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New trends report highlights differences in food habits across Apac

By RJ Whitehead , 17-Jun-2014
Last updated on 17-Jun-2014 at 09:45 GMT

The way consumers in the Asia Pacific region choose, purchase, prepare and share food experiences is being reshaped this year, according to market research published by public relations agency Weber Shandwick.

The Food Forward Trends Report 2014 reveals the food trends most likely to impact corporations, industry bodies and policy makers, and how such trends will fuel further discussion between retailers, brands and consumers. 

It draws on insights and qualitative interviews from food experts, including food writers, chefs, bloggers, nutritionists and researchers, as well as from a survey of more than 3,200 consumers in China, Korea, Singapore and Australia.

Survey participants were asked specific questions relating to the food culture in their respective country, including their openness to international flavours and ingredients, preferred styles of dining venues, food shopping habits and attitudes toward healthy eating. 

Country-specific reports from the first part of 2014 revealed key local trends, and these findings were then examined across markets to identify the most significant disparities and similarities among food behaviour in some of Asia Pacific’s most foodie-friendly countries.

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