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Beingmate launches UHT milk with Enzymotec cognitive boost in China

By Mark Astley+

Last updated on 04-Sep-2014 at 14:47 GMT2014-09-04T14:47:33Z

Beingmate launches UHT milk with Enzymotec cognitive boost in China

Chinese infant formula manufacturer Beingmate has launched a phosphatidylserine (PS)-enriched UHT milk developed in cooperation with Enzymotec to support child brain health and development.

The UHT milk product, which contains Enzymotec's PS Sharp phosphatidylserine (PS) cognitive ingredient, was launched in China by Beingmate following "commercial cooperation" with the Israeli nutritional ingredients manufacturer.

PS is a nutrient found in the cell membrane and is particularly abundant in the brain.

Supplementation of PS has been shown to be beneficial for cognitive functions such as concentration, focus, learning, and memory.

“Brain health addresses one of the major health concerns of the twenty-first century all over the globe, therefore we expect our cooperation with Beingmate to create a new era for PS in China,” said Ariel Katz, president and CEO, Enzymotec.

Katz added that the "excellent organoleptic properties" of Sharp PS make it "easily applicable" in products such as milk powder and UHT milk.

Enzymotec declined to discuss the details of its cooperation with Beingmate when contacted by 

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