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USDA proposes to allow cooked chicken from China

A proposed rule to allow China to export cooked chicken from poultry slaughtered in the country to the US has been described as a ‘slap in the face to American...


Scientists want fund to develop ‘digital paddocks’ and wipe out pests

Australia’s leading agricultural scientists have called on the public and private sectors to establish a A$100m (US$76m) agriculture fund to future-proof Australian farmers against looming shocks like climate variability and...

Pakistan officials to crack down on online sales from home kitchens

Food officials in Punjab have finally drawn up rules to govern the safety of “home-cooked food” sold online and through social media.

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Lupin added to mandatory allergen labelling list

Lupin has been added to the required list of allergens that have to be declared on labels in Australia and New Zealand.

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FSSAI: Guidelines for GMO labelling on their way

India’s food regulator intends to make it compulsory for manufacturers to disclose details of GM ingredients in their foods.


Study calls for health star ratings to be shown in fast-food chains

Health star ratings (HSR) should be extended to cover fast food restaurants across Australia, according to a new report by the George Institute for Global Health. 

New index reveals impact of ethnicity and socioeconomic status on diet quality in New Zealand

A new Healthy Dietary Habits Index (HDHI) could help adults in New Zealand properly assess the quality of their diets, according to a recent study, which also highlighted the impact...

HK tests find most processed meats contain excessive sodium

Hong Kong’s shopper watchdog has warned of high sodium levels in certain processed meats.

Palm oil sector moves to save orangutans and put child rights into RSPO standards

Three major new initiatives have been launched to tackle human rights, wildlife conservation and concessions’ data across the palm oil supply chain.

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Landmark deal returns China access to over 200 US dairy firms

An agreement between Beijing and Washington should soon allow imports from more than 200 American dairies into China, in what has been billed a “significant opportunity” for exporters.

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NZ Companies urged to register soon ahead of new Food Act arrival

Companies required to be registered under the new Food Act must do so by the end of this month or otherwise face fines for non-compliance, the New Zealand Food and...

Cash incentives to lose weight: Could this help solve Asia’s obesity epidemic?

Academics in Singapore say giving obese people cash incentives to lose weight could help stem the rise in non-communicable diseases.

China rolls out meat safety rule

The state agency overseeing China’s Food Safety Law is requiring all regions to establish a “standardised safe meat supermarket” – a designation which retailers can apply for but will become...

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Indonesia launches web monitor to keep check on food price inflation

In a move designed to help keep food prices stable and inflation in line with official targets, Indonesian officials have launched a website to monitor the prices of the 10...

UAE team moves to next stage of project to source gelatin from camels

Researchers in Al Ain are nearing their goal to identify a new halal source of gelatin for food and pharmaceuticals.

Saudi minister: Qatar action is a boycott, not a blockade

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has clarified that what was perceived as a multinational blockade of Qatar is actually a boycott, and stated that his country is willing to provide food...

New satellite data used to give long-lead warning of locust swarms

Information from satellites is being used in a new way to predict favourable conditions for swarms of desert locusts, as part of an early warning collaboration by scientists. 

Sri Lanka mulls soda tax, raises duty on sugar imports

Sri Lanka has become the latest country to consider the introduction of a specific tax on sugar.

India to introduce food-safety officials in all foodservice premises

India’s food regulator has made it mandatory for hotels and restaurants to employ at least one member of staff trained in food safety, who will check for food adulteration.

Mediterranean diet linked to rheumatoid arthritis benefits: Japan study

Adopting a Mediterranean diet, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), could help suppress disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis patients, researchers in Japan report.

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Assocham: Bring cities to the countryside to boost rural growth

Though they account for almost three quarters of India’s population, farmers and rural dwellers account for just 17% of national income, according to Assocham as it urged key service sectors...

Hong Kong mulls adulteration code changes after 30 years

For the first time in more than three decades, Hong Kong food authorities have opened up a proposed amendment to its food adulteration code to public consultation.

China takes big step toward improving pig welfare

Chinese agri-food producer Da Bei Nong will introduce group sow housing and lower stocking density in a scheme that could radically change animal welfare for half the world’s pig population....

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Thailand to be food ‘superpower’ in two decades

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has vowed to make the country a food industry “superpower” in the next 20 years, as he introduced a new strategy.

Five principles to navigate the 'shopper revolution'

The global food industry is in a state of revolution, making it more challenging than ever for retailers and manufacturers to stay one step ahead of shoppers’ changing needs.

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