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Food safety

Delhi told to get tough after high pesticide levels found in produce

A government panel has called for stringent checks for pesticides in fruit and vegetables brought into Delhi after discovering that most of the produce it tested contained dangerous chemical residues.

Ankush at large

Australia’s food master plan simply overlooks the obvious

This was bound to come sooner than later: a roadmap to save Australia’s food industry, which has been floundering under the combined weight of climatic vagaries, supermarket power and the...


Sino-US pork deal is destined to bring home the bacon for both sides

While it is expected that the Shuanghui takeover of Smithfield Foods will take place once it is rubber-stamped by American authorities, the union will hardly be blessed in the US.

China cadmium scare might lead to global rice price support

IRRI rice guru Sam Mohanty has shed some light on China’s cryptic rice position while at the same time asking even more questions regarding this potentially troubling situation. 

Australia free to export beef to Indonesia, although only in a box

Indonesia has made imports of premium Australian beef exempt from quotas following lengthy negotiations with the Australian government.

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2013

IADSA chair spells out global GMP progress

Quality control in the food supplements sector is an ongoing mission that remains top of the agenda at the group that most prominently represents both global and national players –...

News in brief

Hong Kong recalls Australian low-fat milk over excessive bacterial count

The Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has ordered the recall of an Australian low-fat milk product after routine tests found a bacterial count exceeding the legal limit.

Food safety

Bubble tea brands banned by Singapore for unapproved chemical content

Singapore food inspection authorities have withdrawn 11 starch-based products from Taiwan - mostly tapioca starch balls used in bubble tea - from sale after finding they contained amounts of an...

Contest might realise Pinoy dream of half-cost rice production

Competition for improving Filipino rice yields is heating up quite literally with a major challenge issued to farmers there.

Food deals form major part of India-China’s $100bn commerce plan

In light of India’s trade deficit with China, which since 2010 has more than doubled to over US$40bn, the country hopes that three food and pharmaceutical agreements signed with China...

Australian container tax

Australian grocers leader slams ‘misleading’ environmental campaign

Once again voicing its opposition to the thorny issue of container deposit schemes, the influential and vocal Australian Food and Grocery Council has hit out at an environmental group it...

Sale of forgotten wheat could put a dent in India's national debt

The Food Corporation of India could potentially earn over Rs25,000 crore (US$4.5bn) by exporting wheat lying in open warehouses, according to an Assocham study.

Food safety

Chinese premier tells agencies to get tougher on food crime

China’s authorities need use all their resources to monitor the food market more closely and impose harsher penalties if the country is to bounce back from a spate of food...

Asian tastes

UN endorses Australian's call for the world to eat more insects

A book released this week by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s forestry department attempts to persuade Westerners that they should see insects as a potential key food source for...

Australian Budget 2013

Budget blues for industry in the face of a strong Aussie dollar

The food industry claimed little to cheer after this week’s Federal Budget. Despite the government’s statement coinciding with the first time the Aussie dollar has dropped below parity with the...

Bouman: Don’t just ban pesticides, find other ways to protect rice

In the wake of the European Commission’s announcement that it will adopt a proposal to restrict the use of three pesticides belonging to the neonicotinoid family, rice research guru Bas...

Indian health

Tamil Nadu outlaws edible tobacco

The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has has become the latest to outlaw edible tobacco. The order, revealed by the chief minister in the state assembly, is expected to...

Aussie processing still contracting, firms call for spending growth

Recent shocks in Australian food processing have been reflected in the latest Australian Industry Group report on manufacturing performance, which covers the month of April.

900 arrested in latest Chinese meat sting

China’s Ministry of Public Security has announced the arrest of 904 suspects during a three-month campaign to prevent meat-related crime, such as the sale of rat and fox under the...

Multi-million research programme unites Oz academics and industry

The Australian Food and Grocery Council has welcomed the first round of government-sponsored research programme that sets out to boost innovation and productivity in the food sector. 

News in brief

NZ opposition hit out at Chinese agriculture deals

New Zealand farmers deserve to know all the details of the Chinese agriculture agreements the government has struck in their name following a third “vague” agreement in as many weeks,...

SPC calls for emergency fruit tax to slow cheap tinned imports

Troubled Goulburn Valley cannery and Australian household name SPC Ardmona has urged the federal government to impose an emergency tax on imports of cheap tinned fruits and tomatoes.

India starting to get serious about wine standards

While European consumers have for generations been used to standards protecting the wines they buy, that has not been the case in India. However, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries...

History snapshot

New Zealanders' long-standing love affair with cod liver oil

Until the introduction of synthetic vitamins in the 1960s, cod liver oil had been used in New Zealand since the earliest days of settlement to ward off or cure illnesses.

News in brief

Australian academic appointed to rice research board

Australia’s newly appointed representative on the board of the International Rice Research Institute said she would use her role to seek ways to grow rice as a means to combat...