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From regulation to public health campaigns, the priorities of governments, industry, civil society groups and other stakeholders feed into the policies and programmes that influence eating habits in Asia.

Greenpeace urges food companies to check palm oil suppliers' sustainability score

Greenpeace has published a scorecard rating palm oil producers’ sustainability efforts, in order to provide food and other consumer goods companies with better information about how their palm oil is...

GM in India - Latest

Supreme Court dithers over GM moratorium

Will they, won’t they or might they? In spite of a report filed by a panel of Indian agriculture experts calling for the government to impose a moratorium on open...

Minister slams NZ's “Couch Potato” award for obesity

The New Zealand government has lashed out against the recent Couch Potato Awards, which pitted arch-rivals Australia and New Zealand against each other to decide which country has made the...

Industry focus

Oz egg lobby slams moves to end caged egg production

The representative group for the egg industry has hit out at a new campaign by a leading animal rights organisation against caged-egg production in Australia. 

Fizzy drinks can massively increase risk of stroke

Drinking just one fizzy soft drink per day could bump up the risk of stroke by up to 80 per cent, according to a research team studying the effects of...

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FSANZ calls for submissions on GM soybean

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has called for submissions on an application to change the Food Standards Code to allow food derived from a genetically modified soybean.

Group links Indian government with alleged FDI scam

According to India’s leading trade representative body, ministers have been making deals with multinational corporations that have led to the government quietly amending the fine-print of its move towards foreign...

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Food body warns Australians of Salmonella almonds

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has urged consumers to check their pantries for raw almonds that might be contaminated with Salmonella.

FSANZ warning follows salmonella outbreak in raw almonds

An outbreak of salmonella in raw almonds has been linked to 27 cases of foodborne illness in six states and territories, said FSANZ.

Indian advocacy group opposes guar futures relisting until market better regulated

Guar should not be relisted on India’s futures market until regulation of trading is improved, the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) says.

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Chinese official challenges conglomerate to improve

A senior Chinese leader has urged a state-owned grain and food conglomerate to improve its competitiveness to contribute to a more developed and safer food industry.

Insight India

Haryana farmers demonstrate against GM corn trials

Hundreds of farmers have turned out outside a regional research station in northern India as part of a peaceful protest against nearby open-air field trials of GM corn.

Contrary to opinion, Aussie kids are getting no less sweeter

A new study has revealed that more than half of Australian children are still consuming too much sugar—flying in the face of the established belief that its intake has declined...

Indian yuppies increasingly courting heart disease

Indians, especially young, professional men, are shunning healthy food and putting themselves at high risk for heat disease, a new study has revealed.

Officials fast to slow down grain waste

Government grain officials across China have joined a movement to “experience 24 hours of hunger” as part of a wider campaign to promote public awareness of food security and to...

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Thai PM commits to halal programme

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has pledged that her country will commence production of halal food for distribution across the world.

Industry aims to cut fat consumption by a quarter

Some of Australia's biggest food companies have joined forces via the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) to launch an initiative to significantly reduce fat, sodium and calories from diets...

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Australia’s rural watchdog pens agri-insurance report

Australia’s National Rural Advisory Council (NRAC) has presented a report on agricultural insurance to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig.

Thai smallholders certified for sustainable palm oil

Independent Thai smallholders have become the first in the world to be RSPO-certified in a move that will significantly add to the global quantity of sustainable palm oil available on...

Opening the shell on a new mussel breed with better flavour and yield

In a move that could unlock more value for the mussel industry, scientists in New Zealand are developing a new breed of the mollusc with varied flavours, more meat and...

Australian food industry not in a happy state

Australia’s food manufacturing sector is facing significant economic challenges that require urgent attention from the government, according to the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) in it's annual assessment of...

Sino-NZ study aims to produce bigger grains

In another agricultural research collaboration between New Zealand and China, scientists have begun a joint study into how to improve seeds so that farmers can produce more and bigger grains.

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Half of Indian children are chronically malnourished

An Indian ministerial report into child health has revealed that almost half of the country’s children are stunted as a result of chronic malnutrition.

Oz school takes innovative approach to meal timings

From today, students at an inner-city primary school in Australia will be taking lunch earlier after a new mealtime concept was introduced to promote healthy eating and as a means...

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Unusual seizure vindicates NZ quarantine efforts

An “unusual” seizure at Auckland International Airport was being hailed as proof that warnings by New Zealand quarantine inspectors are being heard by travellers, according to a Ministry for Primary...

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