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Food and drink brands catch World Cup fever

By Laurence Gibbons+

Last updated on 16-Jun-2014 at 12:20 GMT

A nationwide World Cup BBQ party beckons, with shoppers set to stock up on food and drink ahead of the England football team’s opening match with Italy on Saturday, Tesco has claimed.

In preparation for the surge in demand, a number of UK food and drink businesses have launched World Cup packaging. Click through our gallery to see some of the best football-themed packaging from around the world.

Tesco beer category spokeswoman Natasha Pitman said temperatures were set to soar into the mid-20s°C and the start of England’s World Cup campaign would create a carnival atmosphere in the UK.

“The mere mention of a sunny weekend from weather forecasters is enough to change shopping plans and judging by early sales we believe many people will be enjoying al fresco dining this weekend,” she said.

‘Biggest BBQ party’

“But of course on Saturday night there’s also the greatly anticipated England v Italy game so we are preparing for what could be the biggest BBQ party nights for several years.

Tesco has brought in extra supplies to its depots to make sure stores can be stocked up for customers at the drop of a hat, she added.

Since Wednesday morning sales of BBQ food, salad vegetables, ice cream, beer, wine, Pimms have been the most popular items at Tesco.

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