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Thai rice mortgage threatens to boil over with alarming possibilities

Only six months ago, Thai policymakers remained unruffled by their controversial populist policy, which had at the time just marked its first anniversary. 

Tetra Pak the latest multinational to hit the Chinese antitrust radar

Chinese authorities have opened an investigation into international packaging giant Tetra Pak over suspicions that it had abused its dominant market role in the country. This makes Tetra Pak the...

Food Corp of India recruiting over 11k to support Food Security Law

In a massive recruitment drive ahead of the enactment of the Food Security Law, the Food Corporation of India is in the process of appointing more than 11,000 new staff,...

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FoodNavigator-Asia to publish four days a week, the news service for Asia-Pacific's food, beverage, nutrition and ingredients industry, and part of the global network, will publish four days a week starting from Tuesday, July 9. ...

Sunfield Australia slammed with A$48,000 fine for repeated undeclared cake allergens

Australian bakery Sunfield and its director have been convicted and fined for repeatedly selling cakes containing undeclared food allergens.

IADSA: Codex importance grows amid global food supplement law changes

In a time of regional regulatory change affecting more than 100 countries, the International Association of Dietary Supplement Associations (IADSA) has emphasised the importance of global guideline setting organisation, Codex...

Shanghai's new live poultry regulations aim to prevent H7N9 outbreaks

China’s biggest city will see new live poultry trade standards now that sales have resumed after they were banned due to the H7N9 outbreak.

India’s Tea Board chief urges plantations to turn over a new leaf

The head of the Tea Board of India has launched a scathing attack on the nation’s growers ahead of the implementation of new regulations that go into force later this...

Analysis: GrainCorp takeover

All deals destined to go ahead as Australia surveys new Asian age

Now the ACCC, Australia’s anti-trust commission, has given the green light to ADM’s proposed acquisition of GrainCorp, foreign interests will control all major grain handling facilities and grain ports in...

Consumer group outs ‘shonky’ Aussie liquid breakfast brands

An Australian consumer rights watchdog has branded liquid breakfasts’ nutritional claims as “dodgy” and “shonky” following an investigation into 23 brands.

Food safety

Chinese regulators finally get tough on infant formula manufacturers

A group of Chinese governmental agencies have united to implement tighter controls on domestic companies that manufacture infant formula.

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China’s VP calls for greater public-private food safety partnership

China’s vice-premier, Wang Yang, has called for public and civic groups to unite as a means to supervise food safety. 

Label reform not the star for Aussie food industry

While there were celebrations in some quarters following the news last week that Australia would reform its food labelling system, some sections of the food industry have voiced their concern...

Health research

Study links red meat consumption to heightened diabetes risk

Researchers in Singapore have identified that eating high quantities of red meat over a period of time can increase the risk of type-2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Gold star: Oz confectionery industry welcomes front-of-pack labeling

The Australian confectionery industry has broadly welcomed a 'star based' voluntary front-of-pack labeling system but is concerned about time frames to introduce the measures.

Indian National Food Security Bill

Gov't considers pushing Bill through in face of mounting opposition

India’s National Food Security Bill is part of a conspiracy to impoverish farmers, according to the Samajwadi Party’s secretary general ahead of the government indicating it might convene a special...

China finally looking to act on cadmium rice scandal

China's Ministry of Land and Resources has announced plans to conduct a survey across the country to assess pollution levels as a means to ascertain the reasons behind excessive cadmium...

ACCC legal action lands Australian supermarket Coles in court over 'deceptive' bread claims

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has begun legal proceedings against supermarket chain Coles for alleged false, misleading and deceptive bakery claims.

FAO praises 38 countries for halving hunger

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says better nutrition targets to battle global hunger that affects 870 million people globally are being met in 38 countries.

Halal special

Asia needs real halal standards before it can compete with the West

When you are catering to 1.8bn Muslim shoppers in a market that, according to The Economist, is likely to grow by 35% by 2030, there is bound to be a...

Taiwan testers refute Singapore bubble tea chemical claims

Taiwan’s government has claimed it is still trying to obtain details on the tests conducted by Singapore authorities that led to the city state banning several brands of bubble tea ....

Alcopops tax hikes have had no effect on teen binge drinking injuries

A study of hospital admissions at one of Australia's favourite holiday destinations has shown no reduction in the already high levels of alcohol-related harm since the government increased tax on...

Australian monopoly regulator says no to Heinz baby food takeover

Heinz’s proposed acquisition of Rafferty’s Garden looks to have been crushed after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission vowed to oppose the move.

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China to get revised dietary guidelines to boost omega 3 consumption

The Chinese Nutrition Society its to revise its dietary intake guidelines because of a marked increase in the nation’s intake of DHA and EPA fatty acids. 

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Thais urged to drink more milk to boost height, life expectancy

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry is hoping to boost the average height and life expectancy of its population through a campaign to encourage milk consumption.