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From regulation to public health campaigns, the priorities of governments, industry, civil society groups and other stakeholders feed into the policies and programmes that influence eating habits in Asia.


10% of babies expected to develop food allergies in first year

One in 10 Australian babies will develop a food allergy by their first birthday, medical experts and health groups said while calling on the Australian government to recognise food allergy...

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Anger over Western Australia's ban on energy drinks during World Cup

The drinks industry has slammed as “absurd” Western Australia’s decision to ban energy drinks as mixers during late-night screenings of World Cup matches.


Budget largely positive for industry despite tough austerity measures

The food industry has come out largely in support of this week’s Australian federal Budget, which is being viewed by commentators as the toughest in two decades.


Halal: Out of certification chaos comes criticism (and Islamophobia?)

The sensationalist media coverage around so called ‘stealth halal’ is only fuelled by the lack of certification harmonisation, Food Navigator’s Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn argues.

Oz lawmakers urged to be more complementary towards healthcare Budget

Ahead of the Australian national Budget next week, the Complementary Healthcare Council has called on lawmakers to move away from what it calls a “short-sighted slash-and-burn approach” and adopt a...

Six months after Haiyan, Philippines agriculture is on the mend

Tens of thousands of farmers are bringing in their first rice harvest just six months after one of the worst typhoons ever to hit the Philippines left their fields in...

Study aims to understand consumers' view of meat from paddock to plate

Adelaide University has embarked on a new, three-year research project to identify the key concerns among consumers about how livestock is treated and how much they are willing to pay...


Researcher hopes emu oil may cut bowel cancer

A Perth-based researcher is conducting groundbreaking research to investigate whether emu oil can be taken orally to treat bowel diseases that can lead to the onset of bowel cancer.

Analysis: Indian elections

Holy cow! Modi’s buffalo stance is based on votes, not religion

“The holiness of the cow is very much linked to the communal overtones of Indian politics,” wrote Indian historian DN Jha, who received death threats following the release of his...

China slaps temporary ban on British cheese imports

China has slapped a temporary ban on the import of British cheese after health officials from the country identified several hygiene issues at a single UK dairy.

Oz acrylamide, aluminium levels safe yet still 'potentially harmful'

Food Standards Australia New Zealand, the Australasian regulator, has said that consumers’ exposure to acrylamide and aluminium through their diets is within international guidelines, even if these levels are still...

Australian regulator starts legal action against Coles

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has started proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against local supermarket giant Coles over an alleged breach in the country’s consumer laws....

Seeds sown for sunflower lecithin in chocolate after Japan approval

Cargill says that chocolate manufacturers can now make the switch from soy lecithin to the “more sustainable” sunflower lecithin after Japan became the last country to approve the emulsifier....

India’s ‘king of fruits’ exiled from Europe following produce ban

India’s regulator responsible for agriculture exports has said it was not consulted ahead of the European Union’s decision this week to temporarily ban the import of Indian mangoes and vegetables...

Danone Group 'trying to whitewash' Nutricia India marketing practices: BMA

Breastfeeding advocate Baby Milk Action (BMA) has accused the Danone Group of attempting to “whitewash” the activities of its Nutricia India business, which is facing allegations it approved illegal payments to doctors....

CUB takes rap for misleading consumers with city-brewed country beer

Carlton & United Breweries will relabel stocks of beer that it acknowledges might have “misled” consumers into believing the product had been brewed hundreds of kilometres away from its real...

Fruit and veg found to help prevent pancreatic diseases

A University of Auckland research team has found that people who eat both fruit and vegetables will have the best protection against common pancreatic diseases.

News in brief

NZ authorities celebrate bumper catch of fish poachers on Anzac Day

A sizeable catch of illegally caught snapper hidden under the floorboards of a recreational boat may see three South Auckland men facing serious fisheries charges.

Heavy metals from China's farmland put consumers in Australia at risk

The risk of consuming harmful heavy metals by eating produce from China’s heavily polluted farmland is now so great that one Australian industry body has warned a parliamentary inquiry due...


Aus and NZ must have guts to nuke alien invaders

Isolated from the rest of the world, New Zealand and Australia are critically at risk from alien invaders of the most threatening kind: biological pests from overseas that prey on...

China to keep up high grain production tempo

China will continue to maintain a high rate of self-sufficiency in major grain output in order to achieve its food security target over the next decade, according to an official...

Don’t waste taste, say researchers with new technique to study chewing

How do food processors know how much salt is needed to give peanuts the best flavour and how much goes to waste? An Australian research team hopes to provide the...

Sydney oysters found to act as sensitive contamination indicators

Sydney rock oysters could have a role as biomonitors of the health of waterways, acting as sensitive indicators of harmful levels of contaminants in water and sediments.


China in a battle to save its farmland

Mainland China has a nation-threatening soil pollution problem, with areas equivalent to double the size of Spain covered in polluted soil, a government survey has revealed.


FDI, combined with agri reforms, is the way to fix Indian supply chain

Everybody goes on about India’s vexing issue of food storage, FoodNavigator-Asia included. The trouble is nobody has done much about the problem in generations, and there’s little in the way...

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