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Malay-Muslim groups want boycott after Cadbury pork DNA findings

By Rachel Arthur+

Last updated on 28-May-2014 at 15:26 GMT2014-05-28T15:26:01Z

Cadbury Malaysia recall pork DNA Muslim boycott

More than 20 Malay-Muslim groups have called for a boycott of Cadbury products after pork DNA was found in two batches of the company’s chocolate, reports the Malay Mail Online

They want a holy war declared against the chocolate company, claiming it has ‘crossed the line’ and attempted to ‘weaken’ Muslims in Malaysia.

Pork is prohibited in the Islamic diet, and Cadbury Malaysia certifies its products as halal. Earlier this week it recalled two batches of chocolate which tested positive for traces of pork DNA .

Further testing on the product samples, as well as other products from the same processing line in the plant, is being carried out.

The Malay-Muslim groups calling for the boycott include Perkasa, the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Darul Islah Malaysia, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia and the Halal Muslim Entrepreneurs’ Association.

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