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Campaign marks shift from 'saying and showing' to more real actions

Coke ‘working hard’ on possibly extending 'Sharing Can’ Singapore pilot

A senior Coca-Cola Company executive tells that the company is ‘working hard’ to decide whether it can viably scale-up its phenomenally successful ‘Sharing Can’ pilot launched in Singapore.

Dairy looks to become Japan’s next big growth market

Japan’s dairy food sector is expected to buck the otherwise weak consumer spending trend in Japan with strong growth all the way through to 2017. 

Africa, Asia to lead rise in global sugar demand through 2021, report says

Rising demand in Asia and Africa will drive significant growth in global sugar consumption, according to a new Rabobank report. The report, Global Sugar to 2021, projects global sugar consumption to...

Oz gets export green light to end China’s blackleg ban on canola

Australian canola producers can look forward to new market opportunities in the huge Chinese market after the first bulk shipments of the seed arrived in the country since it was...

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China’s grocery market to grow by one-third, India to overtake Japan

China, the world’s biggest food and grocery market, is now valued at more than US$1tn per year and is forecast to grow by a further one-third by 2016, according to...

Japan blocks wheat imports after illegal GMO crop scare in US

The Japanese government has placed a temporary ban on Western White wheat imports after unauthorized genetically modified wheat was found growing in the US.

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Food producers: Stop thinking India is a monolith

To continue on from my last piece, which questioned whether Indian food companies are targeting the right sort of kitchens —domestic, rather than commercial—it is now important to touch on the...


China's opaque approach to rice data is becoming a massive concern

China’s rice production is proving to be a conundrum for analysts and food organisations the world over. The simple fact is, nobody knows with any degree of certainty what’s happening...

Fast food looks to China's hinterland towns for future growth

According to a new report by market researcher Mintel, China’s fast food and takeaway market is expected to reach RMB1.8tn (US$294bn) by 2017. The increase, it says, will be largely...

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India’s food processors simply targeting the wrong kitchens

If you have been following all the big research and consulting companies’ reports, you will be well used to hearing the words “purchasing power”, “disposable income” and “larger grocery basket”,...

Figures show India’s wealthy are flocking to organic food

The number of wealthy Indians choosing organic food products has grown threefold over the last five years, according to a survey by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of...

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Omega 3 squid oil processor gets Australian approval

Pharma Marine, a Norwegian company sourcing omega 3 oils from squid, has announced approval of its Calamarine product by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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Ready meals on the rise in time-poor Japan

With a value growth of 4.3% expected between 2012 and 2017, the prepared meals sector has been showing above-average growth in Japan. 


Spirits brands miss digital marketing opps in new Asian sales 'epicenter'?

Despite runaway spirits growth in Asia, 20% of global brands do not have a Chinese website, and mobile sites tend to lack investment, but Hennessey and Johnnie Walker are strong...

Homegrown Australasian energy drinks are happy going their own way

Yesterday, we looked at how energy drinks, in spite of their small market size, have been enjoying an effervescent year of growth in Asia , to the point the continent now...


Energy drinks adding fizz to buoyant Asian beverage market

Even though energy drinks forms the smallest category of soft drink consumption in Asia, one industry research company has hailed it as the most dynamic.

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More Americans than Aussies prefer Australian-made products

While it is well known that Australians claim to favour locally produced goods, more people in the US are likely to opt for brands with a Made in Australia label...


China still world’s thirstiest country, Apac sees stagnant growth

Last year, China was once again led the world in alcohol consumption, having swigged through more than 59bn litres of alcohol, according to market research firm Euromonitor.


World waits to learn the impact of China and India’s rice market surge

The recent rise of India as a rice exporter and of China—somewhat unexpectedly—as an importer is paving the way for increased uncertainty to the global market for the crop, according...

Indian commodities

Guar gold rush now coming to a halt

All signs indicate that India’s guar gum industry’s stellar year is on the wane, according to a new industry report.

More arrested for smuggling infant formula than drugs - Hong Kong Customs

More people have been arrested for attempting to smuggle infant formula out of Hong Kong since 1 March 2013 than were detained at the border for trafficking drugs throughout the...

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Asian cocoa grind falls 10.8%

Cocoa grinds in Asia were widely expected to rise but have declined sharply by 10.8% in the first quarter of 2013 compared to last year.

Emerging markets more open to chocolate innovation, says R&D chief

Consumers in emerging markets are more receptive to new chocolate products than counterparts in established markets because they don’t have a point of reference, according to ADM Cocoa’s innovation chief....

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Fallacy to think Indians are leaning towards healthy foods

I chanced upon a press conference at a five-star Mumbai hotels the other day. I had turned up for a meeting with an old acquaintance, but on my way out...


World’s priciest coffee brand Black Ivory Coffee seeks beer licensee

The world’s priciest coffee brand, Black Ivory Coffee, made using Thai Arabica beans predigested by elephants, tells it is searching for a reputable microbrewer in Japan to license a...