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Fruit safety

NZ ministry investigating chemical residue in kiwifruit

New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries is working with the kiwifruit industry and the supplier of a range of organically-certified citrus-based products following the unexpected discovery of very low residues...

News in brief

Singapore lifts ban on imports from earthquake-hit Japanese areas

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) lifted a ban imposed after the Fukushima disaster on food imports from seven prefectures in Japan.

Indian economy

Growing wealth of rural poor blamed for India’s food inflation

The Reserve Bank of India Governor D Subbarao has sparked outrage by saying that a rise in rural incomes has resulted in increasing food inflation in the country. 

Food security

Gov’t enlisting private companies to manage chronic grain surplus

The Indian government is looking at ways to give the private sector greater involvement as its bureaucracy struggles to manage the country’s sizeable grain stocks, according to KV Thomas, the...

Ankush at large

Drug decision could savage India-EU food free trade agreement

I don’t think that there was any more talked about corporate news in India this week than the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss Novartis’s appeal for a patent for its...

News in brief

Yashili given NZ approval to build NZ$100m infant formula plant

Chinese dairy processor, Yashili International, has been given the go-ahead by authorities in New Zealand to build a NZ$100m infant formula manufacturing plant in the country.

News in brief

ACCC allows transferability of GrainCorp's port capacity

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will not object to GrainCorp’s proposal to allow its East Coast bulk grain port customers to transfer booked capacity to other customers.

Interview: Richard Werran, CEO of Cert ID Europe

India’s elephant beginning to charge towards sustainability

With over 30 years in the food industry, with a third of it spent providing and promoting food safety certification with Cert ID Europe, Richard Werran knows a fair bit...

Amul chief issues demands to trade minister over EU dairy negotiation

The head of India’s biggest dairy co-operative has called on the commerce minister to stand up for the country during ongoing discussions with the European Union over a proposed free-trade...

Natural seasoning can prevent charred-meat carcinogens

A new study has found that natural seasonings like cinnamon, pineapple and green tea can significantly reduce the formation of cancer causing substances in well cooked meats. 

Foreign firms investing over US$1bn in Indian food processing industry

According to a dispatch to parliament, in just under three years since foreign direct investment (FDI) was opened up for the food processing industry, investors have pumped almost Rs6,200 crore...

News in brief

China finally establishes centralised food watchdog

China now has a more powerful watchdog in the form of the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). It’s long-touted implementation has finally been realised as a means to address...

Biotech debate

India’s government ‘keen to reach GM consensus'

India’s government is working hard to reach a consensus among scientists, politicians, farmers and consumers to reach a solution on the vexed issue of genetically modified crops, according to the...

Manila Madness part 2

Embattled secretary pulls U-turn on self-sufficiency gaffe

The Philippines’ Department of Agriculture has “clarified” the blue-skies announcement by its secretary, Proceso Alcala, in which when he said the country would be in a position to stop importing...

Indian politicking

Cabinet finally approves Food Security Bill. Next stop parliament

After days of frenzied negotiations and brinksmanship, delays and declarations, the Indian cabinet has finally approved an ambitious plan to subsidise food for two-thirds of its population, according to early...

Manila madness

Using foresight to shift attention from oversight

The Philippines’ embattled agriculture secretary is clearly clairvoyant, otherwise he would never have come out with such a grand prediction as he did last week—that his government plans to shelve...

Indian economy

India’s credit negative food inflation has broad monetary implications

High food inflation in India is “credit negative” for the wider economy, hurting government finances and making it difficult for the country’s central bank to deal with monetary policy, according...

Australian standards

Watchdog taking a quack at claims with action against duck meat co.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has indicated it will be focusing on the veracity of label and marketing claims after it instituted court proceedings against a duck meat producer.


Kids with easy access to sweet drinks 5x more likely to overindulge

Primary and secondary school students are five times more likely to be high consumers of sugar-sweetened drinks, such as soft drinks, if these drinks are available in their homes, according...

Japan’s ethoxyquin regulation change starting to hit shrimp exporters

Last year, FoodNavigator-Asia reported that new Japanese regulations governing “acceptable” levels of the antioxidant ethoxyquin in fishmeal was destined to become a grave issue for shrimp exporters. Exactly six months...

Food for thought

India’s GM debate must be fought on science alone

India has hotly debated the use of GM crops both on a societal and political level. The discussion around the issue is at most times primal. Travel tip? You would...


Grocery industry to spend A$100m on recycling scheme

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) has celebrated last week’s ruling by the Federal Court against the Northern Territory Container Tax—the AFGC’s bête noir—by announcing a A$100m industry-led recycling...

Chinese regulation

New food super-watchdog nearing reality

Anticipation that China will elevate the status of the existing State Food and Drug Administration to an all-encompassing body (SFDA) is mounting following the submission of a report to the...

Honey study

Manuka found to be pivotal in fight against MRSA

In what has been dubbed a “hugely important finding”, Australian researchers have found that medical-grade manuka honey can be used as a new weapon in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria,...

Aussie battlers

Ready-meal shoppers now given help in counting the calories

A new law has come into force in New South Wales that requires all supermarket ready-to-eat products to display mandatory kilojoule labelling. 

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