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From regulation to public health campaigns, the priorities of governments, industry, civil society groups and other stakeholders feed into the policies and programmes that influence eating habits in Asia.

Philippines looking towards India for growth

The Philippines government has urged Filipino exporters to look for opportunities in India as a means to mitigate the current downturn in key markets like the United States and Europe.

FDA names New Zealand as first country on par with US standards

This week, New Zealand has become the first country in the world to sign an agreement with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pact recognises each other’s food...


Greenpeace gone too far with GM Golden Rice scandal

“Human guinea pigs”, “gambling with health” and “shadowy research project”—the terms came thick and fast in Greenpeace’s revelation about Golden Rice earlier this year.

FDA, Chinese agency renew cooperation agreement

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has extended an agreement with a Chinese counterpart agency to work together on food and feed safety.

Halal conference looks at unification and opportunities

Some of the leading names in the halal meat industry have gathered in the UAE city of Sharjah to call for unified standards across the industry and to look at...

Aussies know all about obesity but have trouble tackling it

Supermarket group Coles has released new figures that reveal a greater awareness about obesity in Australia, even though the majority of shoppers have struggled in the fight against the bulge. ...

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Agreement sets out to bring rice sufficiency to Philippines

An agreement to help Filipino rice farmers produce more rice under the Philippines Food Staples Sufficiency Programme (FSSP) has been signed in the hope that it will play a part...

Trio behind Golden Rice furore fired by Chinese authorities

The “Golden Rice” scandal that has panicked parents and called into question research methods at an American university has seen a new development with the sacking of three officials in...

New Zealand outlaws battery hen cages

The most commonly used cages for housing layer hens will be phased out in New Zealand by 2022 under a new code of welfare issued by the minister for primary...


Don’t take the fun out of advertising, just the fraud from food ads

“We make a lie, we invent want,” said Don Draper, the lead character in Mad Men, the hugely successful TV show about the ad industry in the Sixties.

FSSAI to regulate tea trade in India

India’s top commercial crop, its tea trade, will now come under the authority of the country’s top food safety watchdog.

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NZ government funds beef carcass value programme

A new innovation programme to look at how greater value can be generated from beef carcasses has been approved for New Zealand government funding.

KFC China supplier denies part in chicken feed scandal

A supplier of poultry to KFC in China has refuted claims in a Chinese website that it gives its chicken feed laced with large amounts of toxic additives.


Sweeter, more blight-resistant watermelon on the cards

Evidence from a significant study now suggests that watermelon is a vital species for genetic research on account of its small genome size, and its diverse genetic mutants and variants....

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World’s first GE cow is a ‘milestone study’

Last week, FoodNavigator-Asia published an opinion piece by the anti-GE pressure group, GE-free NZ, that criticised AgResearch, the New Zealand research institute. In the article, the author made reference to...

Complementary health group hits out at government advisory role snub

Australia’s leading complementary healthcare association has slammed the government for snubbing it while appointing the new Therapeutic Goods Advisory Council (TGAC).

Oz, NZ get first-step approval for hemp in food

The decision by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to approve the use of hemp products containing low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the production of food has received widespread...

Groceries will thrive even with FDI

According to a new study in India, 800,000 people are employed directly by organised retail in India, and even without FDI, this number would grow to 2m by 2016—and double...

Right to reply

Stop GE creeping into NZ!

In the first of a new series of hard-hitting opinion pieces, Claire Bleakley, president of GE-free NZ in Food and Environment, gives her take on how GE crops—and now livestock—have...

Lobbies wade into Indian sugar regulation debate

Now some time has passed since the Rangarajan Committee revealed its recommendations to remove restrictions on the sugar sector, industry groups have begun to put pressure on the government to...

Fonterra welcomes competition-aiding Raw Milk Regulations amendments

Fonterra has welcomed a series of amendments to the New Zealand Raw Milk Regulations that will support domestic dairy product competition and ensure an “entrance pathway” into the farm gate milk market....

French Senate rejects palm oil tax

The French Senate rejected its so-called ‘Nutella tax’ on Thursday, which aimed to quadruple the tax on palm oil, a key ingredient in the hazelnut-chocolate spread.

News in brief

Drinks industry unites against proposed container deposit scheme

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) has backed Australian beverage producers by releasing a submission on the proposed National Container Deposit Scheme (CDS).

Queensland health chief calls for a parental ban on fruit juice

An Australian state’s health chief has advised parents to ban their children from soft drinks and fruit juices in an attempt to reverse an alarming rise in childhood obesity.

Scientists developing anti-counterfeit milk powder source test

Scientists in New Zealand are developing a method to identify the geographical source of milk powder products – a potential answer to the problem of counterfeit ‘Made in New Zealand’...

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