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Most melamine contaminated product destroyed, says China

Last updated on 17-Feb-2010 at 12:47 GMT2010-02-17T12:47:36Z

China declared this week that most melamine-tainted dairy products have been destroyed over the past three months.

The Government said that none of the batches of contaminated product, which have resurfaced recently following the 2008 scandal, had been put on sale or exported.

“Due to early discovery and timely checks, as of now, most of the tainted milk products have been recalled and destroyed, and none has entered the market or been exported," official media quoted the National Food Safety Rectification Office as saying.

Last week, Chinese authorities launched a new crackdown on food safety violations. An estimated 300,000 people were sickened and six died after the widespread consumption of melamine contaminated dairy products in 2008.

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