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Australia's labelling free-for-all

Researchers call for tooth-decay warnings on soft drinks

The latest call for advisories on Australian food labels comes from researchers at the University of Adelaide, who say that any health warnings for soft drinks should include the risk...

Meeting of minds

Kiwi government invests big in beef and sheep collaboration

New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has been digging even deeper into its Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) fund to find significant funds for a new, NZ$65m joint development project...

Straight talk

Beast of bureaucracy makes logjam hard to avoid

If there’s one thing India doesn’t need, that’s more bureaucracy. As the saying goes, the British introduced it, then the Indians perfected it post-Independence. And even as the country celebrated...

Chemical contamination

New Zealand reassures Chinese consumers in wake of Fonterra DCD crisis

New Zealand’s government has started a PR offensive to limit the impact of last week’s revelations that low levels of chemical residue were discovered in dairy products from the country,...

News in brief

Indian agriculture minister targets overseas GM producers

Sharad Pawar, India’s colourful and populist union agriculture minister, has blamed companies operating from overseas for the widespread opposition towards genetically modified crops in India.

'Scientific breakthrough'

India-led team decodes genome sequence of the chickpea

A global research project led by a Hyderabad institute claims to have sequenced 90 genomes of the chickpea, paving the way for improved grain yields, greater drought tolerance and enhanced...

DCD use suspended in New Zealand after residue discovered in dairy

The sale and use of dicyandiamide (DCD) has been brought to a halt in New Zealand after low levels of the substance were discovered in samples of dairy products from...

FDI in India

Government rolling out the red carpet for foreign retailers in Davos

Hot on the heels of helping to approve Ikea’s request to set up shop—or rather 20 stores—in India, an Indian minister has been working equally hard to woo Tesco ahead...

Nine out of 10 Aussies don’t understand country of origin labelling

A new survey to identify consumers’ understanding of country of origin food labelling has found that almost all Australians cannot make sense of what they read, and out of those...

Fast-food sports advertising having sizeable effect on kids

Children watching sports may be soaking up blanket fast-food advertising campaigns more than expected, according to a fresh study by the University of Western Australia.

Kiwi study shows diet change can have rapid impact on inflammation

A proof of principle study has shown that a change in diet can be remarkably effective in reducing inflammation over just six weeks. The research was conducted on a group...

Industry hits back at Australia’s ‘flawed’ soft-drink campaign

Just days after a massive public health campaign to tackle the overconsumption of soft drinks was launched, the initiative has already drawn its critics, with one group suggesting the campaign’s...

Straight talk

FDI will bring the fresh ideas India desperately needs

As foreign retailers gear up for entry into India now that foreign direct investment is a reality, it is fast becoming clear how the policy has the potential to offer...

China focus

Cities and countryside must integrate to ward off looming grain crisis

Food policymakers in China have had a busy few days with party leadership outlining the need for agricultural modernisation, the government demanding improvements in logistics and the food watchdog offering...

Researchers urge action on Indian cereal contamination

The high level of mycotoxin contamination in Indian cereals must be addressed with improved monitoring and maximum levels for contamination set, a new study says.

WA Farmers list their demands ahead of state election

Western Australian farmers outlined their 10 key issues with a view to putting the major political parties on notice ahead of March’s state elections.

Drought, ethanol hangovers only blemishes on Cargill's second quarter earnings

Cargill has reported a more than 300% increase in year-over-year second quarter net earnings, from $100 in 2012 to $409 million in 2013.  The only blemishs on the earnings report...

News in brief

Australian state to examine liquor regulations

Western Australia’s Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor has appointed a committee to review the state’s existing liquor laws. It has been charged with examining the regulatory framework for the...

Indian agripolitics

Government heavyweights line up at food innovation summit

Speaking at an industry event in Haryana, the Indian minister for state for agriculture and food processing stressed that finding new ways to detect emerging food pathogens was crucial for...

India damned by food wastage report

A quantity of wheat equivalent to the entire production of Australia goes to waste each year in India, according to a new report on global food wastage.

News in brief

Saudi sheikhs issue conflicting fatwas on halal preparation

A noted Saudi cleric has told a Gulf television news channel that any food, apart from meat, that is cooked or prepared by non-Muslims is halal, and so can be...

Dairy farmers hit hardest by new South Australian wine planning laws

A recent decision by lawmakers in South Australia to protect Adelaide’s two main wine regions from urban sprawl has quite literally stepped on the toes of angry dairy producers.

News in brief

SE Asia’s first deoiled lecithin plant on the anvil

With Berg + Schmidt’s Indian deoiled lecithin plant in India now working to capacity, the lipid company has joined with its Volkmar Wywiol stablemate, Sternchemie, to invest in a Singapore plant...

Seafood industry calls on Indian government to level the playing field

A sharp decline in exports of India’s marine produce has led to industry calls for the government to lend a helping hand to the once-thriving industry.

Australian meat exports causing ‘repeated problems’ in US inspections

Food & Water Watch, the American consumer advocacy group, has called on the United States Department of Agriculture to review its decision to allow Australia’s newly privatised meat inspection system...