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Capri-Sun adds final Indian BRIC to emerging market edifice

By Ben Bouckley+


Photo: Andr3wA/Flickr
Photo: Andr3wA/Flickr

Capri-Sun will launch in India this month via a partnership with SDU Beverages, and the brand says it has tremendous potential to tap fruit juice growth of 49% over the next five years.

Noting India’s population of 1.2bn people and a GDP of $1.8tn, Capri-Sun said the drink would be manufactured by licensee SDU at a new facility in Hyperabad, with filling lines supplied by WILD-INDAG and ingredients by brand owner WILD Flavors.

Capri-Sun said that growing health awareness among Indian consumers means that they are turning to fruit juice beverages.

In this respect the brand’s management believe it will appeal to Indian consumers, since it has no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, while a 200ml stand-up pouch offers shelf standout.

The brand develops different versions of its drink for each local market, and has formulated Mango, Orange, Apple and Mixed Fruit flavors for India.

The Capri-Sun launch across nine cities will include tastings, and coincide with a multi-channel marketing campaign 

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