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This week Down Under

Could Australia be hamstrung by earlier WTO country-of-origin ruling?

Could Australia be hamstrung by earlier WTO country-of-origin ruling?

South Asia radius

Indian regulator is preparing new alcohol and labelling regulations

Indian regulator is preparing new alcohol and labelling regulations


Kitchen garden could be the key to boosting Apac childhood nutrition

The United Nations’ food champion is investigating if the introduction of more kitchen gardens at schools and in homes would bring with it an improvement in childhood nutrition across Asia-Pacific.

Coca-Cola pulls Fanta advert and app after Australian watchdog rules they were directed at children

Coca-Cola has withdrawn a Fanta TV advert and mobile app, after Australia’s advertising watchdog ruled the campaigns breached advertising guidelines.

New Zealand

Grocers dismiss latest call by academics for nutrition tax as ‘lunacy’

While imposing health-related taxes on less healthy foods might spare thousands of New Zealanders from early deaths, doing so would also put staples out of the reach of many New...

Chinese crack down on ginkgo

The Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has taken action against local suppliers found to be engaged in supplying substandard versions of the botanical, ginkgo biloba.

Dateline Southeast Asia

Thai fishermen prolong strike after government impounds vessels

Thai fishermen prolong strike after government impounds vessels

This week Down Under

Victoria urges other states to form national ban on powdered alcohol

Victoria urges states to join it in national ban on powdered alcohol

India moves to establish melamine limits for infant formula

India has moved to establish a maximum limit for melamine in liquid and powdered infant formula. 

Rice-based excipients can boost organic, non-GMO claims for supplements

Non GMO product positioning continues to gain importance in the marketplace, but the search for compliant excipients still complicates the claim for supplements.  A suite of ingredients that will be...

Soapbox: Guest article

Quality is more than compliance

The provision of high quality products is fundamental to the goal of the complementary medicines industry of enhancing consumers’ health.


Decades-old beef 'originally came from American reserves'

Before it was sold to food stalls and restaurants in China, much of the expired meat that has been all over recent headlines in the country had originally been part...


Coles 'the biggest winner’ after $12m fine for conduct with suppliers

The Australian food industry backed a decision to compel Coles, the supermarket chain, to pay A$12m (US$9.1m) to suppliers, who can now leave Coles’s supply chain programme without penalty....

South Asia radius

New products failing to come to Indian market due to regulatory delays

New products failing to come to market due to FSSAI hold-ups

Down Under

Fsanz reviews areas of nutrition and health claims standard

The antipodean food regulator, Fsanz, has called for submissions on a proposal to address issues identified since the nutrition and health claims standard was gazetted.

Far East digest

Taiwan updates its certification in wake of scandals

Taiwan updates its certification in wake of scandals


More than $20m needed in donations to help Nepal’s farmers recover

Some US$20m is urgently needed to support farmers in earthquake-hit Nepal and stave off the threat of prolonged food insecurity facing an estimated one million people, the Food and Agriculture...


Court-ordered food safety group will begin scrutinising nutrition regulations

India’s food watchdog will set up a working group to regulate the levels of sugar, salt and fat found in foods following one state’s crackdown on child nutrition.


Lidl prepares for Oz entry as grocery self-regulation comes into law

Budget supermarket Aldi has beaten Woolworths to become the first chain to sign up to a new self-regulating guidelines as they were made law in Australia today. 


Police ramp up operations to tackle smuggled meat mobs

Chinese police have detained 17 people after they foiled a gang that had been smuggling beef from Japan.


Minister proposes bar on all non-pharmaceuticals in Indian chemists

Indian authorities are considering whether to ban the sale of baby food and other supplements at pharmacies as retailers look on in horror.

Nestlé CEO confident of Maggi return after market withdrawal

The CEO of Nestlé has said he is confident Maggi Noodles will return “very soon” after they were withdrawn from the Indian market due to lead level concerns.


Less naysaying and more action for complementary health research

Sometimes it’s hard to do right for doing wrong, and Marcus Blackmore must think that is the lot he must suffer after his company, Australia’s leading natural health and supplements...

Southeast Asia

FAO ties up with Ikea to boost forestry certification in Vietnam

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and commercial partner Ikea of Sweden will work together to promote forest certification schemes to develop more sustainable plantations in Vietnam. ...


Wine school will study viniculture advances in face of climate change

A wine research centre that will help the industry face up to challenges posed by climate change, water restrictions and changing consumer preferences has been launched at the University of...

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