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Food and health are intrinsically linked, but we still have much to learn about the precise effects of nutrients on humans as well as optimal intake, bioavailability, and appropriate delivery formats.

Government groups target healthy food for India’s school canteens

India’s central government has proposed initial moves to phase out the sale of unhealthy food in school canteens.

European fermented resveratrol wins Japanese supplement pre-approval; sights 2014 launch

Fermented resveratrol from Swiss biotech firm Evolva has won Japanese pre-approval in foods and food supplements – but the company says it won’t be jumping straight into the market.

Indian gooseberry extract (Capros) may counter endothelial dysfunction in diabetics: RCT

Daily supplements of an extract from Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica) may improve the health of cells lining the blood vessels, and reduce levels of markers of oxidative stress in type-2...

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China gives patent to AB-Fortis iron functional ingredient

Spanish biotech company AB-Biotics has been granted a patent by the China Patent & Trademark Office for its AB-Fortis functional ingredient.

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Fonterra and IOF fund Indonesian female osteoporosis research

Fonterra has teamed up with the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) to fund research to examine the prevalence of low bone mineral density (BMD) among young women in Indonesia.


Is the clamour for publicity making a mockery of real scientific progress?

The need for scientific celebrity seems to have spread like wildfire in recent years, and it’s making a mockery of real scientific progress.

Sea harvest

Consumers only accept sustainable krill, says newly certified Aker Aus

Aker BioMarine’s Australian operation can now carry the Marine Stewardship Council eco-label, something its head says is essential to compete in the eco-fixated market Down Under.

Kivia powder (kiwi fruit extract) shows gut health benefits

An extract of kiwifruit containing Zyactinase called Kivia may enhance bowel movement frequency and improve other symptoms of occasional constipation, say new data from a randomized clinical trial.

Unitech purchase reinforces DSM’s transformation to a nutrition major

Global chemical major Royal DSM has continued its long march into nutrition with the announcement of its acquisition of New Zelaand’s Unitech Industries.

Green tea shows benefits for blood sugar management: Meta-analysis

Consuming green tea may improve blood sugar management, according to a meta-analysis of 17 randomized clinical trials.

Liquid breakfast row: Soapbox

Choice’s ‘sneaky politics’ is what's really misleading consumers

Recently Choice, the consumer activist group from Australia, accused a number of Australian and New Zealand food manufacturers of making allegedly "shonky" health claims (see details and reaction here ) and...

Nestlé: ‘Our animal testing has nothing to do with superfoods or health claims’

Nestlé has defended its animal testing practices against a damning report that said large food companies were unnecessarily using animals to test functional food health benefits to save time and money....

Ayurvedic salacia herb shows pre-diabetes benefit: Study

An ayurvedic herb can manage pre-diabetes states and mild to moderate hyperlipidemia, according to Indian researchers.

Curcumin: New studies support brain and cardiovascular benefits

Daily supplements of curcumin – the natural pigment that gives the spice turmeric its yellow color – may support healthy aging, with two new studies indicating benefits for arterial aging and cognition.

The Lancet: 'Undernutrition cripples global economic growth and development'

Undernutrition causes the deaths of 3m children each year and retards developing world economic growth, commentators have said in The Lancet.

Slow progress: UN children’s agency calls for action to combat childhood undernutrition

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has reiterated calls for more to be done to improve nutrition in the first 1000 days of life to reduce growth stunting that blights...

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China to get revised dietary guidelines to boost omega 3 consumption

The Chinese Nutrition Society its to revise its dietary intake guidelines because of a marked increase in the nation’s intake of DHA and EPA fatty acids. 

FAO demands an end to malnutrition that affects 3.5bn people

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has issued a compelling demand for an end to the malnutrition that continues to affect more than half of the world’s population....

Vitamin D may ease exercise-related muscle damage: Animal data

Supplementation with vitamin D may reduce muscle damage and inflammation linked to exercise, suggests a new study with lab rats.

Special Edition: Battling malnutrition

Combating 'hidden hunger' with Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels is combating hidden hunger by helping children under five, pregnant women and new mothers gain access to lifesaving and life changing micronutrients. Check out this photo gallery to learn...

Probiotics again linked to fat and weight loss: RCT data

Daily supplements of Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055 (LG2055) may help weight loss in people with obese tendencies, says a new study from Japan.

Gluten-free app could drive nutrition innovation, says research fellow

A gluten-free scanning app in Australia could prompt industry to improve nutritional content and label on-pack, says a research fellow from the George Institute for Global Health.

A2C prepares first a2 infant formula shipment to China

A2 Corporation (A2C) – the New Zealand-based manufacturer of a2 fresh milk – has commenced packing of its new a2 Platinum infant formula range, and hopes to make its first...

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Mixed vitamin E forms show liver benefits: Rat data

A mixture of vitamin E tocotrienols and alpha-tocopherol may work synergistically to improve liver health in lab animals with non-alcoholic steatohepatits (NASH), the most extreme form of non-alcoholic fatty liver...

Omega-3s for clot prevention: EPA for men, DHA for women?

Men and women may benefit from different types of omega-3 fatty acid supplements to reduce their risk of stroke or heart attacks linked to blood clots, says a new study...

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