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SoHo Flordis acquires US practitioner channel supplement marketer along with Swiss firm

SoHo Flordis International, an Australian/Indonesian natural medicines company, has acquired two companies in the space, ProThera, based in Reno, NV and Swiss company Ginsana.

Unilever opens leadership development centre in Singapore

Unilever has opened a €50m leadership development centre in Singapore – its first outside of the UK.

Western Australia needs more than two freight ships to Asia, says dairy firm

A Western Australia dairy processor, Harvey Fresh, has called for government investment in the state’s freight networks for reliable access to booming Asian consumer markets.

Liquid breakfast row: Reaction

Industry hits back at criticism of Australian liquid breakfast claims

Manufacturers and industry groups have slammed an Australian consumer watchdog’s assertion that nutritional claims on the packs of some liquid breakfasts are “shonky”.


Heineken ‘absolutely on top’ of fake beer threat after Vietnam gang bust

Heineken insists it is ‘absolutely on top’ of the counterfeiting issues that can appear in emerging markets, after a Vietnamese gang producing fake Tiger and Heineken was busted last week.

Indian beer drinkers want ‘bang for buck’: Carlsberg on new Tuborg Booster Strong

Carlsberg tells that Indian consumers expect ‘bang for buck’ with higher alcohol beers, as it launches the world’s first fruit-flavored strong beer tailored to the nation’s tastes, Tuborg Booster...

Palm oil companies given 48 hours to provide satellite images of plantations

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has given five of its Indonesian members 48 hours to submit satellite images of their plantations, as evidence that they are not responsible...

Social media: The B2B money maker?

Social media is an extremely powerful brand-building tool that engages consumers, but it can also be a platform for strong business relationships and revenue generation, an expert says.

Tequila pact could make China the world’s second biggest importer

As countries queue by the score to do business with China, the recent trade deal with Mexico might have missed the radar outside the respective countries. 


India rushes to export more of its vast wheat stock before rot sets in

With a quarter of the world’s harvested wheat stockpiled, and much of it a candidate for wastage, India is now considering adding a further 2m tonnes of the crop for...

Growth in Asian demand is sweet reward for NZ’s fruit exports

New Zealand’s Economic Development Ministry has released a report that suggests the country is on the way to becoming a major fresh fruit supplier to new markets in Asia.

News in brief

Tetra Pak teams up with Myanmar government to boost school-age milk consumption

Tetra Pak has teamed up with its parent company, Tetra Laval, and the government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to launch a school milk programme in the...

News in brief

Red Bull labeling gaffe leads to Japanese recall

Red Bull in 330ml PET bottles has reportedly been pulled off the shelves in Japan, due to use of incorrect Western-style date labeling on packaging.

Indian reforms offer a sweet outlook for sugar industry

The future looks rosy for the Indian sugar sector following recent moves by the government to chop out-dated controls and introduce greater market freedom.

Case study

World slowly waking up to what Asia has known for years

It is no secret Malaysia has a strict halal verification process and its certification is accepted across all Muslim countries, including the Middle East. But why did the country embark...

Ankush at large

India’s halal story is one of missed opportunities

The impression I have always had when travelling abroad is that people overseas think of India as a Hindu-dominated country with a minority sprinkling of other religions. While that its...

Halal round-up

A brief tour around Asia-Pacific for the latest halal news

Aussie fast-food favouring halal, Pinoy calls for certified food in schools, Taiwan courts majority-Muslim markets.

Snapshot: China

Hui halal hub bringing back Silk Road trade between China and Gulf

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China is home to 10% of the country’s 20m Muslims. While by no means does it have a majority Muslim population, the strong Islamic...


Brawling cricketer lands damaging blow to Oz alcohol self-regulation

Cricket has for over a century been seen as a gentleman’s game, but that mantle fell a long time ago. The relentlessly evolving wealth and professionalism of the sport has...

Asia leading the global flavoured milk charge, reveals report

Seven out of the 10 biggest markets for flavoured milk are in developing countries, while nations like India will drive massive growth of the product.

‘Terminally stagnant’ France won’t want wine trade war: Analyst

The EU is likely to backtrack rapidly on sanctions to stop cheap Chinese solar panel ‘dumping’ in the bloc, given alarms that possible tariffs on wine exports would hurt a...

Campaign marks shift from 'saying and showing' to more real actions

Coke ‘working hard’ on possibly extending 'Sharing Can’ Singapore pilot

A senior Coca-Cola Company executive tells that the company is ‘working hard’ to decide whether it can viably scale-up its phenomenally successful ‘Sharing Can’ pilot launched in Singapore.

Dairy looks to become Japan’s next big growth market

Japan’s dairy food sector is expected to buck the otherwise weak consumer spending trend in Japan with strong growth all the way through to 2017. 

Africa, Asia to lead rise in global sugar demand through 2021, report says

Rising demand in Asia and Africa will drive significant growth in global sugar consumption, according to a new Rabobank report. The report, Global Sugar to 2021, projects global sugar consumption to...

Oz gets export green light to end China’s blackleg ban on canola

Australian canola producers can look forward to new market opportunities in the huge Chinese market after the first bulk shipments of the seed arrived in the country since it was...