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Whether serving the food and drink needs of consumers or sourcing ingredients and raw materials, success in the food industry depends on keeping abreast of the latest market trends in the Asia Pacific region.

Indian consumers driving extract market

Indian consumers are far more aware of the functionality of food and beverage ingredients, which is driving innovation with fruit and vegetable extracts for ingredient manufacturers, a new report has...

80% of urban Indian working women are overweight

A new study has revealed that around 80% of urban Indian working women in the 25-45 age bracket are overweight as a result of sedentary lifestyles and changing food habits.

Study links heightened diabetes risk to modern oils

A long-term research study published this week has confirmed that non-traditional methods of cooking are significantly contributing to the rise in diabetes among Indians.


Breakfast cereal in China: Snap, crackle… and flop

Western breakfast brands don’t often work in China. They need manipulating to appeal to very different tastes, packaging and format preferences and, of course, another language.

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Prawn prices continue to rise

Latest figures from commodity analyst Mintec reveal that prawn prices continued to rise in August following the outbreak of early mortality syndrome on the Pacific Rim.

Study uncovers region's strong probiotic potential

As markets for probiotics in Europe and North America come under pressure, a new study from Giract opens the lid on the industry’s prospects for growth in Asia.

China pledges agri-growth as FAO honours premier

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday pledged that China will seek the steady growth of agricultural products and enable Chinese farmers to share the achievements of the country's economic development...

Retail omega-3s sales to hit $34.7 billion in 2016, report predicts

Global consumer spending on omega-3 products will jump from $25.4 billion in 2011 to $34.7 billion in 2016, according to a new report from market research firm Packaged Facts.

Malnutrition, obesity a bipolar problem in Philippines

A Filipino research institute has reviewed the findings of a report that outlines the level of nutrition of selected population groups.

Private agri-groups to develop SE Asian rice supply

Agribusiness companies from the Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand have formed a consortium to develop a Southeast Asian rice supply chain using the proprietary hybrid and premium rice technology.

Aussies work extra week as a result of missing lunch

More than half of Australians are too busy to take lunch every day of the week, and those who do find the time often steer away from healthy choices, according...

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Chinese grape surfeit drives down prices of sultanas

Global sultana prices have fallen sharply as a result of high Chinese production. According to commodity analyst Mintec, the crop is currently selling at 15% below last year's price.

Carlsberg denies Heineken APB takeover drove Singha deal

Carlsberg has agreed a strategic partnership with Singha Corporation, and tells it is confident the new venture will succeed where a previous Thai partnership with Chang Beverages failed amidst...

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NZ launches halal guide for Muslim tourists

With figures suggesting that the Muslim tourism market is the world’s fastest growing travel sector, Tourism New Zealand today launched a new culinary guide focusing on the needs of halal...

Danone to expand experimental Indian business unit

The experimental business unit that is dedicated to rolling out new Danone products for the masses in India has been deemed a success and will be expanded to other cities...

Chinese must make tough choices on corn and pork

The author of a report suggesting that China’s corn imports are in line to explode by 2017, today cautioned that the government will have to walk a tightrope in balancing...

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KFC to ramp up growth in China

KFC has revealed plans to accelerate its expansion across China’s smaller cities, and has pledged to open over 500 new restaurants per year over the coming years—a 20% increase over...

Thailand’s broiler meat industry under pressure, says GAIN report

Chicken processors in Thailand will be forced to lower production over the coming years, according to a report from the USDA Global Agriculture Information Network.

Indian coffee growers suffering labour headache

India’s coffee industry is under severe stress due a shortage of skilled labour and must invest heavily in expanding its capabilities, a major industry association has said.

Kiwi authorities crack down on unlawful infant formula exports

New Zealand authorities have begun action to stop unlawful exports of infant formula to China, after trade bodies blamed these for severely undermining the southern nation’s reputation for food safety....

China's corn import growth will have 'massive impact on world markets'

Corn imports to China will hit 20mn tonnes per year by 2017, leading to major reverberations on world markets. This is the likely scenario if current trends in the country’s pork...

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Coke wows Kiwis with personalized PET bottles

Coca-Cola New Zealand is selling PET bottles of Coke personalized with one of 150 names popular in the country, and encouraging Facebook fans to 'share a virtual can'.

Philippines still a good target for food exporters, suggests report

A new report by a government agency in the Philippines has revealed, that in spite of increasing its food production capacity, the country still remains a net food importer, giving...

Indian brands gaining most social following

India’s domestic food and beverage brands have been growing their fan bases at a much faster rate than their global counterparts over the last year, according to research by Ketchum...

Rumour: India readying for single-brand FDI?

Bullish policymaking by the Indian government appears to be continuing with reports suggesting that it will now open up the food industry to single-brand foreign buy-ins.

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