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Ankush at large

Fallacy to think Indians are leaning towards healthy foods

I chanced upon a press conference at a five-star Mumbai hotels the other day. I had turned up for a meeting with an old acquaintance, but on my way out...


World’s priciest coffee brand Black Ivory Coffee seeks beer licensee

The world’s priciest coffee brand, Black Ivory Coffee, made using Thai Arabica beans predigested by elephants, tells it is searching for a reputable microbrewer in Japan to license a...

Ankush at large

Kiwis must capitalise on China by developing Brand NZ

The last time I went to China was last year, to visit an old friend who had moved to Shenzhen by marriage. The Chinese government might tout Shenzhen as a...

Philippines must open up new markets for produce exports

The growth of agro-based exports may be sustained with the opening up of new markets for sugar and bananas, according to the Philippines National Economic and Development Authority (Neda). 

Brazil venture to take pressure off China's domestic corn processing

In a bid to slow down China's corn production, state-owned BBCA Group will invest US$320m in the construction of a plant to process corn in the Brazilian state of Mato...

(Elephant) Crap stout prompts Japanese sales stampede

A limited edition coffee-flavored beer brewed using coffee beans harvested from elephant dung sold out within a day after going on sale in Japan, brewer Sankt Gallen claims.

Guest voice

Food industry has big role to play in Asean single market

As the deadline for the creation of single common market across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) fast approaches, the food industry has stepped up to demonstrate that the...

News in brief

Asean gets industry body to help harmonise policies and standards

The new Asean Food and Beverage Alliance (AFBA) has launched in Singapore with the aim of harmonising food policies and standards across the bloc.

Growth story

Food consumption in India will double by 2030

India’s overall food consumption will double by 2030, according to new research by McKinsey and the Confederation of Indian Industry.

Chinese staples

Corn production overtakes rice, leading to greater insecurity concerns

Raising further concerns over China’s long-term food security, the production of corn in the country overtook that of rice for the first time last year, according to a report by...

New Zealand chocolate consumers ‘trade up’ for ethics and health: Leatherhead

Consumers in New Zealand are spending more on healthier and ethical chocolate variants - a move that has aided growth in the burgeoning sector, an analyst says.

NZ exports: SE Asia and Far East fast overtaking traditional markets

New Zealand’s Minister for Economic Development, Steven Joyce, has released a report showing growth in the country’s food and beverage sector is being driven in particular by emerging economies in...

News in brief

Chinese food regulatory agency reorganized, renamed

The Chinese State Food and Drug Adminstration (SFDA) has been reorganized and renamed, according to Jeff Crowther, executive director of the US-China Health Care Products Association. The new name is...

Grain policy

USDA slams India’s decision to export more year-old wheat

The United States Department of Agriculture has hit out at the Indian government for allowing the export of an additional 5m tonnes of wheat last month, calling it unviable unless...

News in brief

Chinese government takes measures to stabilise pork prices

In a bid to stabilise pork prices, which have been in freefall over the last three months, the Chinese government has begun to purchase frozen pork to add to reserves,...

Interview: Lisa Mabe, halal marketeer

Halal ready for export to a growing number of non-Muslim markets

Asia’s Muslim-majority countries should see Western nations as a viable and potentially lucrative market for their halal products, according to a leading food marketing consultant.

Innovation, sustainability, nutrition 2.0, and space food: Food Vision 2013 in pictures

Delegates from 30 countries traveled to the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France for the inaugural Food Vision. The event was heralded a success by delegates and commercial partners alike. Here...

Australian tastes

Milk bars losing out to servos as Australia gains a sweet tooth

Supermarket service stations are gaining ground on corner shops, and baked staples now losing out to chocolate and confectionery, according to new research from Australia.

Cola cricket

IPL sponsorship just the start for cricket-loving Pepsi

With the opening of the 2013 edition of the Indian Premier League, PepsiCo is wheeling out its biggest marketing coup to the cricket-crazy public of India.


‘Surprising’ opportunities for breads and rolls in Australia: Analyst

There is huge potential in sliced bread and rolls in Australia as consumers look for cheap and easy lunch options in the wake of a turbulent economy, an analyst says.

India’s new product development in packaged rice doubled in 2 years

Mintel has reported that India leads the way in the Asia-Pacific packaged rice market, with the country’s development in new products more than doubling over the last two years. ...

Indonesian officials warn minimum wage could cost drinks jobs

Officials in Indonesia have warned that several industries in the country, including the beverage industry, could be damaged if the proposed minimum wage increase is not delayed.

Happy holidays

Australian F&B spending to rise again this Easter, say analysts

Easter, which falls between March 29 and April 1, is traditionally a period of heavy consumption, and business information analysts Ibisworld have lifted the lid on continued strong holiday expectations...

News in brief

Pre- and Probiotics 2013: Yes, let’s call it unmissable

Seven webinars. Brand and supplier insights. Regulatory analysis. Market analysis. Marketing analysis. Science. You had better put this in your diary...

Australian beef

Tough task to increase herd volume to make most of EU opportunities

Opportunities for Australian beef in the European Union grainfed market are there, but the big challenge lies in lifting the volume of accredited supply.