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State of the industry

Pakistan’s halal exports in dire need of certification

With Muslim countries fast waking up to the potential halal exports hold, and nations scrambling to become hubs for the distribution of Islamically acceptable meat, Pakistan is lagging behind the...

Chinese dairy Yashili announces New Zealand processing investment

Chinese dairy processor Yashili has announced plans to establish infant formula manufacturing operations in New Zealand – becoming the latest in a growing line of Chinese dairy processors to make...


China wakes up, smells Nestlé’s ‘unique’ coffee flavor

Nestlé’s ‘smart investment’ in Chinese whole bean coffee is likely to consolidate its market-leading position within the category there, as it stands poised to release a local product, according to...

FSA issues recall for tofu linked to Bacillus Cereus

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a second updated alert on two varieties of tofu due to Bacillus Cereus.

China to explore increased rice imports from India

India’s newfound position as the world’s leading rice exporter has not escaped the attention of China, which may look to its western neighbour for increasingly greater rice supplies over the...

Wine Intelligence warns exporters of wine dollar delusion in China

Wine Intelligence has warned wine exporters to China against 'seeing only dollar signs' in the world's fifth-largest wine market, and said it was important to understand Chinese consumers, not just...

Coca-Cola China files police claim against ‘false’ fungicide rumors

The Coca-Cola Company has confirmed that it has filed a police report in China targeting recent internet hoax rumors that its orange juice contains an illegal fungicide, and will pursue...

McDonald’s draws mirth with Macca’s moniker

Much to the hilarity of international observers, McDonald’s Australian operation has chosen to rename a number of its outlets as a tribute to the country as Australia Day approaches.

Beverage firms must ‘redefine age’ to boost 2013 growth: Leatherhead Food Research

Food and beverage companies need to ‘redefine’ the concept of age in 2013 to seize specific growth opportunities presented by older consumers, according to Leatherhead Food Research.

China predictions

Subsidies to rise while pork production still falls short of demand

As the Chinese government boosts agriculture productivity in its drive to ensure national food security, a new report has suggested that government subsidies will continue to grow. 

Exclusive interview

Food shoppers are women, marketers are men: Houston, we have a problem…

It is well known that most food shoppers are women, but does the food industry get that in its marketing? Not really, says female marketing expert, author and CEO of...

Chinese formula grab leaves Australian shelves empty

Stores in Australia are fighting to replenish stocks of infant formula following an unprecedented surge in demand from Chinese customers wary of the safety of products at home.

News in brief

Young Australian women losing annual battle of the bulge

Young Australian women are still struggling with weight and nutrition issues given the latest results in an annual survey commissioned by the Dietitians Association of Australia.

Indian breakfast market to liven up this year

Two of India's biggest food companies are preparing to extend their battle into the lucrative, albeit relatively new, breakfast oats category this year.

Sustainable farming held up by funding and the environment

A new study by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (Abares) has identified financial and environmental concerns to be the key drivers influencing the adoption of...

News in brief

McDonald’s hit by Australian advertising regulator for spam campaign

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has given McDonald’s Australia a formal warning under the Spam Act for a “Send to Friends” facility on the McDonald’s Happy Meal website....

Around South-east Asia

Australia's beef with neighbour, Thai fishermen bracing for storm

A round-up of the big new stories to come from China over the last week.

Around China

Long-term growth to continue, state investment fund to begin

A round-up of the big new stories to come from China over the last week.

State of the industry

Bottled water amounting to big bucks in Indonesia

Indonesia's bottled water market may be one of the most high valued markets in the world, but there are still plenty of opportunities for growth, new research from UK-based research...

Around Australasia

SA won't review GM, beetroot linked to lower blood pressure

A round-up of the big new stories to come from Australasia over the last week.

Around India

Dikshit defends diet comments, back to the FDI battlefield

A round-up of the big new stories to come from India over the last week.

News in brief

Pepsi-Chicken chips winging-it in China

PepsiCo has launched Pepsi Cola and chicken-flavored potato chips in China and cited the popularity of cola chicken in China, with consumers tossing chicken wings with cola.

Far East in brief

Mitsui eyeing new food acquisition, Japanese still the healthiest

A round-up of the big stories coming from the Far East.

South-east Asia in brief

New labelling from Nestlé, China buying more Vietnamese rice

A round-up of the big stories coming from South-east Asia.

Mixed bag of predictions in NZ’s latest trade report

New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industry has revealed that the country’s food industry is feeling the pinch as a result of the adverse global economic situation, even though favourable climatic...