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From regulation to public health campaigns, the priorities of governments, industry, civil society groups and other stakeholders feed into the policies and programmes that influence eating habits in Asia.

Could nanotechnology protect grain stores from pests?

University of Adelaide researchers have been using nanotechnology and the fossils of single-celled algae to develop a novel chemical- and resistance-free way of protecting stored grain from insects.

India’s milk prices hiked again, though much of it is adulterated

As milk prices go up by a further Rs2 per litre, India’s Supreme Court has gone on record to acknowledge milk adulteration as “serious”, and has demanded that individual states...

Lowering salt improves heart and kidney health of CKD patients

Reducing salt consumption may help prolong the lives of patients with chronic kidney disease, a study from the University of Queensland study has found.

Australian healthy food effort has failed, says study

Efforts by successive Australian governments to make more healthy foods available in the country have failed, with few controls on food and beverage manufacturers being enforced, a new study has...

S Korea makes commitment to help develop emerging fisheries

South Korea’s government has committed to help developing countries to address serious issues related to fisheries and aquaculture as part of an agreement with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation....

Australian government must change health focus to promote wellbeing

The Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia (CHC) has called on the government to change its health focus from supporting what it calls “an ailing and expensive illness model” to one...

Kiwi food industry takes tariff stand in TPP

New Zealand’s food and beverage industry has come out strongly against the possibility of a trans-continental trade agreement that does not fully abolish tariffs in the farm and food sector....

Fast food chains slammed for ‘cashing in’ on high-sugar frozen drinks

Health groups in Australia have hit out at fast food chains that they say are “cashing in” by promoting seductively cheap frozen drinks that in many cases contain what they...

Singapore research centre seeks to make bread that cuts blood-sugar

The Singapore government’s scientific agency has joined forces with a university in a US$20m joint-venture to develop a variety of bread that will reduce blood sugar, among other research projects....

Hong Kong bans chicken imports from China after new bird flu discovery

Hong Kong’s food safety and health authorities have shifted gears and initiated counter measures after the discovery of the H7N9 bird flu virus in a batch of live poultry from...

China gets more feet on the street in the search for food safety

Local food safety watchdogs are being armed and empowered by their provincial governments at a rapid pace, in line with the central government’s diktat on preventing food safety issues. ...

India needs to match its agri-production with export potential

India’s Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Assocham) has urged agricultural businesses and ministers to translate the country’s soaring production wealth into comparable exports.

Chinese quality concerns drive new UK glucosamine import rules

Bulk imports of animal-sourced glucosamine, chondroitin and chitosan into the UK will face new restrictions from February 1 this year.

Public support leads NZ gov't to push through total shark fin ban

The New Zealand government has tightened its timetable to impose a total ban on shark finning after it received an overwhelming public response on the issue. 

FAO calls for vigilance with avian influenza on the rise in China

Human infections with the influenza A(H7N9) virus are on the rise again in China and the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities provide opportunity for further spread and human exposure, the...

Nestlé defends 'lunchbox friendly' claims after nut allergen rebuke

Nestlé has defended itself and its allergy charity consort against criticism of the marketing of its ''lunchbox friendly'' muesli bars to schools despite them being unsuitable for nut allergy sufferers. ...

Researchers unveil 'comprehensive' test to detect genetic modification in foods

A new comprehensive test that combines two well-known genetic analysis methods into a single test could help enforce stricter regulation of genetically modified foods in the future, say researchers.

Oz scientists tag bees in first such study into crop pollination

Thousands of honey bees in Australia are being fitted with tiny sensors as part of a world-first research programme to monitor the insects and their environment using a technique known...

News in brief

FAO joins with tech institute to find ways to target food security

UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation has teamed up with Asian Institute of Technology to find innovative ways to target hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity across the continent.

Study: SSB tax could dramatically reduce diabetes incidences in India

India could prevent an estimated 400,000 people from contracting diabetes over the next 10 years if the government were to impose a 20% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB), a new study has suggested.

Aussies find way to improve sugar yields through new bacterium

University of Queensland scientists, in collaboration with the Australian sugar industry, have discovered a new species of bacterium that could potentially reduce the need for nitrogen fertiliser in cane farming while also...

Singapore scientists devise sensor to recreate flavours on the tongue

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have found a way to replicate food and drink flavours on the tongue with a virtual simulator.

Bitter grimace explained by Japanese scientists

Researchers in Japan have identified links between how palatable a taste is and blood circulation across different parts of the face—going some way to giving an explanation for the squinting...

Oz complementary healthcare body trains guns on authors of latest slur

The newly installed, tough-talking chief executive of the Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia has a new target in his sights after hitting out at the “misguided approach” by some academics...

Global group now looking to ramp up efforts to promote food safety

Industry, academics and NGOs from more than 70 countries recently gathered on Singapore to evaluate how successful a global initiative to promote food safety has been in its first year.

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