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Australian retail growth continues despite tough economic headwinds

Australian retail trade growth is expected to increase by 4.3% in the first quarter of 2016, following a solid Christmas trading period.

News in brief

Commodity snapshot: More acreage, wet weather drive sesame prices down

Sesame seed prices in India, the world’s major producer and exporter, have declined significantly over the last year by over one-third due to increased production and a reduction in demand. ...

Premium brands could boost profits in China’s high-volume beer market

China’s high-volume, low-profit beer market is set to be transformed, with increased “premiumisation” providing opportunities for imported and licensed foreign beer brands, says Rabobank.


Globalization and adaptation: The future of dairy cooperatives

Globalization, information and innovation will be essential components for dairy cooperatives over the next decade, industry executives said at the 2016 IDFA Dairy Forum.

Dateline Southeast Asia

Gaining a picture of Vietnam’s tastes through its new product launches

Vietnam is in the midst of near-10% annual growth in overall food sales, according to Innova research, which names rising affluence and an ongoing expansion of the country’s mass grocery...

Fonterra cuts forecast milk price

Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited has reduced its forecast Farmgate Milk Price for the 2015/16 season from $2.97 (NZ$4.60) per kgMS to $2.68 (NZ$4.15) per kgMS.

News in brief

China’s economic slowdown will ‘impact’ EU pork exports

China’s economy has shown signs of decline and the shrinking rate of growth means the EU may not be able to export the same volume of pork to China as...

News in brief

Thai skipjack prices expected to continue drop due to EU quota

Thai skipjack tuna prices fell in December to their lowest level since 2009 due to an expected increase in catches following the end of a ban on fishing aggregating devices...

EU pig market propped up by China

Europe’s beleaguered pig meat market has seen prices fall to its lowest level in a decade, but the sector has capitalised on exports to China, claims AHDB Pork’s market trends...

South Asia radius

Indian food retail market predicted to more than double in five years

Growth in India’s retail food market will be so significant for the remainder of this decade that it will “make a difference to the economic health of the country”, according...

News in brief

Iran market opening up to dairy imports and exports

Since the recent lifting of sanctions on Iran, companies are starting to see the country as a potential destination for exporting a variety of items, including dairy.

News in brief

Fruzio: ‘We know that we have to rebuild your trust in the brand’

Fruzio Mixed Berries implicated in five cases of Hepatitis A are back on sale after product testing failed to find the virus.

Asia to drive global packaging growth to $1bn, study predicts

Packaging’s importance has been increasing in emerging markets, with Asia’s new influence predicted to drive the segment’s value to almost US$1bn by 2020, according to a new industry report....

News in brief

Palm oil update: Production expected to slow due to poor weather

Indonesia exported 21m tonnes of palm oil in 2014, a figure that is expected to increase to 21.6m tonnes in 2015, according to a new study by Research & Markets. 


Sugar-awareness likely behind drop in popularity of flavoured yoghurts

Flavoured yoghurts have been witnessing a downward slide over the last few years in Australia, while plain varieties have seen a general upswing, according to new market research.

Medical foods based on amino acid/neurotransmitter technology to be marketed in China

Medical food specialist Targeted Medical Pharma has signed a Chinese distribution deal that bodes well for the long term health of the company.

News in brief

Processed foods push emulsifiers into doubling market size by 2020

India’s food emulsifiers market reached a value of US$53.4m in 2013, and is projected to grow at an annual rate of 10.1% from 2015 to 2020, according to a new report. 

News in brief

Packaged goods manufacturers must perfect online strategies

China’s consumer packaged goods companies will be forced to face a number of dramatic shifts in business over the coming years, a global management consultancy has warned. 

US cattlemen: TPP vital to reach world’s middle class

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has said the swift implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is crucial to help American beef reach the world’s growing middle class. ...

News in brief

China eyes Ireland’s beef exports

China is among a host of countries planning a visit to inspect Ireland’s meat processing plants in 2016, with a view to boosting exports of a range of products, including...

Aussies even keener to buy Australian, though China loses out

Australians are increasingly opting for locally made products, even at a time when overseas options are becoming more readily available, according to new market research. 

Dateline Southeast Asia

Cool Indonesian economy still attracts billions in foreign investment

Despite an economic slowdown, Indonesia’s food manufacturing sector is continuing to attract international companies, with investments worth UDR164tr (US$11.9bn) registered in 2015, according to government figures.

China sees increasing reliance on imported feed, expanding trade partners

China’s increasing imports of animal feed ingredients stem from the expansion and commercialization of animal production, but it also may be looking beyond the US for trade. 

This week Down Under

Woolworths’ three retail brands dominate Australian liquor landscape

Almost 5m Australians each buy an average of over A$60 worth of alcohol each week, according to new figures by Roy Morgan Research.

Australians expect to fail in the battle of the bulge

Australians are their own worst enemies when it comes to eating better and controlling their weight, according to findings from a new survey that investigates why some people are better...

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