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Whether serving the food and drink needs of consumers or sourcing ingredients and raw materials, success in the food industry depends on keeping abreast of the latest market trends in the Asia Pacific region.

Is methane from palm oil waste the next industry climate concern?

While the debate about deforestation due to palm oil rumbles on, new research has suggested that the release of methane from palm oil processing wastewater may also be a significant...

Fonterra’s Australia boss backs penalty time review for dairy workers

The managing director of Fonterra’s Australian operation has warned that Australian food processors and manufacturers cannot be competitive with the rest of the world until it reviews the penalty rates...

China’s growing appetite fuelling Australian red meat exports

China’s consumption of lamb and beef has grown explosively over the last 12 months, making it one of Australia’s top red meat markets, an industry official said.

Which profession is the worst offender for snacking ‘al desko’?

A third of all snacking takes place at our desks and marketing professionals top the unhealthy table, with lawyers at the bottom, according to UK research from yogurt brand Fruyo....

China’s food safety lapses create a halal opportunity for Malaysia

China’s food safety issues and the subsequent turn by middle-class consumers towards quality imports have made it a hot market for Malaysia’s halal foods, according to a top Malaysian government...

India launches homegrown quick test for food contamination

India’s health ministry has launched a kit that will determine the cause of food poisoning outbreaks faster and more cost-effectively than established foreign imports, it claims. 

Food Visions: Industry needs to confront its communications crash or lose consumers forever

Food manufacturers, retailers and other food industry players are failing to connect with consumers who are tuning out of mainstream messaging and infesting their own comms channels, says angel investor,...

Industry group adds weight to NZ country of origin labelling debate

There have been fresh calls for the New Zealand government into introducing mandatory country of origin labelling with the chief executive of NZPork telling the Primary Production Select Committee that...

NPD shouldn’t be a hit and miss process, but a methodical drawing of inspiration from multiple industries: Inventours CEO

New product development doesn’t have to be a random hit and miss exercise, but can be helped by 60 lines of thinking, says the CEO of Inventours and author of...

Something like a phenomenon: Bakery in China

The bakery sector in China is a social phenomenon - considered by many as a trendy, Western sector, says a Shanghai-based consultant.

Cut and reduce sugar in drinks, don’t tax them, say NZ adults

Most adult New Zealanders prefer to reduce the amount of sugar in drinks and also their size to imposing a sugar tax to deter their demand, a new survey has...

Food Vision launches big debate on big three issues

‘Innovation in product development and formulation is needed for insects to emerge as a mainstream food source’: UN advisor on edible insects

An advisor on edible insects to the United Nations predicts that insects on your plate is inevitable, as forward thinking restaurants like D.O.M in Sao Paulo and Noma in Copenhagen...


Green tea cereal: The next big nutritional punch at breakfast

Green tea has migrated from hot drinks into other foods over the years but has particular promise in breakfast cereal where manufacturers can pack nutritional punch into weight-loss products, says a...

Australians getting less sugar from beverages, industry body claims

Australians have embraced more choices and fewer kilojoules when it comes to the beverages they consumed, says a new study funded by the Australian beverages Council, the peak body for...

Indian and Chinese consumers value certification in imports: study

Consumers in India and China are putting a greater focus than expected on aspects like food safety and environmental quality when purchasing food, a new Kiwi study has found. 

EU spirits industry keen to tap ‘unfulfilled potential’ in Vietnam

spiritsEUROPE tells that the EU is keen to seal a free trade agreement (FTA) with Vietnam to help members including Diageo, Beam Inc. and Pernod Ricard open up a...

The 2.6 second sales window and the rise of on-the-go products: Marketing guru gives insights for food marketing in the mobile era

Food product marketers have less than three seconds to grab consumer attention, and need think back to the old days of products in supermarket circulars to connect with consumers in...

Legalising hemp for food would realise big benefits for Australia

Food made from hemp has great potential for Australia’s economy, according to the Complementary Healthcare Council, which is urging the country’s regulators to recognise the plant as a legitimate source...

Rabobank: China to enter second agri boom on back of new gov policies

While agriculture in China has grown quickly over the last 35 years, a new report suggests the flurry of government policies since new government leadership assumed office in 2012 will...

Are 3D printed insect snacks the taste of the future?

Hurdles in food safety, taste and consumer acceptance await on the London South Bank University’s quest to join two big food innovations: 3D printing and insect-based ingredients.

News in brief

Australians’ love of ice cream is cooling

Despite having a broader choice of flavours and healthier, reduced fat product options available, Australians are now less tempted by tubs of ice cream. 

Oz economy outpaces confectionery growth

The Australian confectionery market is growing slower than the country’s economy, according to a report from Market Line.

Kiwi products boycotted through ‘buy Australian’ supermarket campaign

The reported move by Australia’s two biggest supermarket chains to encourage shoppers to “buy Australian” seems to be heading towards a political tit-for-tat across the Tasman.

Asia to consume over two-thirds of the world's fish by 2030

By 2030, Asian countries will account for 70% of global fish consumption, according to a new forecast by the World Bank, which also predicts that fish farms will provide nearly...

Low-income Australians cannot afford healthy foods

A healthy diet is for now out of reach for low-income Australians, with climate change affecting the ability of food systems to provide sufficient nutritious and affordable foods at all...

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