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Bouman: Don’t just ban pesticides, find other ways to protect rice

In the wake of the European Commission’s announcement that it will adopt a proposal to restrict the use of three pesticides belonging to the neonicotinoid family, rice research guru Bas...

Indian health

Tamil Nadu outlaws edible tobacco

The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has has become the latest to outlaw edible tobacco. The order, revealed by the chief minister in the state assembly, is expected to...

Aussie processing still contracting, firms call for spending growth

Recent shocks in Australian food processing have been reflected in the latest Australian Industry Group report on manufacturing performance, which covers the month of April.

900 arrested in latest Chinese meat sting

China’s Ministry of Public Security has announced the arrest of 904 suspects during a three-month campaign to prevent meat-related crime, such as the sale of rat and fox under the...

Multi-million research programme unites Oz academics and industry

The Australian Food and Grocery Council has welcomed the first round of government-sponsored research programme that sets out to boost innovation and productivity in the food sector. 

News in brief

NZ opposition hit out at Chinese agriculture deals

New Zealand farmers deserve to know all the details of the Chinese agriculture agreements the government has struck in their name following a third “vague” agreement in as many weeks,...

SPC calls for emergency fruit tax to slow cheap tinned imports

Troubled Goulburn Valley cannery and Australian household name SPC Ardmona has urged the federal government to impose an emergency tax on imports of cheap tinned fruits and tomatoes.

India starting to get serious about wine standards

While European consumers have for generations been used to standards protecting the wines they buy, that has not been the case in India. However, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries...

History snapshot

New Zealanders' long-standing love affair with cod liver oil

Until the introduction of synthetic vitamins in the 1960s, cod liver oil had been used in New Zealand since the earliest days of settlement to ward off or cure illnesses.

News in brief

Australian academic appointed to rice research board

Australia’s newly appointed representative on the board of the International Rice Research Institute said she would use her role to seek ways to grow rice as a means to combat...

Guest voice

Regulations are anything but complementary

Something is not right when regulators increasingly opt to assess complementary medicines against medical criteria—in much the same way as pharmaceutical drugs are assessed. 

Ankush at large

Come on governments: hand food safety over to the private sector

Watching Asia from a Western prism gives you the advantage of seeing the bigger picture. But on the flip-side, you end up benchmarking what you see against what has happened...

Australian allergy co-operative launches to tackle epidemic

Allergic disease already affects one in five Australians, but experts warn this could rise by 70% to one in four by 2050 unless prevention strategies are developed now.

News in brief

New book sheds light on Fukushima’s fallout

Following the Fukushima nuclear accident, a large volume of data was collected about the soil, air, dust, and seawater in the area. Figures was also gathered about an immense number...

Food safety

Beware of pesticides in Chinese imports: study

The initial findings of a research study has shown that pesticides are the number one problem reported by consumers around the world concerning food imported from China.

New administration outlines China’s tough food-safety agenda

China’s new administration is continuing to demonstrate its newfound determination to tackle longstanding food-safety problems by issuing a blueprint of measures it plans to take this year.

Ankush at large

Food makers should love India’s new food security Bill

The charter of fundamental rights guaranteed under the Indian constitution is pretty consistent with the modern idea of liberal democracies. Much like elsewhere, an Indian citizen has the rights to...

Beverage safety

Bottled water catfight exposes China’s reliance on muddled standards

Bottled water producer Nongfu Spring has launched an attack on the company it claims is behind allegations that its product contains more chemicals than are allowed in China’s tap water....

Ankush at large

FSANZ standard should be adopted by Asian giants

Health claims in food and beverage products is perhaps the most talked about topic in the entire food production chain outside of GM. In mature markets like the US—and now...

Fruit safety

NZ ministry investigating chemical residue in kiwifruit

New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries is working with the kiwifruit industry and the supplier of a range of organically-certified citrus-based products following the unexpected discovery of very low residues...

News in brief

Singapore lifts ban on imports from earthquake-hit Japanese areas

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) lifted a ban imposed after the Fukushima disaster on food imports from seven prefectures in Japan.

Indian economy

Growing wealth of rural poor blamed for India’s food inflation

The Reserve Bank of India Governor D Subbarao has sparked outrage by saying that a rise in rural incomes has resulted in increasing food inflation in the country. 

Food security

Gov’t enlisting private companies to manage chronic grain surplus

The Indian government is looking at ways to give the private sector greater involvement as its bureaucracy struggles to manage the country’s sizeable grain stocks, according to KV Thomas, the...

Ankush at large

Drug decision could savage India-EU food free trade agreement

I don’t think that there was any more talked about corporate news in India this week than the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss Novartis’s appeal for a patent for its...

News in brief

Yashili given NZ approval to build NZ$100m infant formula plant

Chinese dairy processor, Yashili International, has been given the go-ahead by authorities in New Zealand to build a NZ$100m infant formula manufacturing plant in the country.