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Cacao extract may protect skin from wrinkles: Study

A daily supplement with an extract from cacao may reduce UV-induced skin aging and protect against wrinkles, suggests a new study with lab mice and human skin cells.

L-citrulline may enhance time trial performance for cyclists: Kyowa study

Supplementation with the amino acid L-citrulline may reduce time trial completion times by about 10 seconds, says a new study from Kyowa Hakko.

Long-lost health manual shown to buck Indian school obesity trend

A long-forgotten school health manual, combined with appropriate training for teachers, could be central in the fight against childhood obesity, Chennai researchers have found.

83% of overweight Australians blame comfort eating for condition

Australia is known better for its “ockers” than for its “emos”, though the country's current obesity epidemic might be fuelled by the latter category, according to a survey by a...

HK study casts doubt on safety of vitamin C for liver cancer patients

Taking high doses of vitamin supplements could hasten the development of cancer, according to researchers in Hong Kong who found that antioxidants can speed up the growth of malignant cells....

B vitamins may boost cognitive ability in older adults: Study

Supplementation with vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid may improve cognitive function in older people with mild cognitive impairment, says a new study from Korea.

Green tea compound may form basis for future arthritis therapy

A compound found in green tea, may prove effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis, as its anti-inflammatory action is expressed without blocking other critical cellular functions, US researchers have shown.

Fenugreek extract shows benefits for the “male menopause”: Human data

Daily supplements of an extract from Fenugreek may reduce symptoms of age related androgen decrease and boost testosterone levels in middle aged and older men, say results a new study...

This week Down Under

Hemp pioneer downbeat over Australian cannabis legalisation proposal

An Australian hemp pioneer has reacted with caution to a government proposal to allow the cultivation of cannabis in Australia for medical and scientific purposes.

New raspberry insights show bioavailability crucial for health benefits

Red raspberries are rich in polyphenols but its health benefits can only be fully understood by studying how the body metabolises these micronutrients and the mode of action of the...

Ashwagandha root extract may improve sexual function & satisfaction in women

Supplements of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract may improve sexual function in healthy women, according to results of a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled pilot trial.

Diet could cut medication dependence for type 2 diabetes patients

Australian researchers have developed a “life-changing” diet and exercise programme which they say has resulted in an average 40% reduction in medication levels for type 2 diabetes patients.

Dateline Southeast Asia

Half of Malaysians now obese or overweight

Malaysia has continued reinforced its position as Asia’s fattest country with a further increase in its obesity rate last year. According to an official study, almost half of Malaysians are...

This week Down Under

Study: No benefits for children from reduced-fat dairy diet

Australian research has called into question international dairy guidelines for toddlers, saying that the consumption of reduced-fat dairy has no additional health benefits.

News in brief

Nestlé launches three drinking water plants for local communities

Nestlé has opened three new facilities in Pakistan to give free access for some 30,000 residents in Punjab and Sindh to clean drinking-water.

Soy intake may slash heart disease risk by 12%, but only for equol producers

Soy supplements may reduce the risk of cardiovascular risk for people able to produce equol, a microbial-derived metabolite of the isoflavone daidzein, but equol supplements themselves may not have the...

New study questions licorice root supplement’s effectiveness as HRT alternative

Components of licorice root extract were found to have low binding affinity for estrogen receptors, among the few things a group of researchers attributed to licorice root’s low potency as...

Dateline Southeast Asia

Obesity rate growing faster in Asean than in weighty Western countries

The number of obese adults in the six biggest Asean economies increased at a faster rate than that of Britain and America from 2010 to 2014, according to data gathered...

South Asia radius

Study: Obese Indian teens getting a fraction of required nutrients

Obese adolescents suffer from a lack of essential nutrients, according to research that criticises modern Indian diets.

XOS alters microbiome of pre diabetic individuals in study

In a UCLA study on xylooligosaccharide the prebiotic fiber showed the potential for altering the gut microbiome of pre diabetic individuals.

This week Down Under

Study: Taking managed diet breaks could help with weight loss

Taking a break from dieting won’t necessarily ruin one’s efforts to lose weight, and could even be a benefit, according to researchers at Sydney University.

Deficiency of vitamin B12 a concern among elderly

Lack of vitamin B12 among the elderly has been linked with serious health conditions, and researchers in Canada found that vitamin B12 deficiency is prevalent in long-term care facilities.


Complementary health body backs call for more vit. D self-medication

With up to 58% of Australians found to suffer from vitamin D deficiency, the complementary medicines industry has welcomed a new article published in the Medical Journal of Australia  that encourages...

This week Down Under

Taste buds could prove to be the first line of defence against obesity

Training taste buds to be more sensitive to the taste of fat could be pivotal in the battle to curb the world’s growing obesity problem.

All forms of omega-3s support health in different ways, flax advocate says

Omega-3s may have been created unequal, but all varieties, plant-based, marine and algal sources, have a potential role in supporting health, a consultant says.

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