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Singapore has ‘more potential’: New Zealand’s PM


Singaporeans are increasingly wealthy, demanding high-quality foods, consuming more wines and looking to buy protein, offering New Zealand a host of possibilities, the Prime Minister said.

John Key, PM of New Zealand, has returned from an Asian trade visit, where he stopped in Singapore; New Zealand’s 11th largest export market.

Key outlined that the two countries have an “extremely well-established” relationship but that it shouldn’t be taken for granted as there is a lot more potential.

He said that Singaporean consumers have more disposable income and are trending towards high-quality foods. Wine is also increasingly popular and the demand for proteins is surging, he added.

These drivers combined with the fact the country has no domestic production indicates great possibilities for working with the country, he told local media on his return.

He added that Singapore is also a “strategic location” able to open doors to the wider Asian region.

During Key’s Asian trade trip new agreements were also secured with Indonesia covering the agriculture, environment, labour and geothermal energy sectors. 

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