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DuPont develops kit to mix and match dahi characteristics


DuPont Nutrition and Health has developed a creations kit that allows manufacturers of dahi greater freedom to play with high performing cultures and design curds.

A traditional and staple dairy item in India, dahi comes in a wide variety of flavours and textures that often reflects regional and household preferences.

DuPont says its Dahi Creations Kit has been designed for commercialisation and customisation of the food, with manufacturers only needing to select cultures from the kit to use them either singly or combine and adjust them to create the flavour, acidity, texture and mouthfeel they require for target customers. 

“We see the need to help our customers achieve the ideal dahi profile they want without much complexity,” said Keshav Krishnamani, DuPont’s regional product manager.

“It is like a set of pre-fabricated building blocks for manufacturers to simplify their culture selection process and produce a consistent, good-quality dahi that is able to survive challenging distribution and storage conditions.”

Anders Henriksson, the company’s senior application specialist, added: “It includes cultures that can be used by manufacturers to create dahi with very traditional flavours. It is simple to use and gives opportunity to design a wide range of dahis to suit the taste of people all over India.”

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