastfed infants. However after getting older more external triggers influence the status of the microflora, GOS has shown to help the microflora stay in optimal condition for the infant, the growing up child, the adult and the elderly population. Therefore GOS has grown from an ingredient suitable for infant formula (powder and liquid) to an ingredient suitable for all type of application for every age group.


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