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The constant quest for innovation requires food technologists to be up-to-date with research. From hydrocolloids to oils and fats, flavours to flour what works well in which formulations, how does production method affect performance, and what are the sensory effects?

Fonterra firm against removing permeate

New Zealand’s largest dairy cooperative is refusing to join milk producers and marquee retailers that are removing permeate from their milk brands.

NTC claims breakthrough with natural acid-masking ingredient

Geneva-based Natural Taste Consulting (NTC) has developed a ‘breakthrough’ ingredient for low-pH formulations like dairy and dressings that offers a new natural, cost-effective acid-masking solution.

Australia confirms safety of re-formulated Nestlé NAN infant formula

The New South Wales (NSW) Food Authority has confirmed the safety of a re-formulated Nestlé infant formula product following consumer complaints that the new recipe was making children ill.

Hong Kong to test babies over Japanese infant formula concerns

Hong Kong plans to test babies over concerns two brands of Japanese infant milk formula were iodine-deficient.

Re-formulated Nestlé infant formula tested after consumer complaints

Nestlé Australia has ordered tests on its recently re-formulated Nestlé NAN H.A. 1 Gold infant formula after it received a number of complaints from parents that the 'new, improved' product...

News in brief

Aflatoxin-tainted infant formula recalled in China

Chinese dairy processor Hunan Ava Dairy Co is recalling five batches of infant formula after a local government study found high levels of cancer-causing aflatoxins.

PepsiCo Lay’s must tantalise Chinese taste-buds further: Analyst

PepsiCo’s strategy to localise its Frito-Lay brand in China is ‘crucial’ but will need to be pushed further as it expands into central and western regions, says an industry analyst....

Coles and Woolworths commit to permeate-free revolution

The permeate-free revolution in Australian milk is well and truly underway after the country’s dominant retailers revealed their commitment to phasing out the additive from products.

China’s top noodle maker in food safety soup

China’s biggest instant noodle maker will fight allegations its products are too acidic and violate food safety standards in the country.

Rice gene discovery opens doors for low-GI products

Research has identified the key gene that determines the glycemic index (GI) of rice, opening up opportunities to develop low-GI rice and rice-based products to reduce the risk of type-2...

Food colourant exposure drops for Australian kids

Exposure to food colourings among Australian children has dropped over the last four years, according to a new report by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).

New Zealand iodised salt policy has improved deficiency problem, report

Mandatory use of iodised salt in bakery across New Zealand has improved iodine deficiency levels in children, according to a ministry report.

No single ingredient the solution for boosting gluten-free bread quality, finds review

Neither enzymes, starches, hydrocolloids or sourdough can be used alone to replace gluten to improve the quality of gluten-free breads, according to a recent study review.

News in brief

China detects 15,000 cases of substandard food in 2012

China has detected 15,000 cases of substandard food and shut down 5,700 unlicensed businesses since the beginning of 2012, the country’s state media outlet, Xinhua, has reported.

Synergy milk flavours plug Asia’s flourishing reduced-fat RTD sector

Flavours and ingredients firm Synergy has launched a milk flavours line in response to the surging fat reduction demands across Asia’s ready-to-drink (RTD) category.

Early bird: Kellogg chomps cereal salt reduction targets

Kellogg Australia has achieved salt reduction targets for its two flagship products ahead of schedule as per an industry commitment made in 2010.

Chinese food scandals deal ‘blow to public confidence’: Study

Repeated food safety scandals have dealt a ‘blow to public confidence’ in China, with a majority of citizens concerned about the nation’s food chain safety.

Australian authority stamps down on misleading ‘extra virgin olive oil’ claims

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has fined a South Australian olive oil producer, The Big Olive Company, for “misleading” ‘extra virgin olive oil’ labels and has vowed to...

Hot Potato: Acrylamide concerns in New Zealand

A New Zealand report has found varied acrylamide concentrations in particular foods, with potato-based foods the worst offenders.

Sulphite safe foods in Australia?

‘Nearly all’ Australian foods comply with authorised sulphite levels and this data will be used to compile dietary exposure estimates for Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

Clean label starch patent secured in Japan amid surging 'free-from' demand

National Starch has received a patent for its clean label starch technology in Japan, amid a surging demand for such ingredients across the country.

South African foods in NZ GE muddle

An anti-genetically engineered (GE) foods group in New Zealand is protesting infant and gluten-free products imported into the country from South Africa.

Substantial scope to reduce sodium in NZ processed foods: Study

New Zealand’s processed foods sector is contributing significantly to excessive salt intake in the country but there is substantial scope to reduce the sodium levels in these foods, a new...

Breaking news

Retract report, restore reputation or face legal action, Abbott tells CER

Infant formula maker Abbott Laboratories has demanded that CER Research retract the ‘utterly misleading’ and ‘false’ report suggesting one of its products fails to meet Chinese national standards and also...

Breaking News - update

Abbott refutes ‘misleading’ infant formula breach allegations

Abbott Laboratories has scoffed at allegations that its infant formula product fails to meet Chinese national health standards, damning the findings as ‘misleading’ and reaffirming its product safety.

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