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India drafting front-of-pack health labelling scheme

India’s food regulator is considering a mandatory benchmarking system to provide guidance on a product’s fat, sugar and salt content.

Dubai turns to cartoon characters to tackle childhood obesity

Dubai plans to tackle childhood obesity by using fun, colourful characters in a bid to persuade kids to eat healthier food.

1.3k tonnes of rotten food discovered in UAE’s latest food fraud case

Health inspectors uncovered more than 1,300 tonnes of rotten fruit, vegetables, meat and being sold at unlicensed markets to poor residents in Dubai in the first half of this year.

Syrian farm production grows, but is still far from pre-war levels

Food security has improved in parts of Syria over the last year, though the overall situation remains far worse than before the war.

Hypertension risk soars in ‘metabolically healthy’ overweight Chinese adults

Overweight or obese Chinese individuals — even those with a healthy metabolic phenotype — have a significantly increased risk of hypertension compared to those within the normal weight range....


Supreme Court slams ‘pathetic’ response to food distribution law

India’s Supreme Court has dismissed state compliance to India’s Food Security Act as “pathetic”, and said it was a “pity” that legislation enacted by parliament had been kept on the...

Western diet increases colorectal cancer risk in Japanese women: Cohort study

Consumption of a Western diet increased the risk of colon and distal cancer among women in Japan, a large population-based cohort study has found.

Move to bring export quality to domestic foods gathers steam in China

A campaign launched last year to encourage Chinese food companies to bring the same production processes used for exported goods to those sold locally has attracted more than 1,500 brands.

Academics showcase research to boost Filipino food security

Ensuring food security for its population is central to realise the government’s goal of achieving a high-income economy in the Philippines by 2022, according to a leading academic.

Dateline Southeast Asia

Brunei clarifies new halal laws for manufacturers and retailers

Plus: Academics showcase research to boost Filipino food security.

FoodPro / AIFST Convention 2017

Australia’s food regulation changes: ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’

The desired policy outcomes for Australian food and drink regulations are rapidly shifting away from food safety and point-of-sale information to being focused on public health and consumer rights…leading to...

This week Down Under

Science agency launches food ‘innovation and entrepreneurship’ roadmap

New technologies could see Australians eating algae-based sources of protein, developing allergenic-free nuts and helping the environment with edible packaging, according the the country’s government research institute.

News in brief

Food shipments halted at Chinese ports increases by 325%

Some 35,000 tonnes of imported food products failed to pass Chinese quality inspections last year, according to food safety authorities.

FoodPro / AIFST convention 2017

New technology to help Australia’s $126bn food industry track entire supply chain

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) has launched a new technology system – ePIF – which enables companies to track product information across its entire supply chain and provide...

Don’t scrap SRP for the sake of the poor, pleads Filipino lawmaker

A proposal to scrap suggested retail prices for basic goods in the Philippines would hit the poorest hardest.

China direct

Shanghai prepares for launch of wide-ranging food safety platform

China’s commercial capital will soon use an “exhaustive food safety management platform” to monitor the activities of its food businesses.

Letting infants control their feeding doesn’t reduce risk of becoming overweight: Study

A baby-led approach to complementary feeding did not help reduce the risk of infants becoming overweight compared with traditional spoon-feeding, a New Zealand study has concluded.

Edible insects can help solve hunger and improve nutrition in Sumatra: Study

Edible insects from Sumatra can provide a strategic solution for hunger problems and subsequent undernourishment due to their high essential fatty contents, researchers have concluded.

NZ childcare services fall short of guidelines for child nutrition

A large number of childcare services in New Zealand that provide food to pre-schoolers aged three to four do not meet current nutrition guidelines, a recent study has found.

News in brief

NZ food group to launch industry internship programme

The New Zealand Food and Grocery Council will launch an internship programme to “create a pipeline of top talent for the FMCG industry”.

Hogan to lead Middle East agri-food trade mission

European commissioner for agriculture and rural development Phil Hogan will front an autumnal trade mission to Saudi Arabia and Iran in what could unlock lucrative new deals for halal meat...

Meat & Livestock Australia invests in measurement systems

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is to invest an additional $14million (m) to co-fund the commercial installation of more DEXA objective measurement systems in individual red meat processing plants.

Refugees given tools and training in northern Iraq

A Germany-funded project to train refugees in greenhouse cultivation, beekeeping, hen production and food processing has been launched to help thousands of vulnerable Iraqis and Syrians.

Saudi exempts food packaging from plastics ban

Food packaging will be exempt from a new Saudi Arabian ban on the entry of non-biodegradable plastics into the country.

World Food Programme seeks to avert 'nutrition catastrophe' in crisis-hit Yemen

The UN's World Food Programme is seeking to improve the nutrition of 1.9 million children and women in war-torn Yemen by delivering targetted supplementary feeding programmes in the Middle East's...

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