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Near record crops likely to make dent in India's record food inflation

Consumers are hoping for a respite from the crippling food inflation India has been witnessing after the government revealed a bumper harvest.

Cereal makers worry as more Aussie schoolchildren skip breakfast

New government data has revealed that one in seven Australian schoolchildren are skipping breakfast, putting at risk their own health and perhaps also that of the country’s cereal makers. ...

Beer hits a 66-year low as Aussie taste for wine continues to grow

Australians might have been developing a taste for wine over beer, but on the whole the country is drinking less alcohol, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of...

Fast food growth rate set to be a whopper in India

While the Indian economy slows, its consumers’ taste for burgers and pizzas is growing fast, with one research agency suggesting the fast food market there will double over the next...


NZ weathered Fonterra storm, but can its reputation remain 100% Pure?

Warren Buffett famously once warned: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.”

News in brief

Plunging profits at home are forcing Chinese distillers to look abroad

With domestic sales of alcohol slowing as a result of China’s campaign for frugality, some Chinese beverage companies have been looking overseas to boost their sagging returns. 

Five Korean foods most in danger of extinction

Five traditional Korean foods have been listed in the Ark of Taste, an international catalog of heritage foods that are in danger of extinction. 

Packaging design inspiration gallery: ASIA

Home to more than half of the world's food consumers, Asia is also home to some inspired food packaging designs.

Thailand's stevia approval poses challenge for Indonesian regulators

Now Thailand has been given approval to use stevia in food and beverages, Indonesia is the only Southeast Asian nation waiting for the authorities to give the regulatory go-ahead for...

Fast food sales continue to decline as Chinese economy slows

Major international fast food brands continue to suffer from declining sales in the Chinese market, with Yum! Brands notably reporting a 10% drop in sales over August. 

Fi Asia-Thailand

Doing business in Asia: CP Kelco’s all-in hub approach

With more and more global companies staking a claim in Asia’s growing countries, we have been looking at the directions some of the major players have taken to make the...

Time is right for foreign companies to milk India’s dairy industry

As one of the world’s largest-volume dairy markets, India is often forgotten, but now specialist agricultural bank Rabobank believes the time has come for global players to start investigating the...


Chinese fake seizures prompt Red Bull response

Red Bull insists it watches the Chinese market closely to guard against fakes after authorities arrested 13 people in August and seized thousands of counterfeit energy drinks, as an analyst...

Fi Asia-Thailand

Doing business in Asia: distributor helps Ganeden gauge local tastes

During the course of Fi Asia-Thailand, we will be looking at the logistics behind how international companies are tapping into their new Asian markets.

Fi Asia-Thailand

Forget China, flavour firms should bank on Southeast Asia for growth

Flavouring companies looking to expand across Asia should forget China. That’s the point San-Ei Gen’s David Tan was making as he spoke to FoodNavigator-Asia during Fi Asia-Thailand in Bangkok, adding...

Russia removes temporary Fonterra dairy import ban

Russia has lifted the temporary import and distribution ban imposed on Fonterra dairy products following the New Zealand-based dairy cooperative's decision to recall three batches of whey protein concentrate (WPC)...

Special report

Cheap whiskies haunted by India's new found love of premium spirits

In spite of India’s weighty whisky market, which was worth an estimated 170m cases alone last year, manufacturers have been waking up to other often-ignored and newly opened segments like...

News in brief

Australia ‘lagging behind emerging nations’ in artificial colour use

One of Asia-Pacific’s leading authorities on natural food colours has urged Australian and New Zealand food manufacturers, marketeers and media to show greater leadership in converting to natural colours.

Vinegar beverage shows blood sugar management potential

Vinegar (acetic acid) should be ‘purposefully’ integrated into more food matrices, say the researchers behind a new study which reports the potential blood sugar management potential of a vinegar beverage.

China's snack market promise

The Chinese snack market is growing rapidly, says Canadean market research firm with cakes, pastries and sweet pies performing particularly well - but multinationals need to observe local customs.

Australia’s supermarket giants killing the wholesaler

Beverage and packaged food wholesalers in Australia are being put under extreme pressure by the country’s dominant supermarkets, which have been bypassing them by going directly to the manufacturers. ...


Fonterra's problem lies mainly in how it communicates with the Chinese

The longstanding dairy relationship between China and New Zealand ought not to have worked so well, but it has, and will continue to, in spite of two substantial safety scares...

China can't keep up with demand for beef, exporters line up to fillet

Rising incomes, dietary changes and increasing urbanisation are behind China’s newfound appetite for beef, with consumption expected to grow by one-quarter over the next 10 years.

Cadbury cocoa-growing trials in Australia as part of $59m plant upgrade

Cadbury will invest in trials to commercially cultivate cocoa in Australia for the first time as it sets out plans to upgrade its production facility in Tasmania.

India’s food industry laid low by increased wastage

India’s food production industry is being crushed under alarming post-harvest losses that may cross US$36bn in 2013-14, new research into the country’s agri-processing sector has revealed. 

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