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Food for thought

Call it anything but food safety

Apparently, India’s food safety rules and regulations are just as stringent as those in other, more developed countries. And that’s according to a proper source, one who should know his...

Global sports nutrition market to top $6 billion by 2018, report says

Revamped, more complete product lines that are connecting with new customers are driving growth in the sports nutrition market, according to a new report.

Straight talk

DCD: Fonterra must learn once is unfortunate, twice is unforgivable

It’s quite remarkable how Fonterra has evolved to become New Zealand’s biggest company given the way the dairy giant seems to struggle to take on board its errors of the...

The world (of Coke and Pepsi) is not enough in emerging markets...

Clinching global culture club membership by swigging Pepsi or Coke is not enough for soft drinks consumers in emerging markets, who are increasingly swayed by regional tastes, according to Euromonitor...

China safety

Duck replaces mutton in latest food-swap scandal

While European supermarkets and fast-food chains have been dealing with the fall-out of horse meat in burgers, a meatpacking factory in north-east China has been found using cheap duck meat...

Baby powder shortage

Hong Kong takes strong measures as smugglers milk formula supplies

With the Chinese New Year fast approaching Hong Kong is in the midst of formula frenzy, leading authorities to devise new means to safeguard the supply of baby powder to...


World looks to China for clues about global pork strength

China will be a key indicator of the state of the global pork market in 2013 after the world, according to Rabobank. Nevertheless, China’s pork producers will still face a...

Coke and Pepsi shifting bottling assets to build brands in 2013: Rabobank analyst

The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo are looking to shift bottling assets onto strong franchise partners in order to refocus in house efforts on brand building and marketing.

Food security

Cabinet calls for price stabilisation amid China’s bleak winter

China's cabinet has called for more targeted measures to stabilise food prices as one of the year’s peak periods of food consumption draws near.

Industry on the up

Aussie grocers reporting growth and prices on the rise

Good news for Australia, where retail spending growth should remain steady heading into 2013. At the same time the country’s two leading supermarket chains have reported their strongest quarterly sales...

State of the industry

New Zealand winemakers talking tactics for China push

Recognising the newfound importance of the Chinese wine market, New Zealand’s vintners are pulling out the stops to make sure their exports have a place in Far East cellars.

Better, stronger VB arrests decade-long decline

Victoria Bitter’s heartfelt apology last year is likely behind the beer’s turnaround in the Australian market, after the SABMiller brand showed its first quarter of growth in over 10 years...

Indian foodgrain production slips while procurement surges

Citing leaked figures, Bloomberg has reported that India will announce a drop in its foodgrain harvest of nearly 4% when it is revealed next month.

International survey flags up packaging concerns

Consumers have raised significant concerns about plastic food packaging in response to a survey covering the US, India and Sweden conducted by Innventia.

Asian chocolate market still promising despite lower than expected grinds

Asian chocolate demand is weaker than hoped but the market still represents significant potential, according to an analyst.

Softly does it…Coca-Cola Singapore changes business tack after competition probe

Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages (CCSB) is changing its business practices as the nation’s competition commission agreed to end a probe into allegations of restrictive provisions in soft drink supply agreements.

China’s Top 5 most valuable alcohol brands in 2013: From beer to baijiu

In this exclusive gallery, explores the Top 5 Chinese alcohol brands by value, which sees the nation’s movers ‘n’ shakers reaching out to the world with baijiu, beer and...

Developing India adopting changing household trends

India’s prepared food market has more than doubled with cereal consumption increasing, according to new research on FMCG trends in emerging markets including India and China.

China staples

Authorities move to ease concerns over alarming cereal import growth

Following a dramatic rise in cereal imports last year, Chinese authorities have stepped in to assure concerned industry watchers that all is well.

Australian cheese listeria outbreak linked to two deaths

A listeria outbreak from cheese in Australia has been linked to the death of two people and has led to 18 cases nationally.

Industry should stand poised for breakfast cereal boom in India: Analyst

Manufacturers should stand poised to cash in on India’s burgeoning packaged breakfast cereal market, an analyst says.

‘Wave of stagnation’ continues to challenge Australian snacks market: Report

Australian snack makers face continued stagnation and economic pressures and must innovate further in niche healthy sectors to ride the current wave of challenges, a report says.

News in brief

Woolies to stock more local produce

Woolworths has announced the launch of a new strategy to source more locally produced foods for its supermarket shelves across Australia. 

State of the industry

Pakistan’s halal exports in dire need of certification

With Muslim countries fast waking up to the potential halal exports hold, and nations scrambling to become hubs for the distribution of Islamically acceptable meat, Pakistan is lagging behind the...

Chinese dairy Yashili announces New Zealand processing investment

Chinese dairy processor Yashili has announced plans to establish infant formula manufacturing operations in New Zealand – becoming the latest in a growing line of Chinese dairy processors to make...

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