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Whether serving the food and drink needs of consumers or sourcing ingredients and raw materials, success in the food industry depends on keeping abreast of the latest market trends in the Asia Pacific region.

New Zealand focus

Flat consumer environment is the biggest challenge for Kiwi suppliers

New Zealand’s flat economic environment tops the list of challenges for the country’s food and beverage manufacturers going into 2013, attendees at the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council’s annual...

State of the industry

From chai to latte: India’s new coffee culture

Coffee culture in India is flourishing thanks to the efforts of a few specialist coffee chains and the instant coffee players, says a new report from Rabobank. 

$5bn PepsiCo-Tingyi ‘behemoth’ = harder Chinese beverage market: Rabobank

PepsiCo’s tie-up with top Chinese beverage player Tingyi, given the green light in March, will significantly reduce growth opportunities for smaller market rivals, according to Martin Wu from Rabobank.

News in brief

Rice self-sufficiency still a long way off for Philippines

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has effectively drowned hopes that the Philippines will achieve rice sufficiency next year. According to the department’s latest report, the country’s rice imports will...

News in brief

PepsiCo expects center to speed innovation in China

PepsiCo has officially opened a food and beverage innovation center in China to serve as a hub of product, packaging and equipment innovation for the business throughout Asia.

Not too late for confectioners in China, says Rabobank

Opportunities exist for confectioners yet to enter China, but they must come with a targeted distribution strategy, according to Rabobank.

Asian retail growth mitigates poor performance in the West

The rise of the Japanese owner of 7Eleven is synonymous with the charge of grocery retail in Asia, and backs up the latest study by Euromonitor into the subject.

State of the industry

Apac driving demand for global vegetable oils market

A combination of factors is expected to drive demand growth in the vegetable oils market over the next few years, with demand from the food sector being led by a...

China's boom will fuel global seafood price growth

Whereas China is the key driver of the world’s seafood industry, by the end of a decade of growing affluence among its population, the country’s role will have changed dramatically,...

State of the industry

Food retailers must face up to online in China

According to China’s National Bureau of Statics, consumer goods sales between January and September this year totalled $2.4 trillion—an increase of 14.1% over the same period in 2011.   

Packaged food holds potential for those who dare

Making a profit in India's packaged foods market may not be easy, but the at the moment it represents a tantalising opportunity that food companies cannot afford to ignore.

State of the industry

India must innovate to realise processing potential

Food processing is regarded as a sunrise industry in India. However, while it is true that there has been rapid growth over the past few years, the fact remains that...

Industry doesn’t want separate standards for Oz, NZ

The joint regulatory regime for Australia and New Zealand for has come under scrutiny, with food industry advocates from the smaller neighbour questioning its domestic usefulness.

Regulation required for Vietnam's skyrocketing supplements

It is vital for Vietnam to manage its production and distribution of dietary supplements if it plans to prevent potential threats to consumers, according to a senior government food health...

Vietnam going all out for growth in seafood exports

The Vietnamese seafood industry is eyeing exports worth $10-10.5bn by 2020, according to a leading trade official, although judging by recent trends, this might be a difficult task.

Foreign funds needed for Oceania to become Asia’s food bowl

The agri-food sector in Australia and New Zealand will have to overcome a host of barriers if it is to tap the opportunities presented by rapidly developing Asian countries, and...

Hold the greens, rural Indians now eating more meat and eggs

Growing income is leading to increased demand for protein in India’s hinterland, but a shortage of supply is resulting in higher food inflation.

A2C to enter Chinese market through distribution deal

A2 Corporation (A2C) – the manufacturer of a2 brand milk products – looks set to enter the Chinese market after agreeing a distribution deal with an in-market state-owned firm.

Report predicts tough times for Chinese pork

While global pork prices are projected to remain strong in 2013, hog production and imports to China will once again remain wildly unpredictable.

Cargill looks to counter diseased Indonesian trees with sustainable cocoa investment

Cargill has extended its sustainable cocoa program to Indonesia and plans to take preventative measure to turn ailing crops into high cocoa yielding money-spinners.

NZ honey study's sweet and sour findings

A PhD student at New Zealand’s Lincoln University has found that nearly half of mono-floral honey bought from supermarkets in the country were not true to their labels.

Probiotics on course for profound growth in the UAE

Research by Euromonitor has revealed that pre- and probiotics have been continually attracting new consumers in the United Arab Emirates, with growth becoming consistently strong across the segment.

Asia Q3 cocoa grind flat as capacity shift slows

Asia’s cocoa grind for the third quarter has remained essentially flat compared to last year after growth in the previous two quarters, figures released yesterday show.

News in brief

Guar gum futures will be relisted soon, says FMC

India’s commodity regulator the Forward Markets Commission has said it plans to reintroduce guar gum onto the futures market soon.

Officials fast to slow down grain waste

Government grain officials across China have joined a movement to “experience 24 hours of hunger” as part of a wider campaign to promote public awareness of food security and to...

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