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Improve your RTD tea and coffee business

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Improve your RTD Tea & Coffee business using Spinning Cone technologies

Flavourtech is helping its customers differentiate their products and increase market share. The Spinning Cone Column is well considered the "Gold Standard" in the tea, coffee and flavour industries for the production of high quality Natural aroma. Flavourtech expertise also allows process lines to be implemented for the production of soluble and RTD coffee and tea. Their IES System is used by market leaders globally for RTD Tea and Coffee production. Benefits include: continuous processing and brewing, streamlining and lower cost of production, differentiated products and higher market share


  • Leon Skaliotis BSc, Sales & Marketing Director, Flavourtech

    Leon Skaliotis

    Sales & Marketing Director


  • Moderator Kon Gryllakis, CEO, Flavourtech

    Moderator Kon Gryllakis



  • Mr. Phil Riley BSc, Global Customer Solutions Director, Flavourtech

    Phil Riley

    Global Customer Solutions Director


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