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Poor returns blamed on increased VAT after vending machine sales drop

Japan’s vending machine stockers have been seeing sluggish fortunes over the last year as overall sales dropped by 5% last year, down from 2013’s US$42.9bn.

Whiter than white? EU rejecting ‘unbleached’ yellow konjac

Europe needs to be educated on ‘unbleached’ yellow konjac, says Indonesian supplier with sulphur safety concerns.

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$50m donated to boost productivity in emerging countries

China donates US$50m to develop food supplies in emerging countries

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Far East digest

Health ministry blamed for doing too little to prevent gutter oil scandal

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Dateline Southeast Asia

Malaysian halal firms opening up new markets in China

Emerging markets drive global health & wellness growth (but one size does not fit all)

38 ‘developed’ nations delivered 54% of functional food and supplement and other health & wellness (HW) product sales in 2014, but these same nations will account for only 14% of growth between now and 2019.

Seaweed in focus

What will it take to make Indonesian seaweed competitive?

Indonesia has ambitious plans to add value to its seaweed industry – but its success could depend on the outcome of an ongoing tug-of-war between industry and government.

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This week Down Under

Food standards watchdog finds no safety issues in GM corn strain

Indian trade

South-South trade will be key to feeding Southeast Asia

With regional soymeal demand expected to grow by two-thirds in the next five years, investment in growing “South-South trade” is vital for shoring-up Southeast Asia’s feed supplies, says Rabobank.

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Maggi controversy rages on while Maharashtra reviews test results


Study calls on supermarkets to offer incentives for early week shop

Mondays and Tuesdays are the best bet for buying groceries, whereas three more much shopping is done an a Saturday, Australian market research has found.

From hemp and turmeric to artisan dairy-free ‘cheese’: Nine natural food trends for 2015

From veggie powders to sprinkle on your food to artisan dairy-free ‘cheeses’ made from nuts, Sterling-Rice Group (SRG) selects nine natural food trends it predicts will inspire packaged foods and...

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China direct

Xi orders greater vigilance over public safety

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Dateline Southeast Asia

FairPrice extends waste-reduction pilot

Going halal: Can manufacturers appeal to all consumers?

The European halal market is booming and set to grow – but manufacturers must appeal to Muslims without alienating non-Muslim consumers if they want to maximise sales , say experts.


Thai rice stocks could help market keep El Niño in check

Current weather patterns in Southeast Asia reinforce meteorologists’ belief that a strong El Niño is already taking place, but still the rice market is indifferent, says a leading rice researcher....

News in brief

Coveris expands into Australasia with acquisition

Coveris Holdings has acquired Elldex Packaging Solutions to expand into Australasia.

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IFPRI: Iron-rich pearl millet reduces iron deficiency in children

Adept Technology receives $1m order for Lynx AIVs

Adept Technology has received an order of more than $1m for its Lynx autonomous intelligent vehicles (AIVs).


China now world’s second most obese nation

Now with one in every four people in the country being overweight, China has placed second in the list of countries with the largest number of obese inhabitants, leading analysts...

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This week Down Under

Bargains work on most Australians, though Aldi bucks the trend

Premium promise: Indian bread market to hit $0.81bn by 2020

Sliced white bread remains king in India but there is huge promise in premium as consumers become more experimental and health conscious, says a ValueNotes analyst.

Free NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator online event - June 3, 14:00 Paris time

Big debates, big issues: Is the food industry winning the war against weight?

As the ‘globesity’ health footprint grows and power weight management brands struggle to stay relevant in an age where smartphone apps deliver personalised solutions, join us next week for a...

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2015

How to succeed as a start-up in Europe (and not get swallowed by Big Food)

Start-ups have faced tough times along with the rest of the European food industry in recent years as a tight economy and ever tighter regulations have bitten deep.

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Bread market expecting to see double-digit growth

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