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Food safety highest criteria for Australian shoppers

Australians consider food safety to be the topmost defining criteria when it comes to choosing the supermarket from which they will shop for fresh foods, new research suggests.

North America cocoa grind hits record high as Asia figures up 12%

North America’s third quarter cocoa grind is the highest of any quarter since the National Confectioners Association began to collaborate data for the US, Mexico and Canada in 2009. The...

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Wine for cats launched in Japan

Cat lovers need never drink alone again thanks to Japanese pet supplement company B&H Lifes, which has developed a wine product for felines.  

Fonterra: Asia behind global foodservice growth

The world’s biggest dairy company, Fonterra, believes that global foodservice growth is being driven by the emerging Asian markets, where it estimates the category will increase at around 13% per...

Chinese tastes moving to cereals in spite of last year’s predictions

China’s bakery and cereal sector is expected to grow by almost US$15bn up to 2017 as this predominantly Western export continues to take hold in Chinese homes. 

Dairy imports will continue to grow as China sorts out domestic supply

China’s demand for dairy imports look set to grow for at least the next two years, while its local milk production struggles under structural change in the supply chain. ...


From Pina Colada to Apple Vinegar: Top trends in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australasia

Innova Market Insights delved into its database for Anuga Taste the Future 2013 to provide an update on the flavor trends that are driving beverage innovation in Australasia and developing...

Introducing Food e-Vangelists: The small, highly influential consumer segment no CPG marketer can afford to ignore

A group of increasingly influential consumers who want to impact the way food is raised, grown, packaged and sold are flying under the radar of most food product marketers, according...

Rampant mislabelling of beef in Korea

In South Korea, more than 75 tonnes of US beef was passed off as coming from other countries over the first eight months of this year. It is said the...

News in brief

Del Monte Pacific buys US food brands for $1.7 billion

Del Monte Pacific Ltd., the Philippines-based fruit juices company, agreed to buy the consumer foods business of US food maker Del Monte Products Inc. for $1.68bn. 

Asia Pacific driving global ingredients sales

Phytoestrogens, botanicals, cultures, polysaccharides and proteins are set to be the top five food and beverage ingredients, with the highest forecast growth rates globally.

Crown China expansion sees rise in aluminium cans

Crown Holdings has opened three beverage can factories in Heshan (Guangdong province), Ziyang (Sichuan province) and Putian (Fujian province), bringing the total number of plants in China to seven.

Singaporeans lead blasé neighbours in not being fazed by food prices

Over two-thirds of Singaporean consumers are taking food inflation on the chin, saying they can absorb rising prices in their household budgets without having to make spending cuts elsewhere, according...

New Zealand farmed salmon not as green as claimed, says consumer group

A consumer advocacy group in New Zealand has claimed that farmed salmon being sold in supermarkets across the country may not be as “natural” as claimed by the companies behind...

Indian farmers should fill home and overseas void by going organic

India’s organic food market is expecting to see grow at a rate of around 19% over the next four years, according to a new report. And to fuel this demand...

Mondelēz extends sustainable cocoa pledge to Indonesia

Mondelēz International is expanding its sustainable cocoa farming initiative, pledging to include Indonesia in its ten year, $400m commitment.

Obesity has replaced undernutrition as a weighty issue in Thailand

While Thailand has successfully controlled its problems with undernutrition over recent decades, the country is now facing an outbreak of overnutrition.

Cargill cultivates carrageenan supply chain

Cargill says it is diversifying its carrageenans portfolio in both location and species to combat the associated supply risks of the texturing ingredient derived from seaweed.

China’s big two dairies break into world’s top 15

While the world’s five biggest dairy players continue to maintain a firm hold on their positions for another year, Rabobank’s annual survey into the industry’s top 20 giants is notable...

US, Japan strike deal to fully recognize each other's organic standards

An organic equivalence agreement signed yesterday between the US and Japan will reopen the Japanese market to US organic producers and could provide more—and possibly cheaper—food for US consumers....

Emerging markets such as India must reform to reignite dairy growth

Slowing dairy sales growth in Brazil and India during Q2 2013 means that reforms and infrastructure upgrades are likely necessary to reignite such emerging markets, according to Rabobank.

China milking global dairy market as supplies falter at home

With dwindling domestic supplies, China’s move to buy up huge quantities of milk from international markets is having a significant impact on buyers in other countries, while also bolstering dairy...

A wine and a prayer: NZ’s new boozy approach to religion

It is now more common for alcohol to be served at religious events in a bid by New Zealand churches to attract more members, a researcher has found.

Near record crops likely to make dent in India's record food inflation

Consumers are hoping for a respite from the crippling food inflation India has been witnessing after the government revealed a bumper harvest.

Cereal makers worry as more Aussie schoolchildren skip breakfast

New government data has revealed that one in seven Australian schoolchildren are skipping breakfast, putting at risk their own health and perhaps also that of the country’s cereal makers. ...

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