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Supplements shakedown part 2: Health claim medicine tastes better than expected

Last week, Peter Zambetti, director of global business development at Capsugel and chairman of the International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations (IADSA), discussed the impact of GMPs on the global...

Australia set to warn athletes off food supplements

Athletics Australia (AA) – the body that represents elite athletes – is set to warn Australia’s best sports people that food supplements cannot be trusted to be contamination-free and deliver...

‘Unprecedented in its potential impact’: Could new anti-cancer study re-ignite the kava market?

A patent-pending blend of compounds from kava with none of the potentially adverse liver effects may see the much-maligned herb re-emerge in the dietary supplement space, say researchers from the...

Guest article

Supplements shakedown: Globalisation and a brave new world of regulations

The global health and nutrition (H&N) sector continues to expand, but regulations are tighter than ever and players need to understand this if they are to succeed, says the chief...

Focus on bio-availability and not just label claims to make people nutrient replete: Ashoka fellow

The food and nutrition industries should be focusing on bioavailablity and bioefficacy of nutrients, and not just on big numbers on product labels, says a leading social entrepreneur who has...

News in brief

Sabinsa boosts vertical integration with new India extraction facility

Sabinsa Corporation, which has headquarters in New Jersery and operations in India and Utah, has begun construction on a new continuous extraction facility in Dobaspet, Karnataka, India that will increase...

Common sense science: The studies we didn't cover in 2013...

Every day, FoodNavigator scans the scientific journals to bring you the most interesting developments in food science – but there are many that make us wonder why they were conducted...

Probiota 2014, February 4-5, Amsterdam

Probiota 2014: The ultimate pre- and probiotic science-business blend

Probiota 2014 – relocated from Brussels to Amsterdam and organised by NutraIngredients – will bring together the finest scientific and commercial minds operating in the pre- and probiotic sector in...


Bonkers: The medical world's nutrition blinkers (and the damage done)

If the end goal of both the medical and nutritional fraternities is healthier, happier populations, it is difficult not to pour scorn on the latest work from the American College...

‘Immunobiotic’ may help reduce cold, flu risk: Human data

Daily supplements of a heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum L-137 may reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI), such as cold and flu, says a new study from Japan.

Vitamin-shy Asia-Pacific on verge of osteoporosis crisis

A new report by the International Osteoporosis Foundation, shows that osteoporosis is a looming crisis throughout the Asia-Pacific region, with half of the world’s sufferers set to come from Asia...

Last call for scientific papers: Vitafoods and Probiota in 2014

Vitafoods Europe and Probiota 2014 – two separate events – close the period for submission of scientific and other papers this Friday. Yes in two days.

Yeast hydrolysate shows weight management potential in obese subjects: RCT

A hydrolysate from spent brewer’s yeast may help reduce body weight and fat levels in obese men and women, says a new human study from South Korea.

Poster deadline extended by one week to December 13

Probiota 2014: Poster proposal deadline extended

Probiota 2014 – the leading conference bridging the interface of academia and industry for cutting edge science about the prebiotics, probiotics and the microbiome – has extended the call for...

Acai and brain health: Has study unlocked Amazonian fruit’s neuroprotective effects?

The potential brain health benefits of açai (Euterpe oleraceae Mart.) may be linked to an inhibition of the aggregation of beta-amyloid proteins, says a new study from Australia.


UK herbal sector to feel (righteous) pain as THMPD enforcement kicks in for real?

The EU herbal products sector has come in with a mixed reaction to the UK MHRA announcement last week that the sell-through period for unregistered herbal medicines would finish on...

FAO backs dairy to raise nutrition among poorest people

Dairy products have an important role to play in improving nutritional levels among the world’s poorest people, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) says in a new book.

Benecol ahead of Unilever Pro-activ with bone-heart claims?

Benecol has expanded its plant stanol, cholesterol management-based health offering in the UK by adding vitamins that permit approved EU heart and bone health claims – a move analysts said...

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Researchers back zinc citrate bioavailability

A just published study has found zinc citrate is equal to zinc gluconate and higher than zinc oxide in terms of bodily intake, research that could help battle regional deficiencies...

Coffee polyphenols show heart health potential for healthy men: Study

Acute ingestion of polyphenols from coffee may improve the function of the cells lining blood vessels (endothelial cells), says a new study from Japan that supports the heart health benefits...

Increased omega-3 levels may boost behavior, attention, and literacy in ADHD children: Study

Increasing the levels of DHA and EPA omega-3s in red blood cells by dietary supplementation may improve attention, literacy, and behavior in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), says...

Special Edition: Botanicals

Any moment now… Is curcumin momentum building towards a tipping point?

It has been described as ‘one of the biggest-growing products in the botanical market right now’ and ‘the next omega-3’, so is the momentum building towards a tipping point for curcumin?  ...

Calcium and heart health: ‘Nutrition savvy dietitians do not recommend calcium in isolation’

Studies linking calcium intakes to heart concerns continue to be published, but studies showing no effects and even benefits can also be found in the literature, so what are the...

Magnesium shows insulin benefits in non-diabetics: Study

Increased intakes of magnesium are associated with decreased metabolic biomarkers of insulin resistance in non-diabetics, says a new study.

‘Important public health implications’: Meta-analysis supports lycopene’s blood pressure management potential

Supplements of lycopene, the antioxidant most commonly linked to tomatoes, may significantly reduce blood pressure, particularly for people with moderately elevated blood pressure, says a new meta-analysis.

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