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Food and health are intrinsically linked, but we still have much to learn about the precise effects of nutrients on humans as well as optimal intake, bioavailability, and appropriate delivery formats.

Omega-3s for clot prevention: EPA for men, DHA for women?

Men and women may benefit from different types of omega-3 fatty acid supplements to reduce their risk of stroke or heart attacks linked to blood clots, says a new study...

High fructan barley holds wholegrain promise, says CSIRO

A barley variety high in fructans and positively linked to improved gut health holds promise for wholegrain foods, according to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

Tropical leaf extracts may boost pre-diabetic health measures: Clinical trial

Daily supplements containing extracts from Elaeis guineensis or Ficus deltoidea may benefit the health of people with pre-diabetes by improving blood sugar and lipid levels, say findings from a clinical trial....

CHOICE Australia slams ‘alarmingly’ high salt levels in kids’ snacks and cereal

CHOICE Australia has slammed industry on high sodium levels in snacks and breakfast cereal targeting kids and has called for tougher action towards change.

Japanese firm seeks EU probiotic approval

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) is calling for views on an application from Japan’s Miyarisan Pharmaceutical for European Union Novel Foods status for a probiotic strain.

PS supplements show ADHD benefits in children: RCT data

Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may benefit from daily supplements of phosphatidylserine (PS), according to a new study from an international team of researchers.

Children's diets

Only 5% of schools provide healthy meals in Australia’s capital

Menus in Australian state schools could do better, according to the results of research compiled for online advocacy group The Parents’ Jury. A review of 263 school menus across Australia...

EFSA health claims chief to share ‘magic recipe’ insights in Geneva

The chief of EFSA’s health claims panel will discuss where the agency stands on the topic in 2013, at this year’s Vitafoods conference and expo in Geneva in May.

Nestlé: Vitamin and mineral deficiencies account for 10% of global health burden

Better food fortification initiatives are required to tackle the global problem of hidden hunger that accounts for 10% of health costs, a Nestlé-sponsored congress heard in Germany today.

News in brief

Lycored launches Japanese pagoda bone health, menopause blend

Lycored has launched a lycopene, vitamin D3 blend with genistein, sourced from the Japanese pagoda tree targeting bone health and menopausal women.

News in brief

IOF and Fonterra establish Asian bone health research grant

The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) and Fonterra are backing bone health research with a $44,000 Asia-focused grant open to residents of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

BLIS-K12’s oral health benefits get support from 2 clinical trials

Supplements containing the probiotic BLIS K12 ingredient may reduce the reoccurrence of throat infections and tonsillitis by up to 90%, according to data from new clinical trials from Italy.

Could multivitamins boost well-being and energy levels?

Daily consumption of a multivitamin may boost consumers’ perception of mood and energy levels, says a new study from Australia.

Study ‘leaves little doubt’ about Pycnogenol’s benefits for menopause symptoms

Daily supplements of extracts from the bark of French Maritime Pine may help reduce the symptoms of the menopause like hot flashes and night sweats, says a new study.

Subcontinent tastes

India must accept that traditional foods aren't necessarily the safest

In the first article in a new a series examining Indian diets and health, a British dietitian urges India not to make the same mistakes that were made in her...

Soy-based S-equol supplement shows heart health benefits for obese

A newly developed fermented soy germ-based nutritional supplement delivering S-equol may boost heart health by reducing LDL cholesterol in overweight & obese people, says a new study.

Nutrition NGO responds to COI attack: We cannot “continue to exclude business”

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) has defended its work with the global food industry, saying it is a vital partner in nutrition-changing efforts in the developing world and...

Ashwagandha ayurvedic herb shows stress-busting potential: Study

Supplements containing extract of the Indian herb Ashwagandha may help manage stress, according to new findings of a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.

Indian obesity

Indian mums: ‘Ghee is good, refined is righteous and butter is better’

An major new survey has uncovered a worrying lack of awareness of diet and eating habits by both children and their parents. 

Shock findings

Diabetes on the rise among India’s southern poor

A countrywide screening programme on diabetes trends in India makes for startling reading, no least for those in the south who live in slums.

Special Edition: Innovations in Minerals

Magnesium – ‘Sky is the limit’ for the ‘hottest ingredient in the mineral category’

Growing consumer awareness of their own deficiencies, its health benefits, and the emergence of innovative forms are making magnesium the ‘the hottest ingredient in the mineral category’.

Kiwi study shows diet change can have rapid impact on inflammation

A proof of principle study has shown that a change in diet can be remarkably effective in reducing inflammation over just six weeks. The research was conducted on a group...

Ayurvedic workhorses poised for market breakthrough, expert predicts

If you are looking for what’s hot on the botanical front in 2013, here’s the skinny from a longtime observer of the herbal arena: Open your lesson book to the...

News in brief

TSI Group Ltd. appointed exclusive distributor of Cargill’s vegetarian glucosamine products

Food ingredients giant Cargill has appointed TSI Group Ltd. as exclusive distributor for its Regenasure glucosamine products in China.

Probiotic plus aloe shows cholesterol-lowering potential: Animal data

Combining probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG supplements with aloe vera may slash cholesterol levels by over 40%, suggests a new study with lab rats.

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