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Modi’s call for sodas to be 2% juice bewilders beverage industry

A suggestion by India’s prime minister for all fizzy drinks to have at least 2% natural fruit juice content has baffled many beverage manufacturers.

The sugar tax conundrum currently playing out in Asian markets

With various emerging Asian markets now considering legislation or tighter regulation of sugar in soft drinks, one of the key issues of the regional beverage industry in 2016 might well...

China's options to tackle stock shortages caused by bird flu in Europe

Trade bans following recent bird flu outbreaks in France will not just affect China’s white bird breeding stock imports over the coming months, but also the global market structure. ...

China direct

Are China’s food woes caused by its wretched environment?

China’s worsening environmental problems have garnered massive attention from the international community (writes Paul O’Brien of Chemlinked). 

China launches investigation of US feed ingredients

China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) recently announced that it is starting anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations regarding imports of US distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS).

This week Down Under

Smart pill trial reverses assumptions about fibre's effect on the gut

Melbourne researchers have conducted the first ever trials of smart pills that measure intestinal gases inside the body. The results reveal some unexpected ways that fibre affects the gut. 

Nestlé bid to throw out cocoa child labor lawsuit in US Supreme Court rejected

A civil lawsuit accusing Nestlé, Cargill and ADM of aiding and abetting child slavery on Ivorian cocoa farms has again thwarted attempts to have the case thrown.

China direct

Parents can pass junk food-related disorders on to kids, study finds

One junk food-eating generation can pass on the metabolic disorders it gains from an unhealthy diet to the next, researchers have found in a study that bucks Darwinian convention.

Bird flu virus claims Chinese woman's life

A woman from the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen has died after she became infected with the deadly H5N6 bird flu strain, Hong Kong’s Health Department has said. ...

Philippines could see nutrition labelling after Bill submission

A law has been tabled in the Philippines that will require food manufacturers to label their products with nutrition information.

Food poisoning cases soar as 650 Vietnamese workers are hospitalised

Hundreds of factory workers have been hospitalised in the latest incident in Vietnam of mass food poisoning caused by eating at a staff canteen.

Bird watching found to be a critical factor in monitoring fisheries

By studying bird vomit, Lachlan McLeay believes he has developed an approach to gauging sardine abundance in Australian waters.

Researchers develop phone app to assess scale of vineyard disease

An iPhone app has been designed to help grape growers make informed decisions over the quality and price of their grapes.

News in brief

FSSAI could waive approval requirement for pre-cleared ingredients

India’s food regulator may end the practice of requiring manufacturers to gain approvals for products that have been deemed safe elsewhere, according to media reports.

News in brief

Indian food ministry weighs up changes to ‘Best before’ labelling

“Best before” could be replaced with “Expiry date” on food labels as the traditional marking has no relevant meaning, India’s food and consumer affairs minister has said.

China sets out to streamline co-operation between food-safety agencies

China has announced new procedures which its hopes will ease co-operation and reduce confusion between the multitude of agencies in the country responsible for food safety.

News in brief

Poison blackmail response should prompt confidence in Kiwi food safety

Consumers in New Zealand and abroad should take confidence in the way a criminal blackmail threat to contaminate infant formula with a pesticide was handled, the country’s food ministry has...

Clean rivers and floating gardens: UN recognises heritage agriculture

Four traditional farming systems in Bangladesh and Japan have been acknowledged by the United Nations for their importance to global agriculture.

RSPO to publish members’ plantation maps in wake of Indonesia’s forest fires

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) will publish maps of all its members’ palm oil plantations – with the exception of Malaysia – in the hope closer monitoring will...

New Zealand to ensure future dairy food safety capability through new initiatives

A New Zealand report has set out a series of actions to ensure the dairy industry's future food safety capability, building on the 'good shape' of the sector in 2015.

IFAD funds poverty-reduction measures in Afghanistan, Bhutan

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will provide millions of dollars in funding to reduce rural poverty and increase the incomes of thousands of households and smallholder families in...

China’s FTAs with Korea and Australia come into force

Two landmark free-trade agreements involving China came into effect this weekend. Twenty per cent of trade with Korea will now become tariff free, while almost all Australian goods will enter...

Dateline Southeast Asia

Soda tax could cost 120,000 Indonesian jobs

Sweetened drinks shouldn’t even be subject to excise duty, never mind an elevated sugar tax, according to the Indonesian drinks industry.

News in brief

Pejnovic named CMA president

The chief executive of Lipa Pharmaceuticals has been named president of the Australian complementary industry’s representative body. 

News in brief

Zero-alcohol beer could soon be moved from Kiwi soft drinks aisles

New Zealand’s grocers have welcomed a bill that will allow zero-alcohol and very low alcohol beers to be sold alongside full-strength beers in supermarkets.

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