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Food and health are intrinsically linked, but we still have much to learn about the precise effects of nutrients on humans as well as optimal intake, bioavailability, and appropriate delivery formats.

Omega-3 supplements linked to younger biological age in older people

Supplements of omega-3s may slow cellular ageing in older people with mild cognitive impairment, according to results of a pilot randomized clinical trial


Glanbia: We’re gearing up to meet ‘unrelenting’ Asian dairy demand

Irish dairy giant Glanbia has pinpointed infant formula-hungry Asia as “a key market” as it continues its preparations for the abolition of the European Union (EU) milk quotas.

Research to prove that more food is not the solution to malnutrition

Despite two decades of increased agricultural productivity across the world, there has not been a corresponding drop in malnutrition rates. And now, two new multidisciplinary projects at the University of...

Nestlé lodges patent for lactoferrin diarrhoea supplement

Diarrhoea can be reduced via supplementation with milk protein, lactoferrin, according to a Nestlé patent published this month by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


International Congress of Nutrition: Big food booed for coming…but rude not to?

Thousands of nutritionists gathered in Granada, Spain, last week for the 20th International Congress of Nutrition. It was a huge event with eight simultaneous streams of seminars over a full week....

Live from the 20th International Congress of Nutrition

Prof: 'GI can be more powerful obesity-fighting tool in Asia than the west'

Prebiotics and other fibres have a big role to play in curbing spiraling obesity, diabetic and pre-diabetic rates in emerging economies like India and China, according to one respected nutrition...

Two studies hail resveratrol type 2 diabetes potential

Supplemental resveratrol should be considered as an adjunct to standard anti-diabetic agents in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, according to two studies conducted at the University of Medical Sciences in...

RCT supports fucoidan’s potential as a ‘powerful, immune-priming agent’

Dietary supplements containing fucoidan from seaweed may amplify the immune response to seasonal influenza vaccinations in the elderly, a population known to have an inadequate immune response to ‘flu vaccines,...

European probiotics start-up making waves in China

Belgian probiotics player Vésale Pharma has made its first steps into the Chinese market with inking a distribution deal in pharma channels.

Vitamin E tocotrienols shows bone health benefits: Rat data

Vitamin E tocotrienols may boost bone health, with or without statins, suggests new data from a study with osteoporotic rats.

L. rhamnosus probiotic shows long-lasting anti-eczema benefits for kids: RCT

Daily supplements containing the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 strain may reduce the incidence of eczema and skin sensitivity in children, according to data from a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial....

Mulberry leaf extract shows blood sugar management potential: Human data

Daily ingestion of a mulberry leaf extract may lower blood sugar spikes after eating and help reduce the risk of diabetes, suggests data from a randomized clinical trial with 50...

Ceylon cinnamon making weight loss progress for French start-up

French start-up supplier Dialpha Laboratories is gaining success with Ceylon cinnamon extracts promoting weight loss after just a few months on the market.

Sesame seeds can aid pre-diabetic blood glucose levels: Study

A herbal blend based on sesame seed lignan extracts can help reduce blood glucose levels among a growing proportion of the population classed as pre-diabetic, according to Indian researchers.

Is GM rice’s future golden?

A recent attack on a GM golden rice trial field in the Philippines has raised questions about the future of the project in the country and beyond.


Can ramen be the saviour with food security in the soup

If you were asked to list Japan’s biggest export concepts, what would you say? Undoubtedly consumer electronics would be there; cars too - after all, the country has made the...

India’s regulator issues new draft standards for infant nutrition

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has proposed new standards for infant nutrition, substitute foods, fortified atta (flour) and ingredients as part of a wide overhaul of...

Don’t raise threshold for gluten-free food, says Australian specialist

An Australian specialist has expressed serious concerns about efforts being made by industry bodies to increase the mandated gluten threshold for Australasia’s gluten–free (GF) standard.

Weight loss and sports nutrition lead Malaysia’s health market growth

Malaysia’s consumer health market has been growing significantly over the last five years buoyed by a rise in weight management and sports nutrition, according to new research.

Government groups target healthy food for India’s school canteens

India’s central government has proposed initial moves to phase out the sale of unhealthy food in school canteens.

European fermented resveratrol wins Japanese supplement pre-approval; sights 2014 launch

Fermented resveratrol from Swiss biotech firm Evolva has won Japanese pre-approval in foods and food supplements – but the company says it won’t be jumping straight into the market.

Indian gooseberry extract (Capros) may counter endothelial dysfunction in diabetics: RCT

Daily supplements of an extract from Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica) may improve the health of cells lining the blood vessels, and reduce levels of markers of oxidative stress in type-2...

News in brief

China gives patent to AB-Fortis iron functional ingredient

Spanish biotech company AB-Biotics has been granted a patent by the China Patent & Trademark Office for its AB-Fortis functional ingredient.

News in brief

Fonterra and IOF fund Indonesian female osteoporosis research

Fonterra has teamed up with the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) to fund research to examine the prevalence of low bone mineral density (BMD) among young women in Indonesia.


Is the clamour for publicity making a mockery of real scientific progress?

The need for scientific celebrity seems to have spread like wildfire in recent years, and it’s making a mockery of real scientific progress.

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