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UK medicines agency issues OxyElite Pro 'no-no'

By Shane Starling , 08-Nov-2013
Last updated on 09-Nov-2013 at 12:50 GMT2013-11-09T12:50:32Z

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has joined the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) in warning consumers off pre-workout sports supplement, OxyElite Pro.

The MHRA noted a previous version of OxyElite Pro containing DMAA it warned against last year along with OxyElite Pro containing aegeline, a compound that has been linked to an acute hepatitis outbreak in Hawaii.

OxyElite Pro maker USPLabs has seen agencies in Spain, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and the US take action against the product prompting comparisons with DMAA when that compound was largely condemned last year on safety and substantiation grounds across the globe.

“OxyElite Pro is a potentially dangerous sports supplement and people should not use it,” said Nimo Ahmed, the MHRA’s Head of Intelligence for Enforcement, while offering an email address( ) for consumers to make reports.

“We have asked retailers to quarantine any available stock while the regulatory authorities investigate further. If people have questions or if they are worried that they have used this supplement they should contact their GP or another healthcare professional.”

UK Anti Doping chief executive Andy Parkinson welcomed the action, “to protect the health of anyone considering using these supplements.”

UKAD is committed to educating athletes on the potential risks associated with sports supplements. We remind those who use supplements of the need to choose reputable manufacturers who can justify their claims with scientific evidence, and screen products to minimise the risk of a user testing positive for a substance on the World Anti-Doping Agencys Prohibited List.

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